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Why Cannabis Tourism Is On The Rise

It might surprise you to discover that even in our current uncertain and frankly crazy current social and political climate that something like cannabis tourism could be on the rise but believe it or not it’s true! Before international travel became temporarily unavailable to us all a massive cannabis tourism industry had been gearing up […]
July 10, 2020
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It might surprise you to discover that even in our current uncertain and frankly crazy current social and political climate that something like cannabis tourism could be on the rise but believe it or not it’s true! Before international travel became temporarily unavailable to us all a massive cannabis tourism industry had been gearing up to welcome international visitors from all over the globe to our beautiful country. Now that cannabis is recreationally legal in Canada many people were expected to come visit and enjoy all of the wonderful scenery, exciting activities and of course the fantastic craft grown cannabis.

Why Cannabis Tourism is on the Rise

As provinces around Canada begin to reopen for Canadians to freely travel in between and so many people in our wonderful country are currently having to reconsider their summer travel plans we thought it would be prudent to highlight some of the wonderful cannabis themed travel opportunities you can find right here in our own great big backyard. You may not even have to leave your home province to book the cannabis vacation of your dreams!

There once was a time when even Canadians would have to travel far overseas to destinations like Amsterdam in order to enjoy cannabis themed travel experiences and these kinds of trips were a staple of many young Canadian’s first journeys abroad. We might not have the cool weed coffee shops and restaurants yet but slowly but surely exciting things are starting to develop all across the country and there is no better time for Canadians to take advantage! Not only can we all support some great new Canadian businesses which may be unexpectedly struggling this year but we can also book a great vacation, save money and experience something new and possibly even deeply spiritual and transformative!

But what is cannabis tourism anyhow? Simply put marijuana tourism can be any kind of travel arrangement that somehow includes cannabis in the itinerary! Just as many people would traditionally book themselves a vacation in beachside destination like Mexico or Hawaii with the intention of never leaving the beach and never not having a drink in hand many people would love a vacation experience that includes activities and experiences focused around the substance of cannabis. As cannabis promotes social togetherness and communal enjoyment it is the perfect compliment to anyone’s vacation plans in 2020 and beyond!

Let’s take a look at some of the exciting weed tourism destinations you can find right here at home in our lovely and diverse nation. You can book your next dream vacation and this time leave your passport at home! No need for vaccinations or costly travel insurance, just book a trip at one of these wonderful weed vacation destinations today and know you will be in for the stoner travel experience of a lifetime!

Home of The BC Bud

Home of The BC Bud

There is almost no better place in all the world to book your weed tourism vacation than beautiful and stunning British Columbia BC. If you are lucky enough to live in this divine and gorgeous part of the world already there is a whole host of wonderful vacation options for you right in your own backyard. Whether you would head for the bustling and busy weed mecca of Canada; Vancouver or escape the busy big city noise for the small town vibes of beautiful Nelson, BC you can’t go wrong if you book your next cannabis tourism vacation in this captivating and gorgeous Canadian province.

In the big city you can book yourself a vape lounge tour, or a graffiti smoke and walking tour or even level up your joint rolling game with a full professional course in joint rolling. There are also art sessions, outdoor activities, smoke marijuana and yoga, smoke and meditation and even walk, smoke and talk guided tours! All of these and more can easily be found and booked using your favourite search engine so long as you are searching in your destination city!

If the slow and small town vibe is more your scene you could book yourself a weekend camping getaway (just be sure to observe all the campground rules about cannabis consumption on site!). We don’t have cannabis friendly or themed campgrounds in BC to speak of yet but certainly before long they will become a fixture of the Canadian summertime getaway experience.

In the quaint town of Nelson, BC you can book a dispensary and sculpture walk where you will be guided to the best local shop for all your cannabis needs and then guided to some of the coolest pieces of local public art!

Stoned in Rodeo City

When you think of Calgary, Alberta you would certainly be forgiven for assuming there is nothing more than rodeos and oil company cowboys to be found there but actually Calgary, Alberta is host to a wealth of great cannabis tours. You can book a dispensary tour and see all of the great shops where legal recreational cannabis is obtainable. You can book a healing yoga class where smoke and edibles beforehand are encouraged. A stoner graffiti walk and tour is also on offer and the city surprisingly features some pretty great and sometimes well hidden urban artworks! Classes on cannabis and DJ techniques are available as well as a fully featured cooking class where you will learn how to cook with cannabis oils and flowers.

Don’t mistake this wonderful city as just a rodeo town. There is a vibrant arts and music community here that would be a wonderful compliment to any weed tourism vacation plan. If you can wait until next summer you may even be able to book your cannabis tourism adventure during the month of June and catch the world famous Sled Island music festival! Every year wonderful artists from all over the world descend upon the city to perform in a wide range of cool bars, clubs and concert halls. You can get a wristband pass to the festival, pop some edibles, pack some joints and you’ll be sure to have a blast popping from one cool concert to the next, meeting locals and hobnobbing with the hipsters!

Getting Lit in the Six

Getting Lit in the Six

Toronto is host to a wealth of unique and exciting marijuana tourism experiences. Apart from being one of the largest, most diverse and most famous cities in our wonderful Country and the home of famous exports like Drake, Will Arnet & Jim Carrey it is also one of the most culturally exciting cities in the whole world.

While you visit Toronto you can book a cannabis themed Tommy Thompson bike tour and get lost on the bike trails! Or schedule a puff and paint or clay sculpting session and learn fun new artistic skills, unlock hidden talents and enjoy the experience of creativity enhanced by marijuana. Take a weed tourism themed trip through the kensington markets and enjoy the window shopping with a great buzz on. If you are braver than the average stoner you can even book a haunted paranormal ghost tour, sure to spook even the strongest willed among us! You can take a stargazing tour, learn to blow glass, create stained glass art or even take a specialty course to learn how to bake perfect bread and goodies with weed!

There is such a vast wealth of options and opportunities available for travellers visiting Toronto that it would take a book to cover them all!

Montreal Smoked Treats

Montreal Smoked Treats

Montreal is undoubtedly one of the cultural and artistic epicenters of the country and is world renowned for its beautiful architecture and french Canadian cuisine and culture! Not only can you book many of the same great cannabis tours Canada has to offer from sea to shining sea there are several uniquely Montreal experiences available to the travelling stoner here.

Book a session with an emotional collage coach who will guide you through the process of creating a uniquely personal piece of creative collage art. Or book a luminotherapy session at an art gallery with a special installation designed expressly for the purpose of enhancing your cannabis experience. Also not to be missed is Montreal’s take on the smoke and walk graffiti tour. There is some unbelievable and beautiful art and architecture to see on this perfect afternoon stroll!

Marijuana Trade Shows

If the business side of cannabis is more your cup of tea and you prefer to network even when you are supposed to be taking your downtime then you may want to consider centering your cannabis tourism experience around one of Canada’s world renowned and internationally celebrated cannabis trade shows. Lift & Co hosts a gigantic trade show event every year in both Vancouver and Toronto, both being fantastic options for your metropolitan marijuana tourism excursion as we have previously discussed.

While you enjoy the wealth of other sights, sounds and eats the city of your choice has to offer you there will also be a busy and bustling trade show to attend featuring all the up and comers and dynamic movers and shakers in the Canadian and worldwide cannabis industry. Rub elbows with the elite and the new and exciting alike and discover all the absolute latest advancements in technology, marketing, growth and cultivation practices. During the event the city is also host to Canadian cannabis week! This is like mecca for anyone who loves the business side of the cannabis world.

The Cannabis Cup

The Cannabis Cup

Every year at locations around the world craft growers face off in competitions where the absolute cream of the crop is quite literally on offer to be judged and evaluated. Discover first hand what the newest and most exciting weed strains on the marketplace are and partake yourself in the wide range of competing strains!

Cannabis cup events are world famous and occur at famed cannabis friendly vacation destinations all over the world and Canada is no exception. Last year at the Canadian cannabis awards winners were chosen for categories as diverse as best indica, best sativa, best hybrid smoke, best pre-rolls, best capsules and even the best shops and stores. This event is also a wonderful opportunity to celebrate some of the diverse and fascinating people who devote themselves to this exciting and growing industry. Awards are given to honor the greatest budtender, the cannabis employer of the year, the best brand, the most trailblazing female cannabis entrepreneur, the top trimmer and the best testing laboratory! You could quite literally be present to witness a celebrated moment in cannabis history if you play your cards right and plan to attend the next event when they start up again - likely summer of 2021!

There is also the world famous Karma Cup competition which takes place in the fall in Toronto. Undoubtedly Toronto has to be one of the top destinations for anyone seeking a cannabis themed getaway. With the Karma Cup, trade shows and so much to do including all the arts and culture on offer a well equipped stoner, happily smoking couple or a family that smokes together would all be certain to find a wealth of unforgettable cannabis tourism Canada adventures in this wonderful city!

Important Things To Know

Important Things To Know

Make sure you are aware of the legal age requirements to purchase and consume cannabis in whichever province you plan to take your trip in! Legal age varies from province to province but is never any less than 18 years old. In some provinces like British Columbia and Ontario you must be 19 years of age to buy and consume legal cannabis products.

Adults in Canada can possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis flowers in public which roughly approximates to about 40 rolled joints worth. This amount is more than enough for the average person to have a great time without the need to resupply! Legal edibles and concentrates are also now available in the country and can be found at most dispensaries and also at your favourite online shop.

When it comes to public consumption of cannabis the law in Canada unfortunately still treats cannabis smoking much the same as it does tobacco cigarettes. There are sadly no smoking cafes here yet like the ones found in more progressive legalized places like Amsterdam due to the stigma that secondhand smoke has here and you will only be permitted to smoke in places where cigarettes are also allowed. That said however Canadians have been smoking marijuana in public unbothered for many years before legalization was even considered. So long as you are courteous and do not smoke indoors or anywhere children are present it should never be cause for concern.

Stock Up & Get Out There

There may be no better time to pack your bags and see a part of our beautiful country that you haven’t before while also supporting a Canadian owned up and coming business in an exciting new industry! As mentioned before every Canadian adult is permitted to possess up to 30 grams or about 40 rolled joints worth of cannabis with them in public and this also includes when travelling across provincial borders by plane or by car. Put your stash in your bags, make sure to pack a few close at hand for the journey and get out there and explore our beautiful country!

But first make sure you take advantage of the great deals you will only find here at Haute Health! From phoenix tears to cannabis edibles to CBD topicals and CBD capsules the experts at Haute Health have everything you could possibly need to make any vacation you have planned a fantastic cannabis themed holiday! When you want to buy kief online, hash online or even THC distillate online there is no better resource than Haute Health!




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