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How to Sober Up From Weed

How to Sober Up From Weed

If you’ve had a night or afternoon of cannabis-fueled fun and you need to sober up, what can you do other than wait for the THC to run its course? There are surprisingly a lot of tricks that can help usher you along quicker when you need to sober up from weed. Let’s focus up and clear our heads as we learn some sobering ways to come down from a marijuana high.

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Differences Between Weed & Hash

Differences Between Weed & Hash

Are you a pothead? How about a hash-fanatic? Dry sift, hand rub or bubble hash are incredibly potent and flavorful. Smoking weed is great, but do you know what sets hash apart from other kinds of cannabis? Let’s discuss some of the differences and similarities between hash and weed.

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The Scientific Reasons Why Music Sounds Better When You’re High

The Scientific Reasons Why Music Sounds Better When You’re High

Ever lit up a joint and just sat back, listening to your favorite band/artist as the cannabinoids kicked in? It’s truly ascendant, isn’t it?! Ever wondered why cannabis and music go so well together? We sure dis, so we put together the facts & figures on what makes music sound so good when you’re high on cannabis.

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