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6 Cannabis Strains to Try in the New Year

A new year has come, so that means it's high time we looked at some of the hottest, newest and most sought-after strains for the year of 2023.
January 6, 2023
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What is your New Year’s Eve dream strain? In making your plans to end 2022, how did you choose what would be the best weed strain for 2023? For some people this is a simple democratic process that involves asking all the involved stoners on their favorites and voting on the best new strains. For others, the best, newest strains come about from weeks - if not months - of careful research.

Others still randomize the whole process, or simply smoke what comes their way in some sort of cosmic game of chance. There’s a million different kinds of weed for billions of unique people, so getting your hands on the best new strains for your 2023 goals is a lot easier than you think.

Strain shopping is supposed to be fun, full of exploration and the thrill of experimentation. In this guide to the best weed strains for 2023 we’ll review the highest rated, most popular and highly-sought after buds in this new year.

Best Weed Strains in 2023

Before we go down the list of strains that made the cut for best weed for 2023, we need to offer up a few caveats to how this list was assembled. For starters, we didn’t organize the 6 best new strains according to specific categories - such as “best cookie strains in 2023” or “most fruity strains for 2023”. This list includes 6 of the newest strains to hit platinum levels - i.e. the highest ratings for quality, potency and overall experience.

Another consideration for what makes these the 6 cannabis strains to try in the new year centers around their price-vs-quality. Haute Health and other online dispensaries in Canada offer a wide range of cannabis flowers from A to AAAA+. Not only are buds rated on overall quality, but they’re also reviewed on the basis of their perceived value. Buds that might be affordable aren’t always the best quality, while some high-society flowers can disappoint despite the price tag.

We tried to find a balance of both affordable buds while maximizing bud quality - aka the best buds for your bucks. There might be newer, more exotic cannabis flowers sweeping the nation right now, but these 6 cannabis strains are among the most popular for a reason - they offer the best value, the best high, the best price or the most consistent experience.

Some of the following strains might not be new to you, but they’re sure to get your 2023 started off on the right feet. Without further ado, here are the top 6 best weed strains for 2023, as voted on by Haute Health’s loyal cannaseurs.

White Widow

We thought it would be prudent to start the best & newest weed strains off with an all-time favorite and one of the most consistent performers on the weed circuit: the potent, the deadly, the seductively powerful White Widow.

White Widow originated in the Netherlands - where yours truly was lucky enough to score some award-winning Widow fresh off the streets of the Red Light District in Amsterdam. White Widow was bred by the famous Green House Seeds growers in the Netherlands after they combined South American sativa with some Indian indica. Since its conception in the 1990’s, WW has become a staple in every weed shop from Amsterdam to Vancouver. From this fated hybrid has hatched many more potent offspring, such as White Russian, White Rhino and Blue Widow.

WW is one of the most world renowned strains, and for good reason. This Dutch hybrid has been knocking yours truly around since the very beginning, and many veteran stoners have found this to be one of the most consistent strains ever conceived. White Widow are crystallized and heavy with bud sugars, hence the “white” nomenclature. This makes WW one of the most gorgeous looking ganja strains when the light hits it just right, seducing you to come closer despite its potent THC-venom that will paralyze your body while awakening your mind.

Widow is known for its mind-awakening powers and is closely associated with “upping your game” after smoking. Energy, creativity, talkativeness, and a penchant for remembering things long forgotten are all hallmarks of a White Widow high. Like a widow spider carefully and meticulously weaves its web, you might find yourself overcome with the urge to create, to organize or to get things done around the house. White Widow is not for the faint of heart - boasting some upper-tier THC levels on average - but it is certainly an absolute must-smoke strain every single year (especially in 2023, the year of the spider!).

Green Dream

This year in particular saw a lot of stoners counting Green Dream among their new year’s eve dream strains. Why is everyone gushing over this shared dream of a cannabis flower? It’s easy to understand once you’ve been lulled into the best sleep of your life by this powerful hybrid: Green Dream.

Voted one of the best new strains a couple years running, Green Dream is a hybrid of two equally renowned parent strains: Green Crack and Blue Dream. Although the particular founders of this strain are a mystery, the parent strains speak for themselves. GD brings to mind musky, earthy, fruity aromas with complex skunky & piney flavors.

One of the reasons Green Dream seemed to be such a popular New Year’s Eve dream strain this year had to do with its quick-hitting high. Like Blue Dream, Green Dream is lower in THC averages but it provides a fast euphoric high that leaves you twinkly eyed. Some of your senses will be sharpened at the same time others are dulled, leaving you in a relaxed, happy state of what is aptly named the “dream haze”.

Green Dream is one of the best weed strains for 2023 because it is like living in a waking dream - something we could all use a lot more of after the insane start to the 2020’s.

Kosher Kush

When they call this strain “kosher”, they’re not just saying that - Kosher Kush is the first and only cannabis strain to be officially blessed by a Rabbi.

Hailing from a hybridization of OG Kush and some mystery strain, Kosher Kush is a great way to start 2023 because it offers a bit of everything to suit any stoner. Your body will buzz, your head will feel like it's going to float off your shoulders, and your mind & spirit will feel at ease under the blessings of this unique indica-dominant hybrid. Kosher Kush usually strikes a neat image with very vibrant greens and accents of fiery-orange pistils.

Known to be very earthy smelling with musky, pine-filled mouthfuls of flavor, Kosher Kush is unique to many other kush-hybrids. Many fans of KK have remarked on its lingering flavors & aromas. While it won’t get you blitzed like some other kush’s can, Kosher Kush is as steady, reliable, and accepting as the Rabbi who blessed this sacred bush bud.

Bruce Banner

The brainchild of Holck - no, not the Hulk, THE Holck as in Jason Holck - Bruce Banner burst onto the scene much like its namesake has done through walls since the golden age of comics.

Bruce Banner is a crossbreed of Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush, brought to life in a lab at Dark Horse Genetics by the aforementioned Dr. Holck. There are numerous variants of BB out there - #3, #5, #4 in particular have a popular following - but we’ll discuss the strain as a whole. Bruce Banners of all variations have been winning cannabis cups and staying relevant since the early 2000’s. Bruce Banner has the astounding distinction in fact of having the highest THC values ever tested at the High Times Cannabis Cup - averaging around 60%, it’s no surprise why.

Even though it is named after the quieter, contemplative and genius scientist from Marvel comics, Bruce Banner the cannabis strain has a lot more in common with the hulking green monstrosity. Known for its massive THC concentrations and powerful, lasting effects, BB is an all-time favorite strain for kicking off the year in a daze. Bruce Banner buds are dense, heavy, packed with cannabinoids and terpenes that hearken to its sweet-diesel flavors & aromas. Like the Hulk you’ll get high fast as the effects come on strong - not quite sending you into a green rage, but you certainly get why they chose the name when you’re overwhelmed by the initial waves of headiness.

On the flip side of ‘hulking out’, your body will be taken over by relaxed muscles and your stresses will be crushed under the weight of Bruce Banner’s seriously powerful pain-reducing effects. When your inner Hulk is raging at a tough week of work or you’re suffering from some incessant aches & pains, let Dr. Banner soothe what ails you.

Kali Mist

When you got that “Caaaallliii wwwweeeeedd” you’re feeling good & vibing with the true sunshine State. When you got that “Kali weed” however, it’s an even better feeling of uplifting energy.

Kali Mist is a fun-filled blast for anyone who packs their bowl with this Sativa-dominant hybrid. Known for inducing yoga-like states in anyone who smokes it, KM energizes your mind, chills your body and enervates your spirit to feel that elusive “oneness with the universe”.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, however, because Kali Mist gets its name from the fact that it can vaporize your brain under an intense psychedelic high. It doesn’t have the highest THC values you’ve ever seen, but Kali Mist is famous for sending you on a trip through some hallucinogenic adventures.

Great for stress or if you’ve been chewing on some personal problems for months, KM is like your surfboard riding a cosmic wave into the year of 2023 - a steady, sturdy and true tool to help you get to where you're going, no matter how rocky the tides might be.


Just read this strain’s parent genetics out loud and you’ll find yourself thirsty for an actual mimosa. Hybridized from Purple Punch and Clementine, Mimosa brings to mind images of fruity goodness topped off with a steady, heady buzz that will take the edge off any hard day’s work.

Like a stiff mimosa in the morning, Mimosa weed’s 25-30% THC will certainly erase the early haze of sleep and wake you up fast. Grogginess be damned! Mimosa delivers hints of berries, citrus and tropical fruits like any good fruit-concoction can: sour yet sweet, fruity yet tart, and smooth yet blissfully sharp to the tongue.

Mimosa is the ultimate mood-enhancing strain because it flicks off that part of your brain that worries about stuff while focusing the spotlight on R&R. Say goodbye to depression, anxiety, stress and nervousness with a few tokes of Mimosa. A sip of wine is okay, but a puff of Mimosa strain will help you to realize why this is one of the most popular newest strains in 2023.


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