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Do you know a weed smoker who might love some new fun gadgets and toys this year? Do you know a smoker with everything who is impossible to buy gifts for? Or maybe you’re secretly shopping for cool things for yourself - don’t worry we won’t tell! Whatever the case we sent the staff at Haute Health out to scour the net for the best and most exciting gifts for stoners and gifts for smokers that they could find; let’s find out what they came up with! Here are some of the best stoner gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season.

When it comes to gifts for stoners the prices can range from the cheap and simple to the extravagant and expensive. The ideal gift for the stoner in your life definitely depends on what type of cannabis personality they are! Some cannabis smokers prefer to keep it classy and refined and might be hard to shop for, especially on a budget! Some weed smoking folks are much easier to find gifts for smokers for because they are easygoing and enjoy the fun trappings of stoner culture. Read on for some great gift ideas for either type of toker in your life!

Affordable but not Awful

Let’s face it some aspects of stoner culture can be downright tacky and embarrassing at times. Some people certainly embrace this aspect of being a smoker and for them finding a cheap and funny weed themed gift should be easy. But what if you want to give something heartfelt or useful that isn’t just a corny cliche? If you’re looking for stoner girlfriend gifts or a surprise for a picky stoner in your life you might want to try to get a little more creative with your ideas. Here are some suggestions that won’t break the bank or make your friend or loved one feel like you think they have tacky taste when it comes to cannabis culture!

A Cool Grinder

Etsy is a great source for cool and crafty gifts and when it comes to cannabis accessories you can find nearly anything you might imagine! If you’re looking for something beautiful to serve as a great stoner girlfriend gifts check out some of the great customized and beautiful four piece grinders from the shop CustomizeLazerWorks. They have cool pink holographic style grinders that any stoner girlfriend would likely die for as well as a wide range of other cool and unique varieties available to choose from. Let your loved one grind their weed in style this year!

Some High Minded Artwork

Or maybe a gift to dress up your loved ones living space is more in line with yours or their personal aesthetic needs? Take down the black light or marvel movie posters in the living room and add a little chic cannabis artistic flair instead. This fantastic and affordable print in the style of the famed Andy Warhol soup cans by Jenna Rast on Society6 is sure to class up any living space while simultaneously declaring a passion for toking and the fine arts! And best of all it couldn’t be more affordable at under $20!

Adorable Cannabis Themed Pins

Who doesn’t love a cute set of pins to wear with an adorable outfit? If you’re putting together a stoner gift box don’t forget these little cuties from Towne9 on Etsy. The adorable bong, weed baggie and pot leaf set in cool pastels is certain to put a big smile on her face this year and they can be used year round to make any outfit pop. Or you can pin them to a corkboard and display them next to the cute new grinder and artwork.

A Super Cool Rolling Tray

These cool and stunning rolling trays not only give you a nice dedicated rolling surface so you can keep your countertops and coffee table clean and free of cannabis debris but they also feature incredible and stunning conversation starting and graffiti inspired artworks. I mean just look at that beautiful thing!

For the Classy Cannabis Connoisseur

We all know that one smoker who looks down their nose at the dank memes and hates the tacky look of anything that screams “Stoner Culture”. For these picky tokers who already have much of the finer things when it comes to cannabis accessories it can be very difficult to find gifts that might suit them and not send them running to return it as soon as you are out of the room.

A Beautiful Walnut Smoking Set

This Black Walnut Smoking Set from Bespoke Post has the power to class up any smoking session or smoke spot. Elegant and minimal, like a restored vintage piece of mid century modern furniture handed down or discovered at an estate sale. The pipe, in handblown glass and black walnut, is crafted for smooth smoking and fits perfectly in the hand — it’s even balanced to rest securely on a flat base. And the crystal ashtray has a detachable poker (to keep your piece clean), a felt base, and a rim in the same swirling black walnut. To die for style and elegance for any toker and one of the best and most unique stoner gift ideas we have seen this year.

Hand Blown Artisan Fruit Pipe

If your giftee’s taste is a mix of the fun and tacky with an appreciation for beautiful custom glass pieces then you may want to put a handmade glass fruit pipe from Edie Parker in your stoner gift box! Much larger than you might expect this beautiful and fruity pipe piece fits in the hand but is much larger than a fist making it the perfect display piece for your fanciest stoner friend’s bookshelf or smoking nook. Feeling extra generous? Pick up the banana, orange and cherry pipe too and gift your loved one with the ultimate stoner gift box - a giant bowl of smokable fruits!

And for our last two suggestions we’re bringing out the big guns. These are gifts that are ideal for the most dedicated, discerning and higher class of cannabis connoisseur.

A High Tech Top of the Line Infuser

Do you know someone who loves to cook with cannabis? Why not blow everyone else’s gifts right out of the park (who needs more cannabis cookbooks anyhow!) and set them up to supply you and everyone you know with the finest edibles, oils and infusions you can possibly make in your kitchen at home? The Levo II takes the confusion out of infusion allowing you to create extracts, oils and butters using cannabis - or any other herb you like for that matter - without making a mess or driving yourself up the wall. This is truly a gift that keeps on giving and it is available in a fun range of different colourways.

The Classic and Undefeated Volcano Vaporizer

And finally last but not least a true undefeated classic of cannabis technology and a holy grail item for any stoner who doesn’t already have one: the often imitated, never duplicated Volcano desktop vaporizer! This titan of THC technology is available in a range of colours including the classic silver, spooky black or beautiful gold. If you want to blow their mind and their socks off at the same time you really can’t get much better than a piece of technology that both revolutionized the weed smoking game and then stayed at the top of every cool-gadgets-for-stoners wishlist for well over a decade. If they have it all when it comes to bongs, rolling trays, pipes and other cool accessories you can go big and bring them home a timeless classic in their stoner gifts basket this year!

We hope these suggestions got the wheels turning in your mind and inspired you to check out some new and exciting stoner gifts ideas you might not have considered before. Of course if none of these items are suitable there is one surefire never fails gift you can always put in the weed gift basket this holiday season that’s sure not to disappoint: some high quality cannabis products from your favourite online cannabis resource Haute Health!

Haute Health

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Many people make a very common misstep in the beginning stages of preparation when they are attempting to make edibles or tinctures at home with dried cannabis flowers. It’s very easy to forget the essential step of decarboxylation of cannabis when you are getting set to bake or prepare your medicinal or recreational cannabis treats and medicines. By foregoing this essential part of the process many of the beneficial aspects of cannabis are lost in the baking or blending of the product.

But what exactly is decarboxylation and how does it work? If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to decarb weed on your own at home we’ve provided all the necessary information here to get you started so you can prepare cannabis edibles and tinctures for medicinal and recreational use with the highest possible beneficial and medicinal value, preserving potency and lessening the impact cannabis is known to have on the flavour of the end product.

Understanding Decarboxylation

Ordinarily decarboxylation is a process that happens over a long period of time as cannabis is cured before it is ready to be trimmed and sold. This process turns the THCA found naturally occurring in the cannabis flowers into the psychoactive compound THC. Typically the curing process combined with heating or burning the material for smoking takes care of this conversion for us but when you plan to cook with weed there are some crucial steps to take to ensure that your goodies are as potent as possible and your weed doesn’t go to waste!

The typical cooking process does not provide enough heat for decarbing weed which means you will end up consuming cannabis which is still full of THCA instead of the compound THC. This is why the essential first step when you want to make your own tinctures or edibles is to be certain that you are always decarbing weed properly that you plan to use in this manner.

But don’t stress yourself too much over it. What sounds like an intimidating and technical process is actually just a very simple additional step to your recipe and is very easy to do with tools you certainly should already have available to you in your home.

How to Decarb Weed

When cannabis is smoked or vaporized the heat of this process will decarboxylate weed before it enters your lungs and bloodstream converting it THC from the non-psychoactive compound THCA. Without this essential step smoking weed would actually not affect the human body and mind with the same potency and level of intoxicating effects. In short decarboxylated cannabis is a required aspect of the process of getting properly high.

When you decarboxylate weed you force the same transformation to occur without combusting the plant matter and destroying it in the process leaving behind cannabis plant matter that is perfectly primed for use in baking or tincture making. Heat also isn’t the only way to get decarboxylated weed. If you happen to have a bag of old chronic laying around the house chances are extremely good that the decarboxylation of the cannabis has already naturally occurred. If you have a freshly bought sack however fret not as the process for decarbing weed is overall a simple one.

It may seem counterintuitive to cook your weed twice - once before you use it in your recipe and then again when you actually prepare your edible treats - as you would think adding heat to the cannabis would cook off the potency and cause the substance to be weaker however it is the exact opposite that is true. Without the crucial step of decarboxylation cannabis actually loses or rather fails to activate a vast majority of the potent medicinal THC trapped within it as THCA.

So you want to know how to decarboxylate cannabis? We’d have to assume so if you’ve made it this far! Let’s first refer to a few handy decarb weed charts which can help clear up some of the simple instructions.

As you can see by this first decarb weed chart different temperatures and durations are required to properly produce decarboxylated weed.

In this second decarb weed chart you can see the temperatures, times and different ways to decarboxylate cannabis expressed in another manner. Let’s go into deeper details now about the various methods of how to decarboxylate cannabis.

How to Prepare Your Bud

When you are first learning how to decarb weed an important first step is to prepare your cannabis for the process. You don’t want to just throw all of your bud on a baking sheet or into a mason jar as it is and hope for the best. Using one of the following methods will make certain that your decarboxylated cannabis receives an even treatment no matter which method you use and produces the highest potency level possible.

The first option is to simply pick your weed apart into smaller pieces that are all roughly the same size, say no larger than a dime. This can take some time and we suggest wearing a pair of disposable gloves to ensure your hands are not covered in residue by the end. The “rub” you develop on the gloves can also be recovered and utilized if you are a stoner who is a little more frugal and thrifty than your average.

Otherwise you can simply grind the material using a conventional weed grinder or even a coffee grinder or food processor. This is likely the best possible option as it produces a near powder version of the product that is certain to decarb weed evenly no matter what method you decide to utilize.

There is a subtle downside to using a grinder or food processor however as it is much easier to lose some of the product the finer ground it becomes. Whether it gets stuck in the grinder or the container you used for decarbing or you simply spill it by mistake when handling or transferring it. The extra concern here is completely up to user discretion and comfort and you will ultimately find a method that works best for you that you find comfortable with a little bravery and experimentation.

Method 1: Hurry Up And Wait

There’s nothing fun, exciting or particularly groundbreaking about the natural method but it certainly does work. If you are the patient sort and plan on making edibles some vague date in the future but not anytime immediately soon this method will suit your needs just fine. Time turns THCA into THC just as certain as heat does, it just takes an awful lot more of it!

If you are a person with a large quantity of cannabis on hand at all times this method may also suit your personal style. For the rest of us though it certainly is not the most convenient option available. That said there is no better method as far as smell is concerned - cannabis stored away for an extended period stinks up the apartment a whole lot less than popping some in the oven for an hour to slowly decarb!

Another advantage here is that all you really need is a supply of cannabis and some time. There are no other essential steps or ingredients required!

Overwhelmingly this is the most common method used by marijuana growers and distributors or cannabis enthusiasts to make edibles as all the necessary tools are already sitting waiting for you in your kitchen! All you need is a baking sheet, foil or parchment paper (never wax paper!) an oven and the willpower to make your home stink like cannabis for an afternoon. Unfortunately there really isn’t any method to avoid the overpowering smell produced by this decarb method so if you live in a close knit apartment building with a Karen living down the hall this may not be your best option. 

  • Preheat oven to 250°F
  • Line baking sheet with foil or parchment paper
  • Place your broken-up or ground cannabis on the baking sheet
  • Bake cannabis for 30 minutes
  • The cannabis should change to a brownish color
  • Once the cannabis has changed color and your apartment reeks to high heaven of baked pot you will be all set to use the decarbed weed in your next edible recipe!

    Method 3: Weed Turkey Style

    Another similar method you can use is to put your ground or broken up cannabis into an oven bag, also known as a turkey bag. This makes it much easier to collect after it is finished decarbing and has the added benefit of making your home stink a little bit less, however it certainly doesn’t eliminate the smell entirely. When the process is finished the bag will not be hot as it doesn’t conduct heat so it is easy to grab, handle and empty.

    The only real downside to this method is the fact that you likely will need to make a special trip to the store to get yourself a turkey bag unless it happens to be around thanksgiving time or you happen to use them already on a regular basis. A minor inconvenience for a surefire method which cuts down on the pungent smell by about half that occurs when the cannabis is being decarbed. 

  • Preheat oven to 250°F
  • Place your broken-up or ground cannabis in the oven bag
  • Tie a tight knot in the oven bag This keeps the weed and smell inside the bag
  • Place the bag on a baking sheet (no foil/parchment needed)
  • Bake for 30 minutes
  • The cannabis should change to a brownish color
  • Method 4: Mason Jars

    You may have a few of these classic and handy glass jars in your pantry at home and if so then this is a great option for you. Otherwise mason jars are easy to find and shouldn’t pose too much of a problem if you would like to use this method and don’t already own them. Mason jars can be vacuum sealed and are a great option for decarboxylation as they keep the smell inside for the most part during the process. This is probably your best bet if you live in an apartment setting and have nosey concerned neighbours who are likely to complain about an overpowering smell of cannabis emanating from your home. 

  • Preheat oven to 250°F
  • Place your broken-up or ground cannabis in the mason jar
  • Screw the top on tight. The tighter the seal the less smell!
  • Carefully place the mason jar on your oven rack. The jar should not be touching the heating element or sides of your oven.
  • Bake for 30 minutes until cannabis changes to a brownish color.
  • Important: The glass will be very hot when it comes out of the oven! Make sure to use oven mitts when you touch the jar and give it time to cool before opening.
  • Now that you are armed with several methods of how to decarb weed you can grab a fresh sack, decarb it and bake yourself or your friends and loved ones some yummy and powerfully potent THC treats! Or you can skip all the work if you like and buy some cannabis concentrates, weed candy, thc capsules, cbd capsules, pre-rolled cannabis or enjoy some of our special $15 shatter!

    Haute health also offers a wide range of great CBD products including CBD distillate and CBD topicals. Shop our online store today and don’t forget to check out our smokin’ daily deals!

    Congratulations friend! You’ve decided to dive into the exciting and fun world of cannabis smoking, weed storage, grinding and other such weed accessories! There is a huge and seemingly endless amount of random seeming ephemera available in head shops and available from specialty online retailers and making sense of what items are helpful, which are simply novelty and which are absolutely essential can seem like a daunting task all on its own.

    Let’s take a little trip together and take a look at the vast array of possible tools and toys you might want to invest in as a novice to the exciting and fun world of cannabis use. We’ll also cover what items and objects are absolutely essential to anyone who wants to get serious about developing a real cannabis hobby - and what better time is there to do so than now!

    Stoner Accessories

    So what are the must have marijuana accessories that every stoner should have in their toolkit no matter what their experience level? The one thing this stoner remembers from the Boy Scouts was the motto to “Always be prepared!” and that also applies here as the best practice when assembling your accessory kit is not to only include what you think you need right now but also to have on hand everything you might need for any possible future scenario.

    If that sounds daunting don’t worry, we’re not talking about setting up and tearing down a full campsite here - just making sure you always have the absolute bare minimum of necessary equipment on hand so you are always ready to rock and roll one up.

    The best weed accessories are also the most easily and commonly forgotten ones. Rolling papers are not mandatory but it is always good to have them on hand just in case. You might be surprised how much of a reliable reputation always having a fun variety of rolling paper options on hand will net you.

    A full, functioning and preferably fun lighter should of course be included. It can’t hurt to have a few of these as well. I personally love Clipper lighters for their fun designs and for the fact that you can replace the flint and fuel. In my kit I always make sure i have a few full Clippers, some butane and a package of flints at all times!

    Another important element to not overlook when you are assembling your weed accessory kit is the actual container itself! Sure you could grab an old shoebox or throw everything in a tupperware and leave it at that but why miss out on an opportunity to use something stylish, fun or interesting that sparks joy for you. You could use an old lunchbox with your favourite superheroes on the tin, a stylish designer box from a shopping excursion, a tin can of your favourite grandma cookies, or a wooden box you designed and assembled yourself in your woodshop!

    Marijuana Smoking Accessories

    So we have covered some of the barebones basics that you absolutely must have on hand but what about stoner accessories that make your life as a smoker and cannabis user more easy, enjoyable and even fun?

    One of the must have stoner essentials in any stoner toolkit would have to be a good high quality grinder. Sure you can cheap out and get yourself a simple plastic model or skip one altogether for the old fashioned scissors and a shot glass method but why miss out on a great opportunity to express some personal style, make your life easier and best of all start your own kief collection!

    A high quality three chamber grinder is one of the best weed accessories you can possibly have on hand as it will not only make busting up your bud for smoking an absolute breeze but over time as you use it valuable and highly potent kief will accumulate in the kief catching chamber at the bottom of the grinder. See our recent blog article on the subject for some great ideas for how to use this magical and highly potent crystalized form of cannabis.

    Not only does this make your life easier but you will also have a backup plan if you happen to run out of weed and find yourself unable to resupply for one reason or another say over a weekend or during an unexpected dry spell. Many stoners have had their entire day or weekend totally turned around by the discovery that they have a bounty of available kief to go through when they have run out of cannabis for the first time in a while.

    Another option if you prefer to use a little less elbow grease when you grind your weed is to use an electric grinder and save yourself the effort. There are a few specially designed electric weed grinders available on the market but finding one with a kief catching option will be rare, however you will find you will accumulate quite a lot of the stuff regardless in the chamber of the grinding device.

    You can also simply repurpose an old (or new is better!) coffee grinder and use it to grind your bud from now on. You might want to give any grinder that has been grinding coffee a deep and thorough cleaning to avoid smoking coffee flavoured bud whenever you use it (unless that sounds appealing to you). You may be best off just getting a new and unused one or one of the many specially cool stoner gadgets designed specially for the purpose of grinding your bud.

    Another great item to have in your stash box would be some pre-rolled joint filters and maybe even an easy to use joint rolling machine. Nothing takes the pain out of rolling the perfect joint like having the right tools on hand to do the job quickly and easily,

    If your stash box itself isn’t airtight you may also want to invest in a smaller container like a mason jar or a vacuum sealed container to actually store your weed in. A good old fashioned ziplock bag will always work too.

    Cool Stoner Gadgets

    A stylish and functional ashtray is also a must and a rolling tray makes for a worthwhile investment as well. Both are available in a wide array of sizes and cool styles. Many modern ashtrays you will find online and in head shops might come with some added bells and whistles but a nice big classic ashtray can also make a bold statement too. Just be sure to clean it regularly!

    A nice large rolling tray with a cool design on it is usually an easy find wherever you can buy the coolest weed accessories and it can make the job or organizing your weed and marijuana accessories a much simpler one! Look into a nice metallic Raw rolling tray and if you really want to go all out you can get a stylish magnetic cover and even a magnetic bean bag pillow to rest it on!

    The next three are a matter of personal preference and some cannabis users may never try or use any of these methods at all - and that’s perfectly ok! - but they would be missing out on all the complex and convenient variations of ways you can utilize cannabis products. By making sure you have one of each (at least!) of these devices in your home collection you can be sure you have all of the stoner essentials covered and will be able to use your medical marijuana or recreational cannabis conveniently in virtually any scenario.

    The first of this sacred and holy trinity of gadgets is a small personal pipe. There are an infinite variety of these essential little marijuana smoking accessories available virtually anywhere smoking products or cannabis products are sold. Every true stoner should have a personal favourite and trusted small personal pipe. Whether it is made of hand blown glass, metal, wood, stone, heatsafe silicone, bone or pretty much anything else you can safely smoke out of there is guaranteed to be a style and type of small pipe that is perfect for you.

    The next level up is of course to get yourself a bong. Although using one of these can seem like a challenge they can actually be a lot of fun and are an excellent way to get a lot of THC into your system in a very short period of time. For many veteran smokers a trusty bong becomes the defacto smoking method for both its convenience and powerful potency.

    Don’t be put off by the giant, ornate and sometimes intimidating varieties of bong you may see available on display in most head shops. Chances are good if you look closer up on the top shelves (or simply ask a helpful attendant) you will find there are a wide variety of cool and stylish bongs in a wide range of styles. You can start small with a simple bubbler and work your way up to the more intimidating and specialized models.

    FInally a cannabis vaporizer is the third of the must have stoner accessories on our list. Using cannabis in a vape hits a little differently and some people actually prefer it to the heavier and more sedate body effects that smoking or eating marijuana can provide. It is also a lot easier to use a cannabis vaporizer covertly and quickly when you need to medicate or recreate in a setting where it would otherwise not be possible! If you are into gadgets some of the coolest weed accessories you can find are vaporizers with new and innovative models being released with each passing year.

    Complete Weed Accessories Kit

    No kit - or stash box as they are also commonly called - would ever be complete without a few other simple marijauna accessories included as well which might not be obviously recognized as such. Most of these can be found at any local drug or convenience store and they always come in handy when I am smoking or preparing cannabis at home.

    Eye drops and breath mints are always a good idea in case you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you shouldn’t appear red eyed with cannabis on your breath. A light cologne or perfume (very tightly and securely sealed, perhaps in a separate bag) is also not an awful idea. 

    Toothpicks and q-tips are also good to have on hand for a variety of reasons. Toothpicks - or a safety pin, straight pin or straightened paperclip, etc - are a great tool for emptying stubborn and resin caked bowls into ashtrays, clearing the resin from a bowl or piece, or manipulating cannabis or a small glass screen all without getting your hands dirty.

    Q-tips are handy for cleaning purposes. If you are going to invest in a pipe, bong, vaporizer or perhaps all three you will also want other cleaning supplies such as isopropyl alcohol or a specialized cleaning agent like Orange Chronic which is specially formulated for cleaning stubborn resin from pipes, bongs and other weed accessories.

    Here at Haute Health we may not sell any of that stuff but we do sell the absolute and unquestionable number one thing every stoner needs: incredible dank buds at great prices. No matter what your budget and personal preference Haute Health has fantastic products you can’t find anywhere else at excellent prices.

    Currently featured in the Haute Health shop we have some top notch Sour OG shatter, some specialty 300mg Delta 8 THC tincture, G13 Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges and CBD full spectrum distillate as well as a wide range of high quality Canadian grown craft cannabis, edibles, capsules, golden teacher mushrooms and more!



    There are an endless amount of tools out there used to consume cannabis. For a long time there were a group of standard tools that everyone used to consume their marijuana such as rolling papers and bongs. We are now seeing a complete transition to electrical run gadgets such as vaporizers, dab rigs and so much more. The last few years have seen a massive sweet of legalization across North America which has lead to the cannabis market being flooded with new gizmos and gadgets. With the cannabis industry catching up to the times it has lead many to crave a simpler time .Que the one hitter pipe, some of you youngins might be asking, what are one-hitter weed pipes? Simply, they were the discreet way to smoke marijuana before the vaporizer was introduced. Small, easily stored and quick to use, one hitter pipes are still one of the most used smoking mechanisms available. Here we’ll look at what are one-hitter weed pipes, how to use a one hitter and how to make a one hitter.

    What are one hitter pipes & How to use it

    What are One Hitter Weed Pipes

    What are One Hitter Cannabis Pipes

    So you've been asking yourself, what are one hitter weed pipes? It's actually very straight forward. A one hitter pipe is exactly how it sounds. It’s a pipe that you hit one time, ash out, then start again. Made from either glass, wood, metal or ceramic a one hitter pipe has a small bowl on one end and a mouthpiece on the other. Some range in appearance from sleek and modern to rudimentary designs that are created for discretion.  One of the most popular 1 hitter pipes is the disguised one hitter pipe that looks like a cigarette. One hitter pipes are designed for obviously one person, with each hit holding just enough for one individual, they aren’t a great option for a session with multiple people.

    How to Use a One Hitter

    How to Use a One Hitter

    Smoking with a 1 hitter metal weed pipe is a perfect way to get a quick solo smoke, conserve cannabis and discreetly get stoned with no one noticing. Storing, packing and hitting a one hitter is easy when you have the appropriate tools available. Here we’ll lay out how to use a one hitter pipe.

    Grind Your Cannabis

    The first thing you want to do when learning how to use a one hitter is first take some of your cannabis and grind weed up in your grinder, you don’t need a lot for a 1 hitter, just enough for 3-4 small bowls. Bowls on a one hitter pipes are usually the size of a thumbtack, so minimal weed is required.

    Pack Your One Hitter

    Take your one hitter and simply dip it into the ground up mound of weed in your grinder (Some one hitter pipes come with a dugout or tester box where you can store weed both the one hitter and the ground up in one place) Dab the one hitter into the weed 2-3 times to make sure the bowl is completely full, but make sure not to pack it too full as it might restrict air flow.

    Spark up and Inhale

    Once you’ve packed your bowl, spark up your lighter, bring the flame to the bowl of the one hitter and inhale. Make sure not to leave the flame too long on the bowl as you will burn the cannabis too quickly. Light the cannabis and instantly pull the flame away and inhale, this will give you plenty of fire to smoke the entire bowl in one hit.

    How to unclog one hitter

    Once you’ve smoked the one hitter the bowl will be full of ash, you can either blow it out from the other end of the one hitter or gently tap against a hard surface to get the ash out. After a few hits it’s not uncommon for a one hitter to get clogged so it’s recommended that you use a poker of some sort to clear out the one hitter pipe. It can be anything like a paper clip, toothpick or a dedicated poker tool and we highly recommend having this handy when using a one hitter as once you clog up your pipe it is a real pain to unclog.

    How to Make a One Hitter Weed Pipe

    How to Make a One Hitter

    Thinking of making your own one hitter DIY project? Every smoker has found themselves in need of a simple improvisational smoking device from time to time. Luckily there are a number of ways to make a DIY one hitter with items lying around your household. If you'd like to know how to make a one hitter at home, read on! You’d be surprised with how many random items in your house you can make a pipe from, though we recommend just going out to buy a one hitter, here are a few ideas you can use if you have nothing else to smoke out of and you need to know how to make one hitter quickly and easily.


    Definitely the easiest way to make a one hitter, the pen has everything you need to emulate a store bough one hitter pipe. First you want to remove the ink and the internal parts within the pen, make sure no ink has spilled during removal as it could be harmful when smoking. The end of the pen where you click will be the end you inhale from and the part where you write is used as the bowl. Creating the bowl is the most technical part of this process. Taking the metal tip from the writing end of the pen, you flip it around where the tip is pointed into the body of the case, then slide the point of the tip into the opening of the pen’s case. Then on the other end insert either a filter from a cigarette or for a joint, this is to avoid the harshness of the hit you are about to take. Pack the upside down metal tip with cannabis, light it up and inhale from the other end. Not too complicated eh?


    An apple can make a great DIY hitter in a pinch when you're smoking weed. First you want to remove the apple stem which will expose the natural bowl on top of the apple. You then want to use something to poke a hole downward into the apple such as a knife or pen, make sure to only go halfway down the apple to keep it airtight. To make the mouthpiece you poke another hole on the face of the apple, connecting the chamber for the mouthpiece with the first hole you made that went halfway down the apple. All you need to do now is sprinkle some bud on top of the bowl area and light it up, inhaling through the mouthpiece you’ve created.  This is a great option if you have no other choice and also leaves a appley aftertaste after each hit.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can a one hitter get you high?

    Certainly; as long as you inhale!

    How do you make a one hitter out of a socket?

    This is not an advisable method - it's very difficult to do without burning yourself!

    What's the best one hitter pipe?

    Almost nothing beats a good apple pipe in a pinch. Anything you manage to fashion into a smoking device using stoner engineering is an accomplishment.

    How do you make a glass one hitter?

    A one hitter made of glass is something you should buy from your local headshop - they are very inexpensive!

    How to use a one hitter chillum?

    To use a chillum or one hitter pipe simply load the end with your herb, light, inhale and enjoy!


    The way people smoke weed has remained relatively consistent over the decades, many still roll up their weed in a joint, stuff their bong or pack their pipe. It has only been the last few years where we have seen a shift in the way users consume cannabis with technology and invocation playing a huge role in the creation of new smoking mechanisms. This has brought forth a movement of unique and exotic ways to consume cannabis, the bubbler pipe is the perfect example of the future of lighting up herb in a more efficient and enjoyable way. Bubblers allow for a smooth hit with a variety of different bubblers available, unique to other smoking devices, bubblers offer a blend of a pipe with the smoothness of a bong, allowing for the best of both worlds in one tool.

    Bubbler Pipe – How To Pick The Best One

    What is a Bubbler Pipe

    What is a Bubbler Pipe

    Bubbler pipes can be viewed as a hybrid between both a bong and a pipe, smaller in size but the same punch a bong can provide. Bubblers aren’t that much different then a bong, they contain a mouthpiece, a bowl, a stem and a chamber which holds the water to allow the smoke to travel through, cooling down the hit providing a smooth silky hit. Various bubbler pipes have percolators which is another water chamber that contributes further to cooling and creating a smoother hit, similar to a bong. The biggest difference between a bubble pipe and bong is the size, bubbler pipes mirror the image of a pipe more then a bong and are usually one solid unit instead of other bongs or pipes that can be taken apart into multiple pieces. When smoking a bubbler pipe, they are cleared in two ways, either through a carb hole like a bong or by removing a hitter piece from the top of the pipe to create airflow. Bubbler pipes are great because they meet both your bong and pipe needs in one cohesive unit. They offer great portability and discreetness which a bong cannot, they also offer a smooth and easy tasting smoke which is rarely found when smoking out of a pipe. Bubblers are also crafted with care and aesthetics in mind, most bubbler pipes are created to look visually appealing, almost like an ornament that you could place on your coffee table to be admired.

    Types of Bubbler Pipes

    Types of Bubbler Pipes

    ​There are a variety of different bubblers available, each has a bowl where herb can be stored, size may differ but they always have a bowl. Every bubbler has a water chamber, this is what makes a bubbler a bubbler and provides the easy tasting smooth finish. Last but not least, the stem. Every bubbler pipe has a sturdy stem which is where all the smoke travels after it has been filtered through the water chamber. These three features will always be found in any bubbler, after that there are a variety of different types of bubblers that can meet specific needs. Many bubblers are known to be artistic and made with a visual appealing element in mind, some are crafted into the shape of an animal or abstract shapes, some may even mistake a weed bubbler pipe as a ornament or artwork you have in your home.

    Bubbler pipes come in six basic designs, each with its own unique function, advantage and style.

    Hammer Bubbler Pipe

    One of the most commonly found weed bubbler pipe is the Hammer Bubbler. Shaped like a small hammer instead of a glass bowl, the long handle provides ample space for more smoke to pass through the stem. Hammer Bubblers are designed with the idea that it can rest on a flat surface without rolling around or falling over.

    Sherlock Bubbler Pipe

    The Sherlock Bubbler Pipe is inspired by the fictional detective character Sherlock Holmes. Everything in this weed bubbler is the same as the Hammer, but the only different is the stem contains a branded curved “S”

    Sidecar Bubbler Pipe

    The biggest feature found on the Sidecar Bubbler Pipe is that the stem and mouthpiece are built to the side of the water chamber, opposed to the traditional Hammer pipe which commonly comes straight out of the water chamber. The Sidecar was created in response to water back splashing from the water chamber which is a common issue in both the hammer and sidecar.


    Designed for ultimate convenience the Pendant weed bubbler pipe was created for portability and discreetness. Many are designed to a string attachment allowing for it to be stored around your neck or wrist.

    Concentrate Bubbler

    Unlike other bubbler pipes, the concentrate bubbler is for smoking cannabis concentrates and not dried flower cannabis. The process is the same as a regular bubbler but contain a direct inject. When using a concentrate bubbler it comes with additional accessories like a glass nail and oil dome which are specific tools used to dab.

    Double Bubbler

    The description is in the name. The Double Bubbler Pipe comes equipped with two chambers (duel percolator). This allows for a double filtration system which filters the smoke twice, resulting in the cleanest and smoothest hit possible through a weed bubbler.

    What to Look for When Buying a Bubbler

    What to Look for When Buying a Bubbler Pipe

    When shopping for a good bubbler you can be overwhelmed by the amount of choice. Deciding on a bubbler all comes down to personal preference, from design to consumption methods, but there are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing your bubbler pipe.

    Bubbler Pipes For Different Scenarios

    Bubbler Pipes For Different Scenarios

    Bubbler for Concentrates

    When looking for a bubbler pipe for concentrates also known as a dab rig you want to make sure it is it is durable and can withstand the demands of smoking concentrates. Make sure it comes equip with both a nail and glass bowl to execute the dabbing process correctly, you’ll also want to make sure it contains a glass down stem and a built in diffuser, this will separate the smoke into more bubbles and increase the filtration process. Ensure the nail is made of titanium or made from quartz crystal as some rigs come with glass nails that a prone to break when heated.

    Bubbler Pipe for Travel

    The ideal bubbler when traveling around will be one that can be easily disassembled and comes with a travel case, whether you’re taking It on vacation or just to a friends house, it’s good to have a durable bubbler that you can take apart. You’ll also want to aim towards getting a bubbler that is made of BPA-free polycarbonate and not glass, glass bubbler pipes tend to be very fragile and if you are moving it around on a regular basis you are at a high risk of breaking it. Polycarbonate is much more durable then consumer plastic, it is also BPA free which avoids unwanted carcinogens found in most plastics from entering your lungs.

    Bubbler Pipe for Home

    If you know you won't be traveling with your bubbler pipe then the choices are endless, your biggest concern will be how it looks. As we've mentioned before bubblers are not only a tool to consume cannabis they are also looked at as art. Many artists all over the world create hand crafted bubblers that are both aesthetically pleasing and built to last. Always make sure the glass your bubbler is made out of is borosilicate glass, this German engineered glass is extremely high tolerant to heat, which is very important if you have a bubbler that can smoke concentrates. The rest is all personal preference, from deep bowls to shallow bowls, long stems to shorter stems, it's all about what works best for your needs. Some people even buy a cheaper bubbler to start and figure out what works best for them, then they know exactly what they want when it comes time to purchase a more high end bubbler.

    Why Buy a Bubbler

    Why Buy a Bubbler

    Buying a bubbler is simple, you get the both of best worlds. You get the portability and discreteness of a pipe and the smooth strong hit of a bong. Bubbler pipes offer the feeling of smoking a bong but with no hassle or extra size, a bubbler pipe is virtually a fancy pipe with the smoothness of a bong. Bubbler pipes are also often designed to be astatically appealing, this makes them a lot more desirable to those who want to leave it out on display, with many being created by legitimate artists who craft glass into pieces of art. Bubbler pipes are also a lot easier on your body, they leave no taste due to it being glass, they cool down the smoke when you inhale due to the water which is less harsh then a pipe and they don’t create any fumes. Bubblers are also usually more reasonable in price compared to most high-end bongs, saving at least a few hundred dollars for the same experience.

    Common Questions

    What is a glass bubbler pipe?

    A bubbler is a glass pipe with a chamber to hold water, which cools down the smoke on inhale.

    How much does a bubbler pipe cost?

    Prices for a bubbler pipe vary depending on their quality, the cheap ones can start at $10 with the handcrafted bubblers costing upwards of $200.

    Are bubblers better than bongs?

    ​It all comes down to performance. Bubblers are smaller and lighter while offering the same smooth inhale a bong does, due to its water chamber. They are also easier to hold and more portable.


    How To Vape Weed

    Smoking cannabis has always been associated with hitting fat blunts, taking huge bong tokes or smoking the peace pipe. It's an age old tradition to break down your buds and light them up with various techniques, but as Bob Dylan said "The times are a changing". Now that we are in the age of technology we are consistently looking to make our lives easier, whether it be sending texts from your watch or letting Alexa and Google control everything that goes on in your house, we are always advancing as a society. The technology advancement doesn't stop there, it's also changing how we smoke cannabis for the better. Here enters the era of vaporizers, sleek discreet and the healthiest option for smoking, vaporizers are becoming the biggest thing in cannabis since the one hitter. Sit back and enjoy our guide to vaping weed for beginners.

    Smoking cannabis via a vaporizer is considered to be the least harmful way to consume cannabis and one of the best ways to vape weed. Smoking cannabis with a vaporizer reduces the harmful substances you get from smoking due to the combustion process, since vaping doesn't combust your weed resulting in no smoke, which means you inhale fewer toxins. Along with the health benefits, most people who switch to vaporizers find it to be smoother, less harsh and more of an enjoyable experience. How clean is it to smoke cannabis with a vaporizer you ask? Well even Health Canada recommends using a vaporizer to smoke cannabis naming the Volcano vaporizer as the only recommended method of cannabis consumption in Canada. Before we jump further into vaping cannabis let's take a look at the history of vaping cannabis and how we've got to where we are today.

    The History of Vaping Cannabis

    The earliest traces of vaping in our history can be sourced back to Egypt in the 5th century BC. According to The History of Herodotus a Greek historian he cites that the Scythians a group of ancient tribes of nomadic warriors would take hemp seed and put them on to red hot stones, vaporizing the seed and inhaling for therapeutic medicinal purposes.

    Vaping can be traced back to the early 1930s when a man named Joseph Robinson created the first known modern vaporizer with a butane powered vaporizer. Called the Mechanical Butane Ignition Vaporizer Robinson claimed that it “relates to vaporizing devices for holding medicinal compounds which are electrically heated to produce vapors for inhalation.” Unfortunately for Robinson he never took his idea to market and his newly made invention was put on the back shelf for the next couple decades. Give or take 30 years later Herbert A Gilbert a veteran of the Korean war set out on his plan to create an alternative to smoking cigarettes with no need for combustion. He built various prototypes using a battery powered heat source, using various flavors of water as the steam vaporizer. In turn creating the first electric cigarette, however in the early 60s the idea of a electric vaporizer wasn’t popular and it never took off, but lay the foundation for the vaporizers we use today.


    History Of Vaping Cannabis

    Fast forward another 30 years and here enters Storz & Bickel, in 1999 Storz & Bickel released the ever reliable and famous Volcano Vaporizer. The Volcano Vaporizer and its detachable balloon was a revelation for the vaporizer industry and set Storz & Bickel into the spotlight. Their vaporizers are so good they are the only government certified medical vaporizer in North America and to this day produce the highest quality vapes on the market.

    How do Vaporizers work?

    You're probably asking yourself, how do I use a vape for weed? Vaporizers are quite straightforward, they work by heating up cannabis flower into a vapor. Various vaporizers take a slightly different approach to how they turn your flower into vapor for consumption. Some vaporizers heat up the air below the cannabis flower, the hot air then moves around through the weed, releasing THC and other cannabinoids into vapor, this is known as the convection method. Other types of vaporizes heat cannabis more directly using a heated surface like a chamber of a metal plate, this is known as the conduction method. Once the cannabis touches the heated plate or chamber, cannabinoids from cannabis are released into vapor. Vaporizers that use a hot surface tend to be the cheapest way to vape weed as the vaporizers that use heated air are usually the vaporizers that allow for exact temperature control and can be quite a bit more expensive. Now let's take a look at some vaporizer basics.


    Now that we've covered how to use a vapor pen for weed, lets talk about temperature and how to vape weed correctly. The temperature your vaporizer heats your cannabis at is vital to getting the most out of your vaporizing experience. Setting the temperature too low means you can lose out on flavor and potency, the main compounds of cannabis require a certain minimum temperature. If your vaporizer is set too low you won't get the full potential from your flower, if it's set too high it can degrade what you get out of your cannabis and may enhance the toxic compounds.  Some vaporizers come with custom heat settings that allow you to choose your temperature down to the precise Fahrenheit. The cheaper vaporizers usually offer 2-3 heat settings ranging from low to high, each vaporizer will outline the set temperatures in their instruction manuals.
    Here we list the three ideal temperatures that you want your vaporizer to heat your cannabis at for full optimacy.

    315-330 °F

    The rule of thumb is the lower the temperature the less intense the high is. When vaporizing cannabis at 315-330 Fahrenheit you will experience a mild euphoria and a subtle relaxation. This temperature is perfect for a day time high while trying to be productive. It is also a great option for those new to smoking vaporizers or cannabis in general.

    330-370 °F

    The more you increase the temperature on your vaporizer the more you'll get high with more THC being captured in your vapor. This range of temperature is great for those looking to get your classic high, perfect for making you laugh, relax and increase your appetite. This temperature brings out the most of the cannabinoids and terpenes but doesn't fully volatilize the THC which makes it excellent for things such as being active, socializing or just playing video games. Many experts say 365 Fahrenheit is the perfect temperature to vaporize cannabis.

    370-430 °F

    This is the highest temperatures you want to vaporizer your weed at before it starts to burn, it's also the highest you will get when smoking a vaporizer. When you have your vaporizer set to temperatures above 370 Fahrenheit you are able to tap into cannabis terpenes like linalool which create a calming anxiety relief and cannabinoids like THCV which provide energy. But make sure you don't go any higher then 430 Fahrenheit, or you will be burning your cannabis which will release harmful toxins making vaporizing your cannabis pointless.

    Different Forms of Vaporizers

    Vaporizers have come fast and furious on to the cannabis scene, with dozens of options and types of cannabis vaporizers hitting the market, providing an endless options. You've probably been smoking the OG way your whole life, rolling up joints or hitting the bong have been your way to get high since you can remember, but now you find yourself here reading this article looking to enter the 21st century of smoking cannabis. With cannabis becoming legal in Canada the vape market has grown rapidly and offers a plethora of contraptions that can meet your smoking needs, but your head is spinning with all the options. Here we'll help narrow down the types of vapes that best suit your smoking needs.

    Table Top Vaporizers

    Table Top Vaporizer

    Table top vaporizers are large vaporizers that need to be connected to a power source to function. Table Top vapes are the perfect option for the homebodies out there, they are larger in size and dependent on direct power so they are best suited to stay in one place. These vaporizers are unique in style and are different then the majority of vapes you are used to seeing people using in public. First, they contain a decent size hose with a mouthpiece, almost like a hookah, they also can contain a large thin plastic bag that you attach to the top and fills with vapor, you then detach and can smoke the vapor from that bad at your leisure. Table top vapes are great for big sessions with friends or a solo sesh where you want to really medicate yourself, they produce a large amount of vapor induced cannabis and require a good amount of cannabis as well.

    When you are looking to purchase a table top vaporizer it's safe to say you'll have to spend a couple hundred dollars to get a good quality device. But for what you pay in price you get in quality. Many of the highest quality table top vapes offer precise and adjustable temperature control, which is important when vaping because finding the perfect temperature can get the best out of the different cannabinoids and terpenes, resulting in better medical benefits directly from your cannabis. When you buy cheaper table top vaporizers you run the risk of burning your cannabis which can in-turn alter the flavor of your cannabis, where as higher quality table top vaporizers deliver the vapor that reflects the flowers natural aroma.

    Portable Vaporizers

    Portable Weed Vaporizer

    Portable cannabis vaporizers are the most popular and versatile options for vaping your dry herb. The main reason smokers choose to go with portable vaporizers is for the portability option, life can be hectic and always moving so it's easy to see why the portable vaporizers are the go to option for most people. Compared to the table top option, portable flower vaporizers offer less when it comes to temperature accuracy but they do run off battery and can conveniently fit in your pocket. The discreetness is also a major draw towards buying a portable vape, as the use of cannabis becomes more widely accepted, it's still a ways off to being on par with having a beer in public, so having a discreet option is a benefit to many. Many of the lower budget vaporizers heat flower at a fixed temperature which can effect things such as terpenes, with many giving you an option for 3 set temperatures. There are vaporizers that offer you the same full temperature control that you get with a table top vaporizers but are more expensive.

    Concentrate Vaporizers

    Vape Pens Oil Concentrate

    Dry herb vaporizers aren't the only option available for portable vape pens and it can be debated they aren't the most popular. Here enters Concentrate Vaporizer Pens also known as wax pens, dab pens or oil pens. Concentrate pens are portable vaping pens that contain concentrated oil cartridges that are usually sold separately from the actual vape pen device. Concentrate vaporizer pen devices are battery controlled with no temperature gauge options, you simply hold down on a button then the pen device heats up the oil within the cartridges, you then inhale for an instant vapor hit. The biggest difference between the dry herd vapes and the concentrate vape pens is the how much stronger cannabis oil is over cannabis flower. Concentrates like wax and oil are extracted from cannabis flower, eliminating all the negative elements within cannabis flower and extracting the purest elements, providing much higher levels of THC and terpenes. Concentrate vape pens are a great option for the more seasoned smoker due to the much higher levels of THC you get when you smoke concentrates and also offer you a great bang for your buck when it comes to vaporizer options.


    Final Thoughts

    Now that you've gone through out Beginners Guide To Vaporizing Cannabis we encourage you to go out and try vaping cannabis for yourself. A perfect place to start is with a disposable vaporizer pen, this way there is little commitment or cost if its not for you. Head over to our vape page and try our disposable Gold Leaf Disposable Shatter Vape Pens, they come in multiple flavors and offer a quality high. Haute also sells THC oil vape tip attachments if you already have your own vaporizer pen. Or you can also try our new Kingsmen Crew Vape Pens, these pens pack quite a punch so go slow and enjoy!




    Haute Health Weed Alcohol

    Known as the heavy hitter of the cannabis world, Shatter Weed has quickly become a household favourite among seasoned smokers. Its rise in popularity comes from the fact that shatter weed can contain up to 99% THC, making it a powerful sedative for those looking for a packed full punch of cannabis. Created through the process of combining weed plant materials and solvents, shatter weed is typically translucent ranging in colors from bright honey amber to a darker yellow that is similar to olive oil. Shatter Weeds ability to smoke in small doses and with relative ease have made it one of the most popular choices among weed smokers, with many trading in their weed pipes and bongs for a dab rig and vape pen.

    What is Shatter Weed? How to use Shatter?


    History of Shatter Weed

    History of Shatter Weed

    Shatter weed was part of the big shift in cannabis consumption during the early 2000s, dabbing concentrates took the cannabis world by storm with it’s high potency options. However cannabis extracts are thought to have been around since the early 1900s, tracing back to the old practices of producing hash. Using those ideologies the first batch of shatter and budder was marketed by BudderKing a manufacture out of Canada. Released in the early 2000s it took a few years for consumers to nail down the smoking technique but once dab rigs and water bongs were introduced shatter emerged as an extremely popular option for smoking weed.


    What is Shatter Weed?

    What is Shatter Weed?

    Shatter falls under the umbrella of cannabis concentrates. Concentrates like wax, honey, taffy, budder, sap and oil are all cannabis concentrates that are similar to shatter weed, each one is extremely high in THC but extracted in its own unique way.

    In a board overview, the process of creating a concentrate consists of the cannabis plant being processed through a solvent either using butane or CO2. The plant material is either blasted or soaked in butane then heated at a high temperature to get rid of the solvent, this results in what is known as butane hash oil (BHO).

    Shatter is a name used to describe a highly potent type of butane hash oil. When creating BHO, butane is used to separate the cannabinoids from the trichomes in dried flower making the cannabinoids extremely concentrated. Trichomes are the crystals you see on weed and what kief is made out of, which is commonly found in the crystal catcher at the bottom of your grinder. These crystals contain the highest amount of THC, terpenes and other cannabis concentrates found on the cannabis plant, majority of concentrates are created through harvesting trichomes from the cannabis plant. The process of creation for concentrates is similar in principle, with each form of concentrate having its own variation making it unique. When creating a concentrate the solvents pull the terpenoids, flavonoids and cannabinoids from the cannabis plant material and then are evaporated to create the concentrated form.

    Waxes and similar concentrates are processes using a whipping form, then stirred and shaken throughout various stages of the production. This process mixes up different molecules within the extract, creating a creamy and cloudy appearance in texture. Shatter however is a different process, it doesn’t get irritated during the creation process which makes it more of a translucent looking concentrate. The name shatter comes from what happens when you drop it, it shatters. Concentrates like budder are wax like or hash oil is very sticky but shatter is hard and brittle similar to hard candy.


    What is Shatter?

    What is Shatter?

    You've read this article and are now convinced you need smoke shatter, but find yourself wondering how to smoke shatter. When smoking shatter their are three main ways to ways. Each offers it's own unique feature for those looking to get into the world of smoking weed shatter. Let's take a look at the best ways on how to smoke shatter.

    Use a Rig

    A rig is a niche term for a glass pipe, with similarities to a traditional bong. The rig contains a vertical chamber with a mouthpiece and hole, in that hole you stick a metal or glass nail. You heat the nail with a butane torch with the ideal temperature reaching 550-750 degrees. Apply the shatter onto the nail, this will combust the oil and result in a thick cloud of smoke within the rig where you then pull through and inhale. Rigs can vary in price, anywhere from $50-$10,000. This is without question the best way on how to consume shatter.

    How To Use a Dab Rig

    Dabbing using rig can be done in several steps, starting off  load a dab of marijuana shatter onto the dabber. Load up your marijuana shatter beforehand so you are ready while the nail is still hot. Start small when first dabbing shatter, small amounts are extremely potent, make sure to go slow on your first dab to judge the effects it has on you.

    Using a butane torch, heat up the nail that comes with your rig until it begins to turn red, when it comes to nails made of quartz make sure you don’t overheat. The best temperature to heat the nail is around 500-800 degrees. When heating the nail make sure to remember that in  the hotter your nail is the more the extract will vaporize creating stronger effects, however a lower temperature will produce more flavors and be a much smoother hit.

    When the nail is fully heated take your THC shatter repeatedly tapping or placing your dabber on the hot area of the nail. While the THC shatter melts and the vapor begins to fill your rig, you can begin to inhale drawing the vapor through the water and into your lungs. When looking to use shatter, smoking with a dab rig is your best option for optimal potency and flavour.

    Add to a joint

    Probably the easiest way to smoke weed shatter and the best way to introduce yourself to the strong effects of concentrates. All you do is break up the weed shatter and sprinkle over the cannabis within the joint, this will provide an extra kick when smoking a joint. The best option if you don’t have any equipment on hand. One of the major drawbacks to smoking shatter in a joint is that you will only get a small percentage of the effects shatter can produce, with most the shatter concentrate being wasted during the smoking process.


    Vape pens are known as the best way to smoke shatter in terms of health benefits, while vaporizing cannabis it will contain virtually no carcinogens or tar. It doesn’t really matter what people may refer to it as, a dab vaporizer, a wax vape, or a concentrate pen, everyone’s is talking about the exact same thing. Vaporizer pens are portable, extremely discreet and can be charged using a USB, providing the ultimate mobility. They also provide the full flavor of the concentrate, helping enjoy the full aroma concentrates have to offer. Vape pens can be taken anywhere and charged using just a USB. Vape concentrate pens are also great because they offer the full flavor that concentrates can offer, releasing the true terpene flavours that come from the extraction process.

    How to Smoke Shatter with a Vape Pen 

    1. Buy a concentrate pen, head over to Haute Health for a wide selection concentrate vape options
    2. Insert your shatter into the chamber, adding a small piece of shatter onto the coil
    3. Close the chamber and put the lid back on the vape.
    4. Hit the button on your vape to heat up the shatter, while holding the button slowly inhale

    To keep in mind

    Approach smoking shatter with cautious optimism, it is the most potent marijuana concentrate available. Take your first dab and make sure to wait for the full effects to kick in, refrain from taking your next hit for another 20 minutes or so. You may be able to smoke a lot of flower in a short period, but concentrate is a different ball game and taking too much can be an unpleasant to new users.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is shatter the same as dabs?

    Dabs refer to someone smoking a form of concentrate, resulting in a very strong high. Shatter is the BHO concentrate you use when dabbing.

    Is shatter illegal?

    Shatter is legal in Canada. (Refer "Legalization of Marijuana" for more detailed information.)

    How long does a gram of shatter last?

    Depending on your tolerance and how much you smoke on a daily basis, shatter can last anywhere between 3 days to 2 weeks.

     How much does a 1 g of shatter cost?

    At haute 1 gram of shatter costs as low as $15. Check out or selection of $15 grams

    How much is an eighth of shatter?

    An eighth of shatter costs around $40-$50 at Haute Health


    Haute Health

    Now that you are ready to smoke shatter, you're wondering where to buy the best shatter concentrate online. The answer is obvious isn't it? When buying weed online in Canada there is only one place to go, Haute Health! Here at Haute we have some of the lowest prices on cannabis concentrates, shatter wax, weed shake, THC distillate, cannabis flowers and so much more. With the best weed deals in Canada it's no surprise that are the number one online dispensary in Canada.





    8 ways to grind your weed when you don't have a Grinder

    It's one of the worst feelings you can experience as a weed smoker, frantically patting down your pockets, rummaging through your bag, checking every nook and cranny for the last piece of the puzzle.... your grinder. We've all been there, you've bought a fresh dank bag of Haute cannabis online , a squeaky clean bong, incense are lit but your grinder is in the back of your buddies car. Don't worry, all is not lost! Just because you don't have your grinder doesn't mean can't enjoy your fresh herb. There are numerous ways to grind down your weed when your grinder is nowhere to be found!

    The average grinder rarely strays far from the coffee table in your living room, breaking cannabis down into small consistent pieces is a vital step to getting the best out your stash and is arguably the most important process when smoking weed. The finer the weed is ground up the better your joint, bowl or vape will burn, resulting in a smoother higher quality toke. You also don't loose out on that precious Kief we all rely on when our stash is low and we need an alternative to smoke before buying more cannabis online with Haute Health.  There are always moments where your grinder is nowhere to be found but there are plenty of alternatives that can do the job of your missing grinder. Our brains have been grinding with several ways you can break down your ganja without the help of your trusty sidekick, let's sit back, relax and jump into it to the 8 Ways To Grind Your Weed When You Don't Have A Grinder.



    Coffee Grinder

    The coffee grinder, the distant cousin to the herb grinder and arguably just as important to most cannabis smokers. If you've smoked cannabis long enough you understand the importance of a strong cup of coffee, whether to wake yourself up after smoking a strong bowl of Purple Kush indica or bringing yourself out of a foggy haze after a late night session, coffee and cannabis are a necessary duo to all the functional smokers out there.

    A coffee grinder is a pretty obvious alternative to your herb grinder, but there are two things you need to think about before tossing in your $10 eighth that you just bought online and start grinding away. First and foremost you need to clean out your coffee grinder, which can be a bit of a process, unless you enjoy your cannabis with a hint of your roasted house blend. You also need to clean out the coffee grinder after using it to grind your bud, especially the blades which can be layered in Kief, or your morning commute may seem like you're still in bed dreaming. Secondly you need to make sure the weed you are grinding up is fresh and dank, coffee grinders are designed to break down hard coated beans and will no doubt pulverize older dried out cannabis. Some cannabis users prefer coffee grinders when grinding up larger amounts of weed especially after buying wholesale cannabis online through Haute Health. Coffee grinders can be excellent alternative to your traditional herb grinder.



    Knife and Chopping Board

    This method requires your motor skills to be in tact and some decent hand-eye coordination. We also don't recommend this option if you've already been smoking, nothing ruins a high like some missing fingers and a trip to the hospital. Using a knife and cutting board requires you to channel your inner Action Bronson. Make sure your cutting board and knife are both clean and dry. Dump your bag of fresh Bruce Banner Sativa on to your cutting board making sure you are using a non-serrated blade, buds can be quite small and fragile so make sure you are cautiously optimistic when you begin to chop. Take it slow and cut your buds as finely as possible, soon you'll have a finely chopped Canadian Cannabis salad ready for you and your dinner guests.



    Break it up with your Hands

    This method is fairly obvious and is probably the first choice alternative once you realize your grinder has disappeared into the abyss. Breaking down buds with your fingers sounds fairly straightforward but it can prove difficult when you have freshly cropped weed. Ripping apart fresh bud can prove to be tough to rip apart and notably quite sticky, resulting in Spiderman hands. Spiderman hands might sound cool, but try rolling a joint after your fingers feel like they are covered in super glue. If your bud is just too sticky to pull apart, try leaving it out to dry for a few hours, or throw it in your freezer for a bit. Most of the time, your bud should break down fine and you'll be able to tell another tale of life without your grinder.



    Pill Bottle and a Coin

    You may not know of this method but it's one of the oldest techniques for grinding up cannabis. This method is extremely efficient and is used by some cannabis smokers as their main source of grinding their weed. A few things to note before you give this a try. Make sure the pill bottle you are going to use has been cleaned out, most pill bottles collect residue from what was in them before which can linger on the sides of the bottle. The last thing you want is your weed to be coated with another substance, make sure to scrub the inside with soap or some sort of alcohol disinfectant to ensure your bottle is cleanest it can be. Another sanitary tip is to also make sure the coin you use is clean, coins pass through thousands of hands on average leaving a lot of lingering germs that you don't want to be inhaling off of your weed. After you quarantined both your pill bottle and coin you're ready to shake what your mamma gave you. Take your pill bottle and fill it with a few buds, push the buds down so you have some room at the top to insert the coin. Once you put the coin into the bottle, seal the bottle tightly with the cap and start to shake the bottle up and down like pain mixer at your local hardware store, a penny or dime is best suited for this grinding method. After about 30 seconds to a minute of shaking, all your buds should be broken down into the perfect mixture, ready for you to sprinkle into your desired smoking method.



    Scissors and a Shot glass

    Some people just use scissors to cut up their weed, either with a grind box, on a plate or on their rolling tray. Cutting up your weed with just scissors can be tedious with having to hold small buds and trying to cut them accurately. Here enters the shot glass. No, not to have a shot of whiskey to steady your shaky hands. One day some genius was attempting to nurse a hangover by cutting up some bud with their scissors to get rid of a nasty headache, as his patience ran thin while cutting up the cannabis they accidentally dropped a bud into a leftover shot glass from the night before. Noticing the bud is in a controlled area and can't go anywhere they started to chop up the weed INSIDE the shot glass, moving twice as fast as before and not losing any valuable bud and kief on the way. This started a revolution for those without a grinder and has helped the shot glass business double in profits..... Now this story is completely made up, but it makes sense right? Chopping up your weed with a shot glass and scissors is as straightforward as it sounds. Throw a bud in a shot glass, use your scissors to cut the weed, once it's ground up to your liking, dump the weed out, insert another bud and repeat. It's that easy and is a great alternative seeing as everyone has at least a pair of scissors and a shot glass lying around their house.



    Pestle and Mortar

    The pestle and mortar technique is straight out of an episode of Breaking Bad, except without the near death experiences and millions of dollars. Now you may not have one of these lying around in your house, but we guarantee your grandma does! Used for grinding up things like spices, herbs and nuts into almost a paste, the mortar (the bowl) is typically made out of hard wood, metal, ceramic, hard store or granite and the pestle which is a heavy blunt club shaped object is usually made from the same material. This technique is definitely the oldest on our list, dating as far back as 35000 BC. Yet here we are in 2019 using it to break down our Chemnesia Sativa so we can get baked and watch El Camino on Netflix. Before you start make sure your weed is generally dry as it is hard to break down wet, dank weed. After that all you have to do is fill the mortar with your weed and start grinding. Make sure you don't grind it too hard as you don't want to reduce you buds to dust, after crushing your buds for a few seconds, take a look and re evaluate from there.



    Blend It

    This is probably one of those options where you read it and wonder what we're smoking over here at Haute, but trust us, using a blender to bust up your weed isn't that crazy. Now we don't recommend you use an industrial blender that's able to destroy a un-cunt pineapple in 6 seconds, we don't want your weed to break down into particles and be lost forever. It's your safest bet to use a smaller food processor, like a Magic Bullet or something similar in size. We also recommend using this technique when you have more then just a single $3 gram to bust up, the method might be best if you've just recently purchased cannabis online from one of our wholesale options as you are likely to lose a bit of cannabis during this process. Like the coffee grinder technique it's important you clean your blender out before you start, we love a good strain of pineapple express, but not in the literal sense. You also want to thoroughly clean out your blender after, again focusing on the blades which can collect a lot of useful kief. From here all you have to toss your weed into your blender cup, and hit the power button. Some blenders come with multiple blending options, but considering how fragile cannabis is, all options will work equally as effective. Make sure you only blend it for a few second then take a look, that should be ground up enough for you to stop cooking with Martha and Snoop and to start smoking with Martha and Snoop.



    Cheese Grater

    Last but not least is the trusty cheese grater, found in almost every household this is a simple and effective way to grind up your weed when you have no other options. Cheese graters can actually be quite sharp so make sure you are somewhat sober when doing this, the last thing you want is a bloody massacre when your just trying to simply medicate yourself for the evening. Cheese graters are designed to deal with more rugged foods like carrots, cheeses and raw ginger and are designed to be tough, so it's important to keep this in mind when you run your buds down the side of your cheese grater. Run your buds up and down the grater choosing either the smaller or bigger grates depending on how fine you want your weed to come out. It's also important to use one bud at a time, this way you aren't fumbling around with a handful of weed. Once you've ground it up, simply lift up the cheese grater you should see a beautifully small mountain of freshly ground up bud ready to be combusted into a magical experience. We know this isn't the best option but it's an option none-the-less and don't forget, it's for the grater good..... see what we did there?



    When you need another batch of medicine, you're just looking to try a fun looking new edible, or your family is hoping you can help them get started on the wonderful world of weed, Haute Health has all your cannabis products covered.  The best prices online ($3-$8  per grams) can be found at Haute, and they're always stocked with the best buds, the tastiest edibles, and all the potent concentrates.  Haute Health even has a wholesale option for the bulk shoppers of the weed world: Shatters, Resins, Hash, even Phoenix Tears, it's all online with Haute.

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    If you're a true stoner, your pipe or bong most likely reflects something about you or your history.  What we smoke out of might be as unique as we are as individuals.  Many people's cannabis delivery system mirrors their relationship to the plant itself. Or, maybe your smoking tools were handed down from generation to generation? Sometimes, what you smoke out of can be just as important or personable as what you're smoking.  We wrote this guide to maintaining a clean and good looking pipe/bong for you: The smokeshow who is proud of their one-of-a-kind pipes, rigs & bongs.

    How to clean your weed pipe, Bong or Bubbler: Keeping it Clean

    For the average seasoned stoner in Canada, rolling a joint is the convenient way to get your fix of cannabis on-the-go or at social gatherings.  But when you're at home, or if you've got some of your smoking buddies over, you can dig out that ornate looking box with your initials carved into it, or reach into the secret compartment of your nightstand and bust out the big guns: your cherished pipe, your most impressive dab rig or favorite bong.  There's something to be said about the familiarity, the artistry and the style of smoking cannabis or marijuana concentrates from a pipe, bong or bubbler.  Many of us have invested a lot of money in one or several smoke systems, and their funky colors or eye-catching design enhance the way we consume our weed.  Why do you choose to smoke from a pipe? Have you always hit the bong? What made you switch to doing dabs from a bubbler? There are as many reasons and ways to smoke as there are strains of cannabis, but the reasons don't matter so much as the end goal: getting the best high and the perceived quality of your smoking experience.

    If you're aiming to reach the highest highs with a trusty pipe, a big-bowled bong or an ornate bubbler you need to make sure you're maintaining your rig.  A clean smoking implement can mean the difference between getting all those active compounds we like to call cannabinoids - or, by their more common moniker, THC and CBD.  A gummed-up, sludge-filled, residue covered pipe or bong not only looks terrible but it can be detrimental to how you pull the smoke, can alter the taste or aroma, and ultimately diminish the quality of your smoking experience.  There are hundreds of ways to keep your setup clean, but which ones work best? What kinds of cleaning products are safe to use? Are there chemical free ways to keep my system clean and clear and under control? Let's go over some of the top methods to keeping a clean pipe, dabber or bong, but first we need to take a look at what kinds of smoking tools there are before we learn how to maintain them.

    TOKING STYLE: Pipes, Bong, Rigs & More!

    What smoking tools you like to use often says a lot about you as a person, as well as your tendencies as a stoner.  For example, someone who prefers to puff on old toby's finest from their gandfather's wood-and-horn pipe is probably a big fan of vintage, or the classics (not to mention a Lord of the Rings nerd).  On the other end of the spectrum, someone who only hits the most buds from their bubbler rig might be more into the "it's all about the high, bruh" mentality.  And then there's the hemp-shirt wearing, chillest of the chill, lazy-day weekend stoner who just needs a massive hit of their 3-foot glass bong shaped like a Rhastafarian mermaid chick.  What kind of rig you trust in depends on how high you want to get, what kind of high you're looking for, and the level of convenience that most suits your stoner lifestyle.  Some people just smoke on-the-go, whenever or wherever, so a smaller system like a pipe that fits in their handbag is perfect; on the other hand, some people don't want to stick it in their pipe and smoke it because they need some extra absorption and a smoother toke, like with water vapor.  Have you tried all the different kinds of pipes, bongs, bubblers or even dab rigs? There's nothing wrong with having a beloved way to smoke cannabis, but it's definitely a good idea to try as many methods as you can - you just might find a new, surprising favorite in pipes, bongs, bubblers or dab rigs.

    TOKING STYLE: Pipes, Bong, Rigs & More!

    Pipes are certainly one of the more common methods of toking up - all you need is a pipe, a lighter, a grinder and some choice nugs.  Pipes are usually made of glass but some can be metal, minerals (granite, quartz) wood, porcelain, heck there's even food-derived pipes (homemade apple pipes are in ingenious way to smoke if you've got no pipe but you do have a packed lunch).  Pipes come in a number of shapes, sizes and colors so there's no end to the customization or personal touches you can put on how you smoke weed with a pipe.  Pipes are easy to take with you, they're usually discreet enough to hide in your pocket, and their versatility makes for a convenient way to consume your cannabis wherever/whenever you want.

    If you're a fan of smoking cannabis but pipes & joints are just too burning for your throat/lungs or not hitting you hard enough, then the soothing but powerful vapors of a Bong hit just might be what you need.  Bongs utilize the natural cooling and filtering effects of water molecules to deliver a potent but smooth dose of marijuana - not to mention the pleasing cadence of the bubbling bong water with every toke.  Bongs are typically larger, tabletop delivery systems made of glass, metal or even plastic.  All you need to enjoy a good rip with one of these is a bong, some water, your choice of cannabis and a lighter... oh, and some strong lungs, because these hoots might send you into a lung-filled coughing fit if you're not ready for the power of a good bong hit.

    Bong Rips and Phat Hits

    The Pleasing Sound and Highest Highs Of A Weed Bubbler

    Bubblers are not as common as pipes or bongs, but they're becoming more popular across North America as a suitable hybrid of both pipes and bongs.  Think of bubblers as a handheld, pipe-sized bong - small enough to fit into your hands, but built to include the benefits of smoking marijuana through the lung-friendly filters of water vapor.  There are even bubblers that can incorporate a weed joint into their design; instead of a bowl for packing buds into, some bubblers have an insert for a marijuana cig.  Bubblers, as their name suggests, are distinct for their bubble chamber where the cannabis smoke is filtered and cooled en route to delivering straight to the lungs.  These kinds of water-pipe-hybrids are usually a combination of glass, metal or ceramics, and many people who use them are known to be - shall we say - "members of higher society" (no pun intended).

    There are also many kinds of dab rigs, such as e-nails, that have become extremely popular over the past decade.  The reasons why dabbing is such a popular phenomenon probably has something to do with their potency, the intense flavors and aromas you can experience with them, and the technological advancement of cannabis concentrates & extracts.  Dab rigs is basically the same idea and functionality of a bong, but they're designed for smoking concentrates like shatter, resins, or even waxes.  Dabbers really focus on inhaling the vapors created by flash-heating the cannabis extracts whereas bongs or bubblers simply filter the smoke from flowers.  As you can imagine, water vapor is a lot more direct to the system than smoke - the lungs are themselves one of our body's major filters, constantly processing what we breathe in.  Water vapor is more easily absorbed and processed by the lungs, unlike smoke which our lungs try to expel through coughing.  Simply put, dab rigs are one of the most efficient, potent deliveries of cannabinoids through your lungs, but they also require a bit more know-how than your average pipe or bong.  If this sounds like something you'd be interested in learning, check out our blog on Smoking Shatter.

    So, you've smoked a bunch of bowls from all the different kinds of pipes, bongs, bubblers and dabbers... but now you've got an accumulation of resins and residues.  What can you do?! You might have a big party planned this weekend, and you're definitely looking forward to showing off that life-size Yoda bong you bought at the cannabis tradeshow... but there's too much green in the chamber and the bowl, even for a little-green guru like Master Yoda.  Don't fret, your party can go on and we promise you will have your bong looking shinier than the day you bought it, with just a few cleaning tips & tricks.

    READY, SET, SCRUB! Keeping Your Pipes, Bongs & Bubblers Clean

    READY, SET, SCRUB! Keeping Your Pipes, Bongs & Bubblers Clean

    The first, very important thing to remember is this: DO NOT use household cleaning chemicals on your pipes, bongs, bubblers or dab rigs.  It can be very risky for your health or the health of anyone who could breathe in the smoke; smoking cannabis involves heat, biochemical reactions and sometimes vaporized water molecules, all of which can cause further chemical reactions with the cleaning products you might use at home.  Some people prefer to strictly use natural products, such as vinegar-based surface cleaners or plant-derived, safer chemicals in lieu of your everyday Windex or Mr. Clean.  Still, we can't recommend enough to avoid using any/all chemicals for your smoking tools, it's just not worth the risk of creating a potentially dangerous or harmful chemical reaction.  So, with that important notice out of the way, what IS safe and effective for cleaning pipes, bongs and bubblers? We've got some cleaning secrets for you, but first you need to know WHY your smoking instruments need to be cleaned, and WHAT happens to them over time.

    First of all, how much you smoke (how often, how much) will determine the frequency or severity of build up of residues in your pipes or bongs.  Certain grades of cannabis - from the skunk dro you got from a friend, to the most premium nugs you paid top dollar for - will also influence how dirty your smoking tools get.  Some avid bong tokers have even remarked at how certain strains can accumulate more tar in their water chambers than others, and this is most likely a similar reflection of a bud's quality by how it burns, what kind of ash it produces.  There are a multitude of reasons for why a cannabis flower burns the way it does (probably too many points to cover for this article), but we'll keep our focus narrowed to minimizing the effects of residues and build up on our pipes, bongs and bubblers.

    Secondly, the build up of carbon (which is what cannabis residue and tar is) can negatively impact the taste of your weed, not to mention blockages preventing you from inhaling all of the potent smoke.  Carcinogens can accumulate if you don't remove the residues, you can start to notice a nasty after-taste whenever you smoke, and even after-burning the built up tar can lead to other potentially negative health effects.  We all remember our parents' constant reminder to clean our rooms, and even though the monotony and repetitiveness might've annoyed us, they did it for a reason - if you don't keep a clean, clutter-free space you risk the growth of mold, bad bacteria or even injuries from an overwhelming mess.  Cleaning gunk from your pipes, bongs or bubblers is no different - it's something we just have to keep doing to avoid some negative (and downright embarrassing) consequences if we let it get out of hand.

    Thirdly - and certainly, this one really stinks! - is the unpleasant aromas associated with a gummed up pipe or bong.  Whenever you smoke, you're applying heat and energy to the glorious scents and flavors of your cannabis buds... but if what you smoke out of isn't clean, you're basically applying all that heat, energy and mobility of airflow to the nasty smells caked on your pipe/bong.  You don't want to smell, let alone taste, last year's holiday weed you got from "Santa", do you? Old scents, stale aromas, and the release of carbon build up are not positive add-ons to any smoking experience, so don't let it be a problem in the first place and clean your darn tools!

    Since most pipes, bongs, bubblers or dab rigs are made of glass the obvious cleaning techniques focus on this kind of material.  That being said, not all smoke instruments are created equal - some are the trippiest, Doctor Seuss-like shapes and designs, while others are just a simple bowl-and-pipe build.  How can you clean something that borrows it's shape from a Jackson Pollock painting?!  Not only are some pipes or bongs complicated to clean, they're often very fragile when they're crafted from glass or ceramics.  It's important to be patient, and most of all NOT high, when you're wiping down your pipe or bong.  Use microfiber cloths are a soft material rag to wipe down your pipe/bong at least once a week - after every smoking session is ideal, but again try no to do this while you're high to reduce the risk of dropping or breaking your prized smoking instrument.

    How to Clean Your Weed Pipe Or Bong

    Wiping your rigs down with a damp cloth or microfiber rag can help to reduce carbon residue build up, but only if you keep up on it.  Frequent cleaning with a clean cloth is honestly the best way to prevent resins from choking up your instrument, and no chemicals are needed if you keep it up. If you're too busy (or too stoned) to consistently clean off your smoking tools, there's still plenty of things you can do to reverse caked on residues.  Plant-based products, like the ones that incorporate natural plant oils as the active cleaning ingredients, are the best substances to use on your bong water reservoir or pipe bowl.  These kinds of cleaners bind to the resins and can strip them or pull them from your smoking implements, without using acids or chemicals that can leave trace amounts on your pipes and bongs.  A simple DIY cleaner some people in the cannabis-mecca of Colorado have been using is a mixture of vinegar, hot water and a tiny bit of dish soap.  Mix this concoction together and soak a microfiber cloth or something bristly (soft toothbrush, foam scrubber) and watch the grime and filth melt away! This homemade remedy is definitely a little sharp smelling from the vinegar, but if it's important to you that your pipes or bongs are as natural as the cannabis medicine you smoke, then look no further than this hidden gem.

    Another important part of keeping a clean system is the wire-brush.  Wire-brushes do NOT mean metal-wire scrubbers like you find under your kitchen sink - this dental-tool lookalike is a thin strip of wire with a small-bristled head typically smaller than your pinky finger.  Smaller, fine wire-brushes for these really tiny pipes or difficult to clean areas of a bong can be found in the dental aisle at most grocery stores, but for larger ones you can also visit your local hardware store (typically in the plumbing department).  Try to get the softest bristles you can, because glass, wood, ceramics and even metal pipes/bongs can scratch if you're not careful.  Once you've acquired your wire-brush, simply run it through the resinous areas of your pipe (typically the stem, chamber, bowel and mouthpiece can show build up of cannabis residues).  For bongs, you'll want to disassemble as much of it as possible and soak the parts (the bowl, carb, chamber, slide, stem and mouthpiece) in warm water while you scrub with the wire-brush.  For bubblers it's pretty much the same processes as pipes or bongs, depending on the level of sophistication/design of your bubbler.  When you're cleaning any smoking delivery system, always keep in mind what kinds of materials you're dealing with.  For instance, if there's metal parts try not to use water or any acidic solvents in cleaning to prevent rusting/corrosion, and likewise for wooden pipes you might not want to soak it directly but wipe it down or scrub with a slightly damp cleaning implement.

    Typically, one good clean a week will be enough to keep your pipes, bongs and bubblers looking clean and tasting/smelling only the fresh buds you're currently smoking, but it depends on how often you smoke.  If you're a casual toker, just keep up on the wiping/brushing after each time you smoke and you won't have to invest in much cleaning products.  For avid stoners - you know who you are - you are more likely to need some store bought cleaning products; there's usually a few options at your local dispensary/cannabis shop, but try to stick with the naturally derived cleaners like the plant oil based ones we mentioned.


    We hope you try these simple, but effective cleaning techniques next time you notice some build up on your favorite pipe or trusty bong.  There's many ways to smoke a bowl, but there's only a handful of proper methods to keeping your smoking instruments clean and working effectively.  Try not to use any isopropyl alcohol - chill, we can already hear a lot of you saying "but that's what I've always used!" - because of the dangerous toxins that can be ingested in the smoke when your cannabis interacts with the alcohol residues left behind by these cleaners.  The same goes for a lot of other commonly (mis)used solutions like nail polish remover or anti-bacterial/sanitizing wipes.  A simple rule to remember is: if you wouldn't want to put this chemical in your mouth, let alone your lungs, then don't clean with it because it will end up in your system if you clean your pipe, bong or bubbler with it.  When you're just learning how to clean your weed pipe, how to unclog a bowl, or how to clean your glass bong water chamber, stick to scrubbing/wiping in circular patterns and avoid using abrasive tools (like a kitchen utensil or flathead screwdriver).  If you've got a particularly stuck-on mess, clean your marijuana pipe or bong with a dentist's pick - those hooked, sharp things our dentists like to torture us with when they "clean our teeth".  These picks are specialized for removing firmly fixed particles, and they're usually made of a metal that's soft enough for teeth, so it won't scratch/damage your smoking tools as bad as a knife will.

    Cleaning your bowl of weed after a good smoke sesh might seem like a buzzkill when all you want to do is chillax or enjoy being stoned.  Nevertheless, when it comes to cleaning your pipes, bongs and bubblers it's the little things that make big differences in the quality, longevity and overall look of your smoking tools.  Don't forget to clean your tools, and you'll always have a smooth, flavorful and the deliciously dank aromas of cannabis whenever you smoke out of your pipes and bongs.  Are you new to smoking in Canada? We've got your next reading material set then: How Canadians Smoke, Coast-to-Coast might shed some light on what kinds of cannabis there are, why you should try them, and what's the smoking method that best suits you.

    Looking for something to put in your freshly cleaned bong or pipe?



    How To Smoke Weed Without Papers

    Just like there are many cannabis strains, there are hundreds of smoking tools to help you light up.  Many Canadians prefer the familiarity of an expertly rolled joint, while others are more inclined to pack a bowl in their personalized pipes.  There's a certain style that comes with each and every way people smoke weed, but we're here to advocate the benefits of pipes, bongs and vaporizers.  When you want to smoke weed with no paper, there's no reason to fret - just reach for your trusty pipe, your prized bong or your shiny-and-new vaporizer.  There are many ways to smoke weed with no skins, but which one you choose can depend on many factors, such as cost, convenience and style.  What’s your favorite kind of cannabis to smoke? How do you prefer to smoke it?

    Rolling a big ol’ blunt, toking on a fatty, or smoking a J have always been at the core of stoner cultures.  Most people smoke joints because it’s one of the first ways they tried marijuana back in their younger days, others prefer rolling weed in papers and lighting up because it’s convenient.  For most stoners, however, smoking joints is simply “the way”; stylistically, culturally, and ritualistically speaking, toking from a joint and passing it around is the most iconic way to experience the benefits of cannabis.  Many of us have struggled to roll a joint outside in the cold weather, while some of us purchased those very handy “auto-roller” box contraptions.  Many others still buy pre-rolled joints online because they’re just not coordinated enough to get it right.  No matter how or why you light up a blunt, chances are you just enjoy the simplicity, the familiarity and the convenience of smoking a joint.

    So, if most Canadians like to smoke weed in rolling papers, then why are talking about how to smoke weed without ocb or another brand of papers?! Joints, blunts, rollie-J’s, they’re great in their own rights, but we think there’s not enough people who have experienced the artistry of smoking weed without paper.  Pipes, bongs, vapes, dab rigs, there’s so many options available for how to smoke weed without any papers.  Let’s grind up some Mary J and light up with a few of our favorite alternatives to smoking weed without papers.

    SMOKE A PIPE, BLITZ A BONG, HIT A VAPE: What Are the Alternatives to Rolling Papers?

    If you’re looking for some new or alternative ways how to smoke weed with no paper, look no further than the original of originals: the weed pipe.  There’s nothing more historic than a pipe - many of us can conjure up the image of an old fisherman navigating the roiling waves of the sea, a weathered but sturdy pipe strongly affixed in the corner of his mouth.  Pipes have been used for thousands of years throughout human history for smoking a variety of substances: tobacco, hashish, cannabis extracts, peyote and many more.  Your average pipe nowadays is made of glass or ceramics, but traditionally pipes were carved from wood.  Pipes consist of a stem and bowl, with a cylindrical tube carved from the bowl and through the stem which creates a mouthpiece.  The methodology is simple: pack what you want to smoke into the bowl, light it and draw through the stem.  The airflow from drawing breath draws oxygen to the burning herb and increases the combustion, flaring up a nice red and glowing ember that releases smoke through the stem and into your lungs.  Pipes are especially adept for smokers who like to hold the smoke in their mouth or nose before making smoke rings or giant plumes of smoke.

    What Are the Alternatives to Rolling Papers?

    You can puff-puff pass a joint, but when you smoke weed without rolling paper or bong from a pipe there’s an added element of duration to your smoking experience.  One downside of smoking with rolling papers is that they burn so quickly - there’s a reason people pass a blunt around, because the flame consumes the papers and buds at an accelerated rate so you have to smoke the joint down quick.  People who prefer pipes probably already know that you can puff on it for a long time.  Some cannabis connoisseurs have studied what makes a pipe last longer, and some of their research has suggested that the chemical reactions inherent in burning rolling papers combined with cannabis may speed up the combustion process.  Others have found that smoking weed from a pipe can have more potent effects on a person; some stoners switch from smoking joints to pipes or bongs because smoking from these tools is more “straight to the head”.  There’s limited, official research into these advantages for pipes, but the consensus among cannabis aficionados is that when you smoke weed without rolling papers pipes are a more consistent, more potent way to get high.

    Pipes come in millions of color combinations, designs, materials and the like, but they do have their downsides.  Unlike smoking with rolling papers, there’s some cleaning required after you smoke from a pipe.  Small cloths, tubular brushes like wire-cleaners or certain solutions are needed to remove any cannabis residues.  This task isn’t usually time consuming, but it’s important to keep up on it.  For a deeper dive into keeping your smoking rigs clean.

    Weed Pipe The Best Way To Smoke Some Ganja

    Next, everyone’s favorite piece of art - at least, if you’re a stoner - is likely that statuesque bong you keep in the closet.  For many fans of smoking weed, a bong is like a fine bottle of wine - they’ll bring it out for social gatherings or celebrations and share with their friends & family.  Bongs, like pipes, come in so many different shapes, sizes and colors that you can find a bong-version of almost anything these days.  For this reason of customization, bongs have become a staple at many stoner households, and most people have one or have owned a bong at some point in their cannabis journey.

    Bongs are a bit more elaborate than a pipe, but with the added variable of water.  Water pipes, bubblers and bongs are essentially the same idea but they’re usually very different in terms of size/rig.  Bongs and other water smoking tools are made up of the mouthpiece at the top, a tube for the smoke/vapor to travel to your lungs, a chamber where the water is held, and the stem and bowl that hold the cannabis.  The idea is to pack the cannabis in the bowl and draw air and combust the cannabis - like a pipe - but the water in the chamber is meant to bubble and converge the smoke with water vapor.  This added element of vapor makes for a truly smooth but extremely potent hit of cannabis.  Anyone who says they remember their first bong hit is probably lying - for many stoners, bongs are the most powerful high they’ve ever felt after being used to joints or pipes.  Some people only need a hit or two of the bong and they’re relaxed or wasted (depends on what kind of high they’re going for, and what they’re smoking).

    Water pipes and bubblers accomplish the same system of delivering cannabinoids to the body through a combination of smoke and water vapor, but for this article we’ll focus on the bong as the king of the benefits of bubbly buds.  One of the unique things about bongs is the sheer size of them; some bongs are literally life-size, 4-5 feet tall! Others can be small and handheld or convenient enough to fit in a purse, but the average bong is about the size of a nightstand lamp, and also requires a table to rest upon.  As an alternative to rolling papers, bongs are very popular but they do have their drawbacks.  Just like with pipes, bongs need to be cleaned consistently or you risk building up nasty residues or even molds.  Adding water to the equation means you need access to clean water, and you need to keep recycling it in your chamber.  Stagnant bong water is one of the nastiest substances on Earth, so don’t fall victim to swamp-water mucking up your work-of-art, and make sure you clean your bong often.


    Maybe You Prefer Bongs

    Last, but certainly not least in terms of potency, are vaporizers.  Considered by some to be a lot more smooth and easier on the lungs than smoking, vaporizers have become one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis in the past couple years.  When you’re wondering how to smoke weed without rolling papers, why not just take out the “smoke” altogether? Vaporizers use super-heated, concentrates and extracts and deliver potent cannabinoids and terpenes to your lungs in the easily-absorbable form of water vapor.  There’s many different styles and systems of vaporizing, but some stoners like vaping because a good vape pen can give you the high of more than a couple handfuls of joints! Now that’s one heck of a potent way to smoke weed without rolling papers!

    Vaporizers come in many different forms, like vape pens, handheld vaporizers, or tabletop vaporizers powerful enough to get the whole room stoned.  As we mentioned, vaporizers use cartridges of THC distillates, CBD isolates, cannabis concentrates, resins or extracts to deliver a very potent high.  One downside to vaping instead of smoking? You can’t vaporize cannabis flowers as easily as oil-based concentrates and extracts, so the costs and convenience aren’t as favorable for this kind of “smoking”.  However, when you want to smoke weed without rolling papers, there’s no stronger high or longer lasting effects than vaporizing.

    Vaporizers The New Age Way To Consume Cannabis

    THIS IS THE WAY: What Smoking Method Suits You Best?

    How you choose to smoke marijuana is essentially a personal decision based on your lifestyle, financial situation, and your level of medical needs (if any) for cannabis.  If you’re an occasional recreational user of cannabis, a joint here and there might suit your casual lifestyle.  On the other hand, frequent medical consumers require a consistent dose and a convenient way to meet their weed needs.  So, the first question you need to ask yourself before you decide how to smoke weed is “Why do I want to smoke weed?”.  How often you plan on consuming cannabis, in addition to how much your tolerance permits will definitely determine what kind of smoking method suits you.  Need to light up on the go? Bongs won’t do, but pipes and vape pens are discrete and mobile, just make sure you bring your grinder and lighter along as well.  Maybe you only like to smoke at home? A bong or tabletop vaporizer are great ways to feel the high in the comforts of your own home - you can even share with others if you’re a social stoner.  Alternatives to rolling papers also don’t have any added chemicals or alter the flavors and aromas of the buds you’re smoking.  It might seem inconsequential, but rolling papers do have certain chemicals in them during processing, and they’ve been known to change the taste or smell when you smoke marijuana in a joint.  One of the benefits of pipes and bongs is that they’re usually made of glass - one of the most neutral substances on the planet.

    The next important factor to consider: What is your experience with smoking? Are you a current or former cigarette smoker? Do you have a tolerance for smoking weed? What other kinds of cannabis products do you use?  Canadians love to light up and smoke weed, but many more are now switching to cannabis oils, edibles and topicals to get their fix of cannabinoids.  Whether you prefer THC or CBD, or a combination of the two, there are thousands of new products hitting the market every week, so you’re no longer limited to just smoking your weed.  If you know your tolerance levels, and you enjoy the inhale-exhale of a tasty strain of cannabis, pipes and bongs can be more potent than rolling papers but they’re also more user friendly.

    You can pack a bowl with as much or as little marijuana as you like, and unlike a joint you can stop smoking part way through lighting up.  Some people will put their blunts out and keep the roaches for later, but this is not the ideal way to store cannabis (wrapped in rolling papers, burnt or moist from your mouth).  Not to mention, a half-finished joint can stink up a room faster than a burnt lasagna in the oven.  So if you’re not the type who can handle an entire joint to yourself, try smoking weed without rolling papers and pack a bowl in your pipe or bong instead.

    What Smoking Method Suits You Best?

    Finally, a little-known fact about rolling papers is that they are an added cost - albeit a small one - that you can avoid simply by investing in some smoking tools instead.  Rolling papers are often mere pennies per rollie, but they do have an environmental cost in addition to their purchase price.  Consider buying a pipe and smoking from it to be the same argument for using your own travel coffee mug. When you order a Double-Double at Timmy’s, you can pay the 25 cents extra and get a paper cup, or you can save that quarter and the environment too, one cup at a time, by bringing your own reusable mug.  This is a small difference, but it can lead to some big changes if everyone gets on board with you.  When it comes to smoking weed without rolling papers, be a leader in the cannabis community and smoke from a pipe, bong or vaporizer instead.


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