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6 Reasons Why You Should Move From Smoking Weed to Vaping

In the debate between smoking vs vaping there doesn't have to be winner and a loser - both are great in their own ways. However, we've come up with 6 reasons why vaping can take your weed game to new heights.
March 10, 2023
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Chocolate or vanilla… Regular or supreme… Vaccinated or unvaxxed… Plastic or paper… The modern world is full of thousands of choices between one side or another, many of which force you to draw a line in the sand and join in the fight for “who is right” vs “who is wrong”. Politics have always been divisive as anything, and we can’t seem to agree on who has the best sports team no matter the outcomes. In reality, life isn’t experienced in black or white but more like shades of grays, so this kind of “with us or against us” mentality doesn’t serve anyone in the long run.

We like to argue about the merits of one thing against another, but there’s one topic that seems to have a clear winner pulling ahead of the other: smoking vs vaping. In a world full of uncertainties, it’s funny that the debate between a smoke cloud vs a vapor haze would be one to come to a conclusion. We’ve talked the talk, walked the walk and tallied it all with chalk: there can be no denying it any longer… the people have spoken… smoking weed with a vaporizer is superior to lighting up a joint.

Before you hit the panic button or join forces with the angry mob on their way to the HH headquarters, hear us out. Let’s discuss the benefits of vaping weed, figure out if it’s true that vaporizers save weed in the long run, and that smoking weed out of a vaporizer can truly change your relationship with cannabis for the better.

6 Benefits of Vaping Weed

We know what you’re thinking? “Benefits of vaping weed?! We were told there were NO benefits!”. Despite what the majority of mediums will gladly talk down to you about, vaping has some significant upsides to it when compared to other things inhaled. Case in point: cigarettes. It’s no secret that the short- and long-term effects from cigarettes and cigars can be tragic, to say the least. Smoking cigarettes and nicotine addictions have become a world-wide epidemic, and while smoking rates might be down in some areas of the world, they continue to rise in others.

Much like alcohol, tobacco products represent one of our many vices that have no particular benefits to the human experience. Do they make us feel good? Sure, for a time. Are they addictive? Without a doubt. Can they be managed? Sometimes, but more often than not humankind falls victim to the worst parts of themselves while under the influences of these kinds of substances.

It’s a shame we didn’t have something that combined the fun, funny and multifaceted effects of alcohol with the smooth, calming focus some people get from a drag of a cigarette… Oh wait! That’s right, we do: smoking weed out of a vaporizer.

We’ve asked the online community - instead of the supposed “experts” from mainstream media blog sites - some of the most important questions: what are the benefits of vaping weed vs nicotine? Do vaporizers save weed and make it last longer? How can smoking weed with a vaporizer change your cannabis habits for the better?

Thanks to the savvy stoner community and loyal customers of Haute Health, we’ve compiled 6 of the benefits of vaping weed that will surprise you, shock you, thrill you and convince you to put down that trusty old lighter and pick up a vaporizer. Smoking weed out of a vaporizer can change your relationship with cannabis for the better, and here’s how starting with number 6…

#6: Use At Your Discretion

One of the fundamental problems with smoking weed, tobacco or anything else you can stuff in your pipe has to do with the fact that your habit becomes everyone else’s problem. There’s nothing more annoying than someone asking you to “put that out” when you’re just trying to relax with a blunt or puff-puff-pass around a joint after a hard day’s work. Don’t you wish there was a way to inhale that sweet, satisfying cannabis goodness without somebody wrinkling their nose at you?

There is, when you switch from regular joints, pipes or bongs and start smoking weed with a vaporizer or dual-purpose vaporizer. Vaping emits vapor clouds that dissipate within seconds, and they don’t stain your clothing, your teeth or nails, nor does this water-vapor haze give away your location if you’re sneaking a puff or two in places that you shouldn’t be.

Whenever you need weed but you also need to be discreet, vaping is the hands-down best option for you. Vaporizers can be used to vape a variety of different types of cannabis products, including the extra sneaky “odorless” kind that is the ultimate stealth-inhale for at work, on the bus, in the grocery store or while you’re suffering through another dinner at the in-laws.

#5: Vaping Can Be Less Expensive

This should come as no surprise, but vaping can end up saving you a ton of doh on your dope. Cannabis flowers can be had for mere dollars per grams, so it’s tough to top these kinds of savings on wholesome weed. Nevertheless, vaping cartridges, pods and e-juice packs can be stretched to last you a very long time. So, in the end the amount of inhaling you do, how long it lasts and how much you spend per shop will usually work out to make vaping very affordable.

Vaporizer devices aren’t cheap - unless it's a homemade sploof- so the upfront costs of buying equipment and building up your collection of vaping cartridges can take some significant investment. You should keep in mind, however, that vape juices and pods last a lot longer than all-natural buds - this means you don’t have to go on a bender trying to make use of those nugs that are looking a little stale. Vape cartridges and pods don’t go past their prime for months and months, instead of weeks and weeks like with cannabis flowers.

Even if you’re not convinced on vape juices, there are vaping apparatuses that can vaporizer dried cannabis flowers too! It’s clear to see why so many are switching to smoking weed out of a vaporizer because there’s so many options to make it fit your cannabis lifestyle.

#4: Second-hand… Vapor?

It might sound like a funny idea for the benefits of vaping weed, but when you consider the alternative (second-hand smoke from cigarettes or joints) it clears the haze on this particular subject. Smoking weed with a vaporizer can produce voluminous clouds of vapor that cover yourself and anyone near you in a haze, but they’re not riddled with the chemicals of cigarettes, nor is there as much risk of someone getting ‘second-hand high’ like with joints or bongs.

Vaporizers can even use internal controls to burn your cannabis or vape juice at different pressures and temperatures. This means you can create more or less vapor clouds with certain vaporizer devices. This awesome feature is great for switching on-the-go as you leave the comforts of your pro-vape home to the second-hand-fearing streets of the public.
So, vape away and puff out massive clouds of vapor wherever you go! Vape to your heart’s content, but don’t forget to keep your lungs happy too. Speaking of managing your habits…

#3: Manageable Habit

The beauty of relying on digital, battery-powered, smart-chipped devices like vaporizers is that you can use the advancements of technology to your benefit. For some of us stoners and smokers, the most difficult thing to do is to manage your inhaling habits. It can be incredibly difficult to summon the willpower to put down the bong or refrain from rolling another doob, especially when life rears its chaotic, unpredictable head.

Many vaporizers save weed and make it last longer, and help to save your lungs by offering timers, reminders to stop vaping, or other notifications linked with your smartphone. Not only are vaporizers very efficient in how they decarb your weed and deliver smooth, consistent inhales of cannabinoids, but they can be programmed to suit your vaping needs - even when those needs change.

It might seem like vaping can easily become more of an issue than smoking already is, but because smokeless cannabis set ups like vaporizers have less strain on your lungs as smoke, you can rest assured that every inhale isn’t clogging your respiratory system like a cigarette. What makes smoking weed out of a vaporizer even better for you is that you can manage your cannabinoids dosage to the milliliter or milligram. Vape cartridges come in all potencies, doses and flavors & aromas so you can vape exactly what you need, when you need it.

Vaping can become an overbearing habit and do the opposite of helping you to vape less because they’re ultra-convenient, but we’ll talk about that some more in the next section.

#2: Convenience is King

There’s only one other “c” word that holds as much meaning for stoners as cannabis, and that’s convenience. Vaping is even easier to do on the go than smoking because it’s all packed into this discreet, mobile, convenient device. No lighters required, no large glass apparatuses or even a baggie or container for your weed is necessary - just turn on your vaporizer with its cartridge loaded and puff away!

Many people that struggle with smoking cigarettes or have a propensity to over do it in the weed department find that they vape weed way too often in the beginning. This can happen very often, but it can be managed if you keep close attention to your vaping habits. Like we mentioned above, some devices have built in features to assist you in controlling your vaping frequency, or sometimes lowering the dose or intensity of vapor that’s emitted can also curb your habits.

That being said, if vaping can become a problem because it’s too convenient, that’s a good problem to have in comparison to all the setup, accessories and skill sets required to roll a fat blunt or pack a perfect bowl in your bong. Not only is smoking weed with a vaporizer convenient, but vaporizers save weed. This means that this new and efficient way of getting your daily doses of cannabis smoking without a rig will stretch out your supply of weed for longer. What’s more convenient than saving you money and making the money you’ve already spent go further?!

#1: The Flavors of the Rainbow

Skittles has been using it in their marketing campaigns since Y2K came and went, but when it comes to tasting the rainbow only one kind of product truly delivers: smoking weed with a vaporizer. One of the number one reasons why many stoners switch from toking on nugs to vaping on pods has to do with that sweet, savory, satisfying e-juice.

Vaping offers so much more customization than smoking, not just of flavors but aromas, cannabinoids potencies and even amount of vapor exhaled. There are thousands of different cartridge sizes available in every dose imaginable - from 5 mg to 500 mg and more of THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, and a bunch of combinations therein.

What really wins folks over has more to do with the wide range of tastes and smells they can play with when they smoke weed out of a vaporizer. Every fruit from guava to kiwi to bananas to mangoes can be vaped, and then there’s ceramic vape cartridges that mix all your favorites to take flavors to new heights.

Not a citrus or berry person? How about some soothing, tingling mint, menthol or lavender? Some vape flavors are designed to enhance the aromas of your vapor cloud as much as they are the tastes of every inhale. Maybe you have more of a sweet tooth? Vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, spice, ice cream, brownie, cookie, cake and pie flavors of every sort are also waiting for you online when you shop for flavored vape cartridges.

Suffice it to say, if you have a favorite flavor chances are it’s already conveniently packaged into a potent, clean, and fresh vape pod or cartridge. The world of vaporizers is as multifaceted as it is convenient, affordable and suits every situation that you absolutely need to have weed. Check out the incredible vaping selection at Haute Health and keep on vaping on.


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