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If you know anything at all about smoking weed you know that snack foods and getting stoned go hand in hand like chocolate and peanut butter. We’ve all seen the cliche portrayals of stoners in pop culture as forgetful, compulsively junk food snacking space cadets but for those of us who use cannabis to manage symptoms of a chronic illness or who are a little more health and body conscious what are some healthy munchie snacks that are easy to make, taste great and tame the overwhelming hunger most people tend to experience when using cannabis products?

Why does weed make you hungry like you are on the verge of starving regardless of how recently you’ve enjoyed a good meal? For a long time we didn’t have an answer to that question until scientists stumbled into a discovery - as they so often do - regarding cannabinoids and their effect on certain neurotransmitters in the brain. It turns out cannabis is naturally tuned to these transmitters and causes them to fire triggering the response of overwhelming hunger that all cannabis users are sure to be familiar with.

A Bounty Of Possibility

You’re probably already familiar with some of the most widely loved and best stoner snacks out there. They are fairly easy to track down at your local grocery or corner convenience store! From bags of chips to candy bars, nutella, personal sized snack cakes, hefty sandwiches, sodas, fruit juices and frozen treats - there is a veritable treasure trove of classic junk food goodies available to us at all times almost everywhere you might find yourself. But what are some healthy munchies for stoners who are trying to avoid all that processed junk and fast fatty foods?

For those of us trying to stay healthy and fit or who have other dietary restrictions or concerns it can often feel like a nightmare wading through all of the unhealthy options to find the perfect snack that still fills the deep void of hunger within while not making you feel physically and mentally awful afterwards. If taking care of your body and mind are a top priority for you or you have limitations on what you can eat without becoming ill or breaking a personal ethical code a trip to the grocer or the corner store can be fraught with the anxiety of uncertainty and guilt.

But with a little forethought and preparation before the next time you plan to smoke, enjoy an edible or take a nice psychedelic trip you can be sure your pantry and fridge will welcome your hungry eyes with a bounty of healthy fun and rewarding options to snack on! Let’s take a look at some of the fun and easy healthy stoner snacks you can stock up on today so that all of your adventures tomorrow can be full of great healthy high snacks!

Healthy High Snacks

Of course we all know some of the best high snacks are not the most healthy stoner snacks. But many of your favourite junk food options have a slightly healthier alternative you should be open to exploring! For example instead of a bag of chips or a large poutine you could dust off some sweet potato fries with a nice vinaigrette. Instead of making a run to the store for some candies why not snack on some frozen grapes!

If you simply must eat some chips of some kind instead of grabbing a big bag of flavoured extreme something or other snag a healthier tortilla option and make some guacamole!

Many of your classic and best stoner snacks have a healthier alternative and sometimes making and enjoying them with someone can be even more fun than any trip to the store could ever be, especially when all you want to do is sit on the couch. Instead of a candy bar you can make the adorably named celery treat “Ants on A Log”! All you need is fresh celery, peanut butter and some raisins. Spread the PB into the celery, add raisins (or chocolate drops if you’re feeling naughty) and enjoy!

Instead of mowing through a pint or more of ice cream invest in some frozen yogurt popsicles ahead of your next adventure to the inner cosmos. Avoid the feeling of miserable bewilderment because you plowed through all your frozen dessert and reward yourself by going back for a second one between episodes of whatever you are binging without all the guilt.

If having a bite sized snack on hand in an overflowing bowl is more your style try out kale crisps or edamame with soy and sesame! You can sate all your salty savoury cravings, feel full and enjoy the fun of finger food all at once. Another fantastic similar option is some hummus and pita bread. Enjoy a wide range of flavour options from garlic, roasted red pepper, caramelized onions or anything else you can think to add to a chickpea blend. Especially delicious with freshly baked garlic naan bread!

Try Something New

One of the most enjoyable aspects of getting good and properly stoned is the open minded nature it promotes in people and that lends itself perfectly to the experience of trying out something new and unconventional. If you want to break with convention entirely and discover some healthy munchies for stoners that might just include some of the best high snacks ever conceived take a trip with us into the Haute Health experimental kitchen.

Pop some blueberry yogurt bites into the freezer and forget about them for a day or so. Then the next time you smoke a big bowl or enjoy an edible and find yourself rooting through the fridge for something to enjoy you’ll stumble upon these little beauties and rejoice. Kick back with a tall glass of water and enjoy the game or your favourite film and just try not to eat every one before they melt!

Not weird enough for you? Alright how about some apple nachos? This absurd dessert treat is borderline unhealthy for you but the base is an apple so we’re gonna let it slide in on a technicality. Also it’s a lot of fun to make and eat! Slice up a fresh apple or two and arrange them on a plate as you would some nachos. Drizzle caramel sauce and add some toppings like chocolate drops, coconut flakes, powdered sugar, anything you like! Layer and repeat as desired and serve. Expect sticky fingers and big smiles.

If the thought of all that sugary sweetness has you recoiling in horror and shame already fear not, we’ve still got some healthy and fun options in the experimental kitchen too! How about some hummus and veggie lettuce wraps? Simply add some hummus and fresh veggies to a leaf of lettuce, wrap it up and enjoy! These are fun to make on the fly with a big spread laid out in front of a hungry group, great for movie nights! As far as healthy stoner snacks go this is one of the best high snacks you can choose for a group of people concerned about what they eat!

Cooking With Cannabis

Sometimes smoking just isn’t an option or maybe you are just chasing after that perfect all over body buzz paired with the experience of a great meal. If this is the case there are no shortage of possible options for you if you choose to cook with cannabis! Make some cannabutter and add it to any of your favourite baking recipes to turn any decadent dessert treat into a potent edible!

You can also make some cannabis infused cooking oil and use it to make any of your favourite baking products, or to cook up a stoner stir fry, for cooking your scrambled eggs in the morning or for the base of a delightful salad dressing! Using a cooking oil or cannabutter is an excellent way to get two birds stoned at once, allowing you to enjoy a great meal or decadent dessert and also get the medication or effects you are after as an added bonus!

Or you could get some cannabis tincture and simply add it to any of your favourite foods or beverages. With a tincture you can turn any meal a potent cannabis edible with little extra effort and no loss in flavour or quality. Why not pick one up for yourself today?

Vegan Options

If cruelty free healthy stoner snacks are a must for you for dietary or ethical reasons there are a wealth of fantastic options and some of the best stoner snacks have delicious vegan alternatives or are already animal product free! Try some of these fun variations and alternatives the next time you plan on using cannabis and want to enjoy some animal product free healthy munchie snacks!

If you are looking to satisfy a massive hunger without using animal products of any kind one of the best options is a giant black bean burger on a garlic toasted bun. Pair this with some of the sweet potato fries we mentioned earlier to send this take on a classic pub food favourite into the stratosphere. It’s hard to beat this combination even if you are a regular meat eater!

Of course many of the best foods to enjoy when you are stoned are simple fruits and vegetables which are cruelty free and require little to no preparation at all. Stock up on strawberries, mangoes, grapes, kiwi, oranges, celery, baby carrots, cucumber - whatever you like best! You can even arrange everything on a platter and prepare a delicious vegan fruit or veggie dip to go with it! Ideal for movie nights or entertaining.

If having healthy snacks isn’t a concern for you and you just want to mow down on a bag of something sweet or salty there are a surprising amount of great vegan options waiting for you in the junk food aisle too! Did you know Oreos are vegan? Duncan Hines brownie mix also contains no animal products in the box. Airheads can be enjoyed without concern of consuming animal byproducts and so can Doritos Sweet Chilli Heat chips. Fritos, Fruit By The Foot and Sour Patch Kids are just a few more of the “accidentally vegan” candy and junk food options available to ethically conscious cannabis users.

And no list of vegan snacks would ever be complete without a mention of buffalo cauliflower. This fantastic treat is one of the best healthy high snacks ever conceived and they give the buffalo chicken wings they were originally based on a run for their money! Try this one out today and find out why it is hands down one of the best stoner snacks bar none. Just toss some cauliflower in some light flour and buffalo wing sauce, bake, get baked and enjoy!

If you’re shopping for top quality cannabis online including tinctures, edibles, concentrates or AAAA flowers there is no better option than Haute Health. Currently we are featuring some wonderful ACDC premium grade shake which would be ideal for use in cannabutter or cannabis cooking oils. We also have potent 20mg thc lemon hard candies, some divine nepalese black hash and 25mg THC capsules if you would like to avoid cooking altogether.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you eat when you are stoned?

Something fun and satisfying is probably best! Junk food can make you feel awful afterwards so why not try a healthy option?

What are some healthy munchies?

Some of the best snacks are whole fruits and veggies!

How do you get rid of the munchies when high?

Eat! If you would rather not eat, focus your attention on another task that takes your focus away from your hunger.

Does sativa make you hungry?

All cannabis has cannabinoids which trigger the hunger response.

Does indica give you munchies?

Yes the cannabinoids in cannabis activate your hunger.


Maybe you are new to the world of cannabis? If you are even if you have done a little research to determine which strain is best for you to start with you might still be wondering how to tell if you have good weed vs bad weed. If you’re worried the most recent bag you scored might not be as dank as it was advertised to you as there are a handful of surefire methods you can use to tell and be certain whether you made a sound investment or stumbled into a bag of bad reggie weed.

The difference between good and bad weed isn’t immediately obvious to everyone and in many cases looks can often be deceiving! But that said there are a few universal rules you can always follow to be certain your weed is dank regardless of the strain or source. The most obvious and potentially most fun way to find out how good your most recent bag of weed is would be to smoke it of course and find out how it burns, how it feels and what effects it produces when it succeeds or fails to get you high.

But that is far from the only method you can use to determine how to tell good weed from bad weed. Your most powerful tools to judge your new bag of sunshine are your eyes and nose. Let’s take a look at all the different methods you can use to be certain the bag you bought is in fact dank before you pack a bowl or roll a joint and light it up!

Colour Is The Key

When it comes to comparing good weed vs bad weed one of the most obvious and immediate signifiers of the quality of your cannabis is the way that it looks. What does good weed look like? Good looking weed should be a bright and vibrant green with additional orange, red or purple colorations on the fine hairs or crystals, Furthermore it should be properly cured which means it will still look vibrant and healthy but also be dry enough to grind, burn and smoke without losing all of the sticky moist softness within.

What does bad weed look like? If your buds are very dark or even brown and dry to the point of dusty you probably have a bag of bad weed on hand. Not only will the taste, potency and burn be unpleasant for anyone who happens to smoke it there is a chance the cannabis could also have harmful molds or pesticides present which could cause undue harm to your health and wellness - exactly the opposite of the desired intent many people turn to cannabis for in the first place!

Be careful with any cannabis you suspect may have been kept in storage too long. If there is any indication of mold or spoilage (mold appears on the nugs as a white powdery mildew or as a coating of fuzzy white nastiness) of any kind toss out your baggie and get some more. The risk to your health is simply not worth the underwhelming experience smoking cannabis in this state is certain to provide you with let alone the potential for negative impacts to your health and wellness. Always avoid moldy weed at all costs!

That Funky Dank Smell

Even if you’ve never smoke cannabis before chances are good that you will recognize the unmistakable skunk-like aroma of a fresh and extremely potent bag of AAAA top shelf cannabis. The smell should be rich, earthy and unmistakably dank. It is true that nothing on earth smells like a bag of fine high quality marijuana and if you smoke and enjoy it it won’t take long at all for you to recognize and come to love the aroma as a sign of quality.

A big difference between good and bad weed is the smell and apart from the look it is one of the most obvious methods you can use to be certain your product is quality. If you take a big whiff of your cannabis and it smells like anything other than a variety of that fresh and unmistakable weed smell then avoid smoking it at all costs. Toss it away and get a better sack, especially if it smells like dried hay. Even if you have a bag of otherwise good looking weed but the smell is off somehow and doesn’t seem fresh or right the best policy would be to avoid smoking it altogether and get something quality that you can be certain isn’t spoiled in any way.

Remember: if it smells dank put it in the tank. If it smells like hay, throw that shit away.

Flavour Country

This method is a little more nuanced and definitely more for the advanced smoker but once you grow accustomed to the flavour of clean burning fresh and properly cured cannabis it becomes unmistakable. If you have good looking weed but something just doesn’t taste right when you finally light it up and inhale there is a chance there might be something wrong with it. It is possible the cannabis has mold you didn’t detect when you first inspected it or perhaps a pesticide or other additive chemical has been added to the product when it was grown or treated. Either way the taste of good weed vs bad will seem subtle at first but after a little more experience with smoking cannabis you will be able to tell immediately after the first puff if your bag is dank or dusted.

If the flavour is any way off from what was advertised and especially if it tastes like hay, chemicals or something other than weed entirely avoid smoking it at all costs. Toss it out and get yourself a bag of dank nugs from Haute Health instead!

Crystal Magic


Another way to tell the difference between good and bad weed is to note the crystal content on the buds. Good, potent cannabis will be densely layered with THC crystals or trichomes. The bigger and brighter the crystal content the stronger and more satisfying your cannabis is likely to be. If someone tells you they have a bag of strong loud and you have a chance to examine it for yourself chances are good they have been misinformed if there are no visible crystals to be seen anywhere on the bud. The more it sparkles the more magical and potent the high you can expect the plant to provide!

Good bud will have a small amount of visible crystal content so don’t be too discouraged if your nugs are not shining and sparkling like gemstones - as long as there are some visible trichomes the weed should be good enough to smoke and enjoy. But be certain to avoid anything that doesn’t have any crystal content at all. If you get your hands on some AAAA top shelf craft grown cannabis you can usually tell immediately by the overwhelming amount of trichome crystals sometimes appearing in a variety of sizes and hues finely coating the cannabis flowers.

Well Groomed & Green

Apart from the smell, feel, taste, crystals and colour of your bud another surefire way to tell if you’ve been sold some beautiful dank nugs or a bag of disappointing reggie scrap schwag is to observe the quality of the trim. Your nugs should be big and full and dense with very little stem, leaf, seed or shake content. If you see seeds, sticks, untrimmed leaves, shake or big heavy stems in your bag this is an immediate and obvious indication that the weed is less than quality. Not only is it likely to be underweight due to the extra unwanted material in the bag it also likely won’t provide any potent or desirable effects, especially when compared against some properly cured and groomed beautiful nugs.

Seeds are another clear and obvious indication that the cannabis you have purchased is not top quality. There should be no seeds of any kind in your bag of cannabis so if you see them at all you will know the bud was not properly tended to before it found its way into your possession. Your bag of dank sunshine should be full of fat, healthy looking, dry but not dried out, vibrantly coloured and delightfully smelling nugs. Anything less than that means you have a less than top quality product on hand.

If you want to buy some of the best and most beautiful craft grown top shelf cannabis you can find in the online Canadian marketplace today you’ll want to shop with Haute Health on your side! Not only do we publish these new and informative articles each week to help to educate and inform the larger Canadian cannabis community we also strive to sell only the finest cannabis products available to our wonderful customers all over the country!

Whether you are looking for Afghani pre-rolled joints or a big bag of sour bubba indica, some THC infused butterscotch hard candies or some durban poison sugar wax we have it all with fantastic prices and daily specials that cannot be beat! Stock up on some high quality cannabis products today and be ready for anything.

You may already be well aware of the fact that smoking cannabis is just one of several different ways you can use hemp derived products for medicinal and recreational use. Apart from simply smoking the flowers of the cannabis plant in a pipe, bong or in a joint or blunt you can also enjoy cannabis products that you apply topically, eat or ingest in capsule form or mixed into your favourite beverage. Making tea has long been a popular method for people interested in trying psychedelic mushrooms but did you know you can also make a simple and very powerful cannabis tea giving you a healthier and more soothing method of medicating or getting very high?

It’s true! Marijuana tea has in fact existed for centuries and has been used as a remedy in folk medicines for just as long. People all over the world well understood the healing and wholesome effects - as well as the fun you can have - by infusing your favourite hot steeped beverage with your favourite strain of cannabis!

A Perfect Dose of Warm Holiday Cheer

This holiday season as we get together to socialize with friends, family and strangers the way we have always been accustomed to doing why not try something fun and new together? These past few years have driven quite a dramatic change in lifestyle and focus for many people and with the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada more and more people are turning to cannabis products for a hangover free and mostly addiction free coping strategy to alleviate boredom, stress, anxiety and a whole host of other possible issues like insomnia, loss of appetite or depression.

But what about people seeking relief from these symptoms and struggles who are adverse to smoking? There are topicals, edibles and capsules available but if none of these products suit a particular person's needs or comfort level with consuming the substance a soothing infused weed tea might just be the ticket! Marijuana tea also allows you to enjoy a smoke free high without the loads of sugar and fat found in most candy based edibles or additional additives that may be found in capsules or cannabis topicals.

If a relaxing cup of warm weed tea sounds like just what the doctor ordered, read on to find out how you can start enjoying the medical and recreational benefits of this wonderful substance alone or with your friends and family!.

How To Make Cannabis Tea

If you happen to have some cannabutter, infused honey or a cannabis tincture in the pantry already then the hard part for you is already accomplished! You can simply add a small amount of any of these cannabis infused products to your usual cup of tea to make it a cannabis tea just as you would with a little bit of sugar and enjoy the effects of medicinal or recreational cannabis smoke free! You can also add any of these to your morning cup of joe too if that is more to your liking.

If you don’t have any of these cannabis infused products on hand then don’t despair. Making weed tea from scratch is still an essentially simple process which should be relatively easy for anyone already familiar with making themselves a cup of non cannabis tea!

All you will need to have on hand is about a gram of ground cannabis flowers, a tablespoon of unsalted butter or coconut oil and your favourite tea of course! It will take approximately twenty minutes to prepare your concoction so make sure you have the time to spare before you begin.

The most important step is of course to decarb your gram of cannabis before you attempt to steep it. SImply dropping your gram into a teabag and allowing it to steep won’t get you much more than some terrible tasting marijuana tea and a bag full of soggy weed unfortunately. Thankfully there is a simple method to accomplish this with tools available to everyone with access to a modern kitchen.

Gather your ingredients together and grab some cheesecloth or a fine strainer from the cupboard as well as a pot to boil water in and your teapot and any extras you might want to flavour your marijuana tea with such as sugar or honey. Fill your pot with four cups of water and set it to boil.

Once the water is boiling add your butter or coconut oil and allow it to completely dissolve. We do this because THC requires something fatty to bond with when it is under high heat. This will extract all the good THC from the soggy plant material that is left behind.

Once the butter or oil is completely melted into the boiling water you can add your gram of ground cannabis into the pot. Reduce the heat to simmer and allow it to simmer for fifteen minutes. If you are concerned with getting the fullest flavour and the most cannabis terpenes in your weed tea then you might want to consider letting the kettle simmer at very low heat for an extended period of time - upwards of 45 minutes or more - to be certain all the good stuff is extracted and none of it is broken down and destroyed by the heat.

When you are satisfied with your mixture it is time to strain out the soggy cannabis flowers. Place your strainer or cheesecloth (secure the cloth with a rubber band or string) over the mouth of your teapot and strain the liquid into it carefully. If you use a metal strainer make sure it is a very fine one so you can avoid drinking little leafy bits in your tea.

Now you can proceed to steep and flavour your favourite type of tea with the cannabis infused water and enjoy! You can even bottle and freeze some for later or pour some in an ice cube tray with popsicle sticks for a fun tea flavoured infused treat! Make sure you stir the mixture well after steeping before you pour some to be certain the infused THC is fully blended into the mixture.

How To Make Weed Tea From Stems

If you’re wondering how to make marijuana tea when you are running low and all you have left is the stems and shake on your rolling tray then never fear! Haute Health is here for you too and we understand not everyone is always able to resupply as often as they might like to, especially in these unpredictable times we have all been facing.

Making some weed stem tea is a great option when you find yourself in this situation and you may even be surprised by how well it can work. In fact after trying a cannabis tea made from stems, shake or other leftovers from your last bag you might end up saving all of your stems and shake just for this purpose from now on! Weed stem tea is a great option for anyone looking to prolong and better enjoy all of the potential Health benefits of using cannabis!

You don’t need to grind your stems up before putting them into your boiling water but it can’t hurt to crush them up a little bit beforehand using a heavy object or a mortar and pestle if you happen to have one. Otherwise follow the same instructions as we outlined before simply substituting your stems and shake mixture for the gram of ground up flower.

Weed stem tea is a great stopgap option to help you make it from one resupply to the next without concern you might end up completely dry. Many long time cannabis users swear by the practice and some even grow to prefer the experience of drinking tea over all the other available methods available to them.

If you are looking to resupply the crew at Haute Health of some fantastic and exciting new products available in store right now! We’ve got prices to match any budget with fantastic $7 grams of Skywalker OG, $9 grams of delicious Banana OG and $10 grams of Presidential OG if you’re feeling presidential. Another favourite here at the Haute Health office is our Death Star OG shatter if you prefer a potent and high quality concentrate instead!


If you are wondering about the best way to conserve weed and how to make your high last longer you have come to the right place! Trying to save weed can be a difficult task for some as it can be hard to resist the temptation of fun, relaxation and great vibes at all times but just like with candy, alcohol or any other pleasurable experience it is very possible to overindulge and end up feeling like we have experienced too much of a good thing.

For many people who use cannabis regularly a tight budget is also a big factor in deciding that it is time to restrain themselves and pump the breaks a little bit when it comes to their use of marijuana. What are some of the tried and true methods passed down through the ages from smoker to smoker about how to make your weed last longer and how to save weed when times are hard.

Smoke Less, Less Often

This simplest method for how to make weed last longer is to just smoke less of it less often and exert a little more self control and willpower when it comes to tearing through your stash so quickly. When you have access to lots of readily available potent cannabis products but then suddenly find yourself in a situation where you need to be conserving weed it can seem like a sudden and difficult challenge.

Luckily there are lots of great tips and tricks to help you stay on track and many people have struggled before you and learned things that you can apply to the problems you might face when you attempt to figure out how to conserve your weed. Don’t be surprised if a little (or a lot!) experimentation is required before you land on a method that works for you.

One of the best and most tried and true methods to start conserving weed is to get yourself a simple weekly pill organizer from a dollar store - the kind seniors or other people who use lots of medications might use to help keep their doses in order. Simply divide up your stash into daily portions making a clear and simple commitment to yourself to be faithful to your goal of only smoking each daily allowance and no more.

This is a very popular method and works wonders for many people who struggle with self control issues. It is much easier to keep yourself from smoking through your entire stash when you have it divided up in this way in a very clear and easy to understand manner. Furthermore it is easy to be absolutely certain there will be a little bud waiting for you each day which makes this a great option for anyone trying to stretch their stash between long paydays or when you find yourself unable to resupply.

Just Eat It

Another great tried and true method and possibly the best way to conserve weed that there is might be to stop smoking it altogether and start baking and cooking with it instead! Cannabis edibles can go a long way for people on a tight budget especially when the goal is to make the high last as long as possible. This is because when you smoke cannabis it comes on quickly but also fades rather fast and you end up smoking more to continue enjoying the sensations it provides.

When you make and enjoy some potent edibles using some high quality cannabis that has been properly decarboxylated beforehand you can make a small amount of cannabis go a long, long way. When cannabis is used in this manner it takes much, much longer to take effect but also the resulting intoxication last for a much longer duration and can be far more intense and even at times overwhelming.

Though it may seem counterintuitive to use your entire stash in one go to make a big tray of brownies or some cannabis infused butter or oil for use in cooking it can actually be a very economical solution. This is because even though you will be left without any weed to smoke (unless you were smart and saved some for your daily rationing pill container too!) you will instead have some highly potent brownies, butter or oil to make your food with instead!

Cannabis edibles can be much stronger and last much longer than cannabis which has been smoked so that means you can get higher for much longer on much less! In fact many people who use this method find using a little cannabis butter on their toast in the morning and then eating a cannabis infused meal at lunch and/or dinner is more than enough to be able to spend the vast majority of the day buzzing and feeling great.

Just be careful not to overdo it and be aware of your own tolerance limits. This may take a bit of trial and error in the early stages in order to get everything right and not end up locked into the couch or even feeling nauseous and unable to function. Once you know just how much your body and mind will require to give you a good buzz that will last you through the day you can plan meals and doses easily and start conserving weed!

Save Your Roaches & Stems

Another surefire way to save weed that can be great when used in tandem with a strict rationing schedule and/or making edibles! If you use all three of these methods together you might just have the best way to conserve weed and make your stash last as long as is absolutely possible. If you find yourself tearing through your baggies quickly because you hit the bong too often or only smoke blunts then maybe it is time to switch it up and try one or all of these techniques.

It may not smell great but if you have a little tin or lidded jar available keep it near your ashtray or wherever you do most of your joint smoking. This method of course assumes you enjoy smoking joints whether you buy pre-rolls or enjoy rolling them yourself. Whenever you are smoking a joint try to avoid smoking it right to the very end and stubbing out just a little nub and a filter into the ashtray. Instead finish smoking your joint much earlier and leave yourself a nice sized roach that you can pop into your tin or jar for later. Then when the day comes and you find yourself unable to resupply or in need of making your current stash last you will have the option of breaking up a roach or two to make yourself a yucky but effective emergency bowl.

You can also use a similar method when busting up your nugs and buds with a grinder for use in your bong, pipe or for rolling joints with. When you remove the buds from the stems instead of just tossing them away you can also keep the stems and other little non-smokable bits in the tin or jar you have put aside for them. Then when you are without cannabis for a bit or need to make your baggie last for a much longer time than usual you can make yourself some lovely cannabis tea using the stems - see our recent blog on the subject for a simple and fun recipe that works great!


When you are trying to save weed it also helps to have the right tools on your side. If you have been smoking bowls from a bong with a giant bowl on it and busting up your weed using a simple two piece grinder chances are pretty high that you are wasting quite a lot of cannabis or at the very least using a lot more than you really need to. If you consider changing up your methods and getting some more efficient tools you may discover that you don’t need to change much else about your smoking habits to start conserving weed.

A three piece grinder with a kief catcher is a great investment for any serious cannabis smoker which practically pays for itself the first time you run out and remember you have some crystal THC dust waiting for you at home in the bottom chamber. Having a decent sized grinder with a nice deep kief catcher means you will be able to collect large amounts of this precious resource which can also help your toking go a lot longer than it otherwise could.

In order to make your weed last longer once you have a bit of a kief collection built up in the device you can start to smoke much smaller bowls in a small pipe or bong and add a sprinkle of the kief crystal on top for an extra punch. This way you will still be able to get as high as you would like while using less of the nugs you are trying to make last through to your next chance to resupply.

A dugout and one hitter is also a great option both for conserving your cannabis and also for smoking small hits of weed with a little dusting of kief. Just load your dugout up with ground cannabis and when you press your “bat” or one hitter into the cannabis to fill it you can do the same to your kief and add a nice dusting of extra THC potency. Many people swear by this method as it is quick, convenient and easy to manage and you might be surprised how easy it is to make your bag last this way!

If you are looking to restock and you want to choose from some of the best cannabis products available online today you have no better option than your friends at Haute Health. We have every variety of cannabis product you can imagine and price points to suit nearly every budget. Check out our specials on cheap grams starting as low as $2/gram or browse some of the more premium quality cannabis that we have on offer.

Some great varieties currently in stock include $9 grams of Banana OG, $7 grams of Skywalker OG, $40 Death Star OG shatter and some supremely good $10 Presidential OG. Stock up today and make sure you have enough in your stash box to last you to your next opportunity to resupply!


Many people make a very common misstep in the beginning stages of preparation when they are attempting to make edibles or tinctures at home with dried cannabis flowers. It’s very easy to forget the essential step of decarboxylation of cannabis when you are getting set to bake or prepare your medicinal or recreational cannabis treats and medicines. By foregoing this essential part of the process many of the beneficial aspects of cannabis are lost in the baking or blending of the product.

But what exactly is decarboxylation and how does it work? If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to decarb weed on your own at home we’ve provided all the necessary information here to get you started so you can prepare cannabis edibles and tinctures for medicinal and recreational use with the highest possible beneficial and medicinal value, preserving potency and lessening the impact cannabis is known to have on the flavour of the end product.

Understanding Decarboxylation

Ordinarily decarboxylation is a process that happens over a long period of time as cannabis is cured before it is ready to be trimmed and sold. This process turns the THCA found naturally occurring in the cannabis flowers into the psychoactive compound THC. Typically the curing process combined with heating or burning the material for smoking takes care of this conversion for us but when you plan to cook with weed there are some crucial steps to take to ensure that your goodies are as potent as possible and your weed doesn’t go to waste!

The typical cooking process does not provide enough heat for decarbing weed which means you will end up consuming cannabis which is still full of THCA instead of the compound THC. This is why the essential first step when you want to make your own tinctures or edibles is to be certain that you are always decarbing weed properly that you plan to use in this manner.

But don’t stress yourself too much over it. What sounds like an intimidating and technical process is actually just a very simple additional step to your recipe and is very easy to do with tools you certainly should already have available to you in your home.

How to Decarb Weed

When cannabis is smoked or vaporized the heat of this process will decarboxylate weed before it enters your lungs and bloodstream converting it THC from the non-psychoactive compound THCA. Without this essential step smoking weed would actually not affect the human body and mind with the same potency and level of intoxicating effects. In short decarboxylated cannabis is a required aspect of the process of getting properly high.

When you decarboxylate weed you force the same transformation to occur without combusting the plant matter and destroying it in the process leaving behind cannabis plant matter that is perfectly primed for use in baking or tincture making. Heat also isn’t the only way to get decarboxylated weed. If you happen to have a bag of old chronic laying around the house chances are extremely good that the decarboxylation of the cannabis has already naturally occurred. If you have a freshly bought sack however fret not as the process for decarbing weed is overall a simple one.

It may seem counterintuitive to cook your weed twice - once before you use it in your recipe and then again when you actually prepare your edible treats - as you would think adding heat to the cannabis would cook off the potency and cause the substance to be weaker however it is the exact opposite that is true. Without the crucial step of decarboxylation cannabis actually loses or rather fails to activate a vast majority of the potent medicinal THC trapped within it as THCA.

So you want to know how to decarboxylate cannabis? We’d have to assume so if you’ve made it this far! Let’s first refer to a few handy decarb weed charts which can help clear up some of the simple instructions.

As you can see by this first decarb weed chart different temperatures and durations are required to properly produce decarboxylated weed.

In this second decarb weed chart you can see the temperatures, times and different ways to decarboxylate cannabis expressed in another manner. Let’s go into deeper details now about the various methods of how to decarboxylate cannabis.

How to Prepare Your Bud

When you are first learning how to decarb weed an important first step is to prepare your cannabis for the process. You don’t want to just throw all of your bud on a baking sheet or into a mason jar as it is and hope for the best. Using one of the following methods will make certain that your decarboxylated cannabis receives an even treatment no matter which method you use and produces the highest potency level possible.

The first option is to simply pick your weed apart into smaller pieces that are all roughly the same size, say no larger than a dime. This can take some time and we suggest wearing a pair of disposable gloves to ensure your hands are not covered in residue by the end. The “rub” you develop on the gloves can also be recovered and utilized if you are a stoner who is a little more frugal and thrifty than your average.

Otherwise you can simply grind the material using a conventional weed grinder or even a coffee grinder or food processor. This is likely the best possible option as it produces a near powder version of the product that is certain to decarb weed evenly no matter what method you decide to utilize.

There is a subtle downside to using a grinder or food processor however as it is much easier to lose some of the product the finer ground it becomes. Whether it gets stuck in the grinder or the container you used for decarbing or you simply spill it by mistake when handling or transferring it. The extra concern here is completely up to user discretion and comfort and you will ultimately find a method that works best for you that you find comfortable with a little bravery and experimentation.

Method 1: Hurry Up And Wait

There’s nothing fun, exciting or particularly groundbreaking about the natural method but it certainly does work. If you are the patient sort and plan on making edibles some vague date in the future but not anytime immediately soon this method will suit your needs just fine. Time turns THCA into THC just as certain as heat does, it just takes an awful lot more of it!

If you are a person with a large quantity of cannabis on hand at all times this method may also suit your personal style. For the rest of us though it certainly is not the most convenient option available. That said there is no better method as far as smell is concerned - cannabis stored away for an extended period stinks up the apartment a whole lot less than popping some in the oven for an hour to slowly decarb!

Another advantage here is that all you really need is a supply of cannabis and some time. There are no other essential steps or ingredients required!

Overwhelmingly this is the most common method used by marijuana growers and distributors or cannabis enthusiasts to make edibles as all the necessary tools are already sitting waiting for you in your kitchen! All you need is a baking sheet, foil or parchment paper (never wax paper!) an oven and the willpower to make your home stink like cannabis for an afternoon. Unfortunately there really isn’t any method to avoid the overpowering smell produced by this decarb method so if you live in a close knit apartment building with a Karen living down the hall this may not be your best option. 

  • Preheat oven to 250°F
  • Line baking sheet with foil or parchment paper
  • Place your broken-up or ground cannabis on the baking sheet
  • Bake cannabis for 30 minutes
  • The cannabis should change to a brownish color
  • Once the cannabis has changed color and your apartment reeks to high heaven of baked pot you will be all set to use the decarbed weed in your next edible recipe!

    Method 3: Weed Turkey Style

    Another similar method you can use is to put your ground or broken up cannabis into an oven bag, also known as a turkey bag. This makes it much easier to collect after it is finished decarbing and has the added benefit of making your home stink a little bit less, however it certainly doesn’t eliminate the smell entirely. When the process is finished the bag will not be hot as it doesn’t conduct heat so it is easy to grab, handle and empty.

    The only real downside to this method is the fact that you likely will need to make a special trip to the store to get yourself a turkey bag unless it happens to be around thanksgiving time or you happen to use them already on a regular basis. A minor inconvenience for a surefire method which cuts down on the pungent smell by about half that occurs when the cannabis is being decarbed. 

  • Preheat oven to 250°F
  • Place your broken-up or ground cannabis in the oven bag
  • Tie a tight knot in the oven bag This keeps the weed and smell inside the bag
  • Place the bag on a baking sheet (no foil/parchment needed)
  • Bake for 30 minutes
  • The cannabis should change to a brownish color
  • Method 4: Mason Jars

    You may have a few of these classic and handy glass jars in your pantry at home and if so then this is a great option for you. Otherwise mason jars are easy to find and shouldn’t pose too much of a problem if you would like to use this method and don’t already own them. Mason jars can be vacuum sealed and are a great option for decarboxylation as they keep the smell inside for the most part during the process. This is probably your best bet if you live in an apartment setting and have nosey concerned neighbours who are likely to complain about an overpowering smell of cannabis emanating from your home. 

  • Preheat oven to 250°F
  • Place your broken-up or ground cannabis in the mason jar
  • Screw the top on tight. The tighter the seal the less smell!
  • Carefully place the mason jar on your oven rack. The jar should not be touching the heating element or sides of your oven.
  • Bake for 30 minutes until cannabis changes to a brownish color.
  • Important: The glass will be very hot when it comes out of the oven! Make sure to use oven mitts when you touch the jar and give it time to cool before opening.
  • Now that you are armed with several methods of how to decarb weed you can grab a fresh sack, decarb it and bake yourself or your friends and loved ones some yummy and powerfully potent THC treats! Or you can skip all the work if you like and buy some cannabis concentrates, weed candy, thc capsules, cbd capsules, pre-rolled cannabis or enjoy some of our special $15 shatter!

    Haute health also offers a wide range of great CBD products including CBD distillate and CBD topicals. Shop our online store today and don’t forget to check out our smokin’ daily deals!

    What is kief? Kief is the name for the sticky and powdery crystalline substance that coats all of your cannabis buds and is often left as a residue on the surface of grinders or scissors when you use them to bust them up! Many grinders include what is known as a “kief catcher” - an extra chamber in the bottom of the device separated from the chamber where the ground bud is collected by a very fine screen. The fine particles of kief that collect and accumulate in the bottom of the grinder have saved many a cannabis smoker from an unexpected drought and can also be used to enhance the effects of your already potent freshly packed bowl or rolled joint.

    Collection of weed kief is not a new phenomenon and has occurred for likely as long as human beings have used cannabis both recreationally and medicinally. That is to say that people have been using marijuana kief for many thousands of years indeed! Some cultures and cannabis communities actually come to prefer it for its purity and high potency and then sought to cultivate it above all other forms of the cannabis flower.

    What is Kief?

    When the luminous resin trichomes on cannabis flowers that cover the leaves and buds of the cannabis plant are collected together into a separate sticky powder substance this powder is most often referred to as kief or keef. Marijuana trichomes are very small and bulbous glands that protrude out from the surface of the leaves and buds of late stage cannabis plants that are ready for cultivation. It is possible to intentionally remove these trichomes from the plant material and gather it together in a fine and sticky powder and this powder is most commonly what is referred to as kief.

    The word “kief” has its roots in the Arabic language and comes from a term meaning “pleasure” or “intoxication” and it is easy to see why! Because kief contains such a high concentration of cannabis terpenes and cannabinoids it is far more potent than smoking ordinary cannabis buds and flowers. In fact when you use kief for yourself you will discover that one of the first rules of the game is that a little goes a very long way!

    It is important to note however that even though marijuana kief is much more potent than ordinary cannabis buds and flowers it is still less potent than a isolate or extraction such as shatter weed, oils or waxes.

    Other names for kief are “dry sift” or “pollen” however it is fairly uncommon for anyone to use these terms and most often the name kief is the preferred nomenclature. It should look shimmery and powderlike and have the shape of very fine crystals. Exceptionally high quality weed kief will also likely appear generally light tan in colour or sometimes even blonde and should provide a highly potent and pleasing cannabis aroma. If your kief is green then it likely still contains some trace plant matter and is less pure.

    How To Use Kief

    Many cannabis connoisseurs enjoy using kief because of its powerful and potent effects due to the high concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes found within it. Using kief can often provide a more consistently powerful high compared to some other forms of cannabis that are available. The potency of kief is of course determined by the type of flower used to produce it and it will only be as potent as the original bud can potentially be. But using any strain in the form of kief allows you to use smaller amounts to achieve the same effects you might experience if you had a much larger quantity of the raw ground bud.

    While the potency is a matter of the source material most samples of kief test at a purity level of upwards of 50% THC content which is staggeringly high compared to most strains of cannabis in their ordinary form. Most typical strains of cannabis available nowadays have a THC content level of between 10-15% with the more potent craft and quad cannabis flowers clocking in between 15-30% total THC content.

    While all of this sounds great it can be easy for someone to go a long time as a cannabis user without ever learning about kief or discovering the kief catcher on the bottom of the grinder. Many are the tale of the newbie stoner who used the same grinder for years before learning about the kief catcher and then upon opening their grinder they discover a bounty of compressed crystal overflowing from the chamber.

    But how do you know what to do with kief and what is the best way to use kief? And why would someone choose smoking kief instead of regular cannabis flowers? One reason a person may desire to start smoking kief instead of whole cannabis buds would be to increase the amount of terpenes and cannabinoids they ingest while also increasing the potency level and maximizing the desired effects. Another reason someone might enjoy smoking kief instead of ordinary cannabis flowers would be because without all the extra green plant matter the smoking experience is a more pure and less harsh and harmful one.

    Weed kief is both easy to extract and simple to use so you should have no difficulty getting into this method of cannabis use yourself no matter your level of experience. Not only can you simply smoke it the same way you would any other form of ground cannabis product you could also put kief in a vape pen or into some edibles to avoid the experience of inhaling any kind of harsh smoke at all while still maximizing the effects of your cannabis.

    Best Way to Use Kief

    Patience is a virtue and that is certainly true when it comes to collecting kief in most cases. Unless you have access to a lot of high quality cannabis and the time to process it you may be waiting for a spell like the rest of us ordinary folk for the kief catcher in your grinder to fill. There are some things you can do to help speed this process along of course.

    First and foremost make sure you are actually using a three chamber grinder with a kief catching bottom chamber. Most grinders are designed this way by default these days but not every single one will have the third chamber with the screen and catcher. Never checked your own grinder at home? Grab it firmly by the midsection and twist the bottom piece off and you may be in for a happy surprise!

    Some things to watch out for while you are trying to collect your kief over the course of grinding up your cannabis and using it as you normally would would be the clogging of the screen and the overfilling of the chamber. Keep an eye on both of these things and clean the screen with a fine brush semi-routinely to make sure all of those beautiful kief crystals can find their way to the bottom of the grinder.

    Some people also like to place a small heavy coin in the upper collection chamber of the grinder such as a nickle if your grinder is large enough for it. When grinding up the bud shaking up the grinder with the coin inside helps to knock free some extra kief and send it down to the screen and kief catching chamber below!

    Another way to collect some marijuana kief if you do happen to have access to large quantities of cannabis and an oversized very fine sifter or screen would be to skip all of the waiting and process your buds into kief. One ideal kind of screen you could use is a silk screen which is the same time of screen often used for t-shirt printing and can be found at most art supply stores. In order to sift cannabis make sure you get a silk screen with an LPI (lines per inch) rating of between 80 and 270 LPI.

    Depending on how serious you want to get about sifting your bud you may want to select a series of screens with a various range of LPI ratings from larger to small while still falling between the 80 and 270 LPI range. This will allow you to sift your material over and over using finer and finer screen sizes making sure that you remove absolutely all of the green plant matter that you possibly can. If you’d rather not do this extra work you can simply get the finest screen size possible and sift your material using only the single size.

    If you’re ready to get really serious about how to use kief and collect it in the most efficient manner you could also invest in a kief box or a flat screened sifter box which are both available online from specialty cannabis retailers.

    The best method for collecting your kief using any of these aforementioned screens is to add a large amount of ground cannabis to the screen and push it around and back and forth across the screen over and over with an old gift card or credit card or another suitable piece of solid plastic.Make sure you use a container under the screen of course to collect your kief!

    You can also save yourself a whole lot of trouble and work by just buying kief that has been processed for you available at your favourite online dispensary!

    How to Smoke Kief

    Now that you know what to do with kief and how to collect it it’s time to learn about how to actually smoke it! You can of course also use it to make edibles like cannabutter or infused oils or put it into your favourite vape for a smoke free option but if you want to know how to smoke it let’s look at some of the best options.

    Smoking kief is generally very easy and fun and you can do so using devices you likely already have on hand if you are already smoking cannabis regularly. Collect a small pinch and put it in your favourite pipe or bong and take a small toke. Alternatively you can also “dust” a bowl or a joint you are rolling with a bit of extra kief to increase the potency and power of your smoke.

    If you are feeling daring you can collect a large amount of kief and try rolling an entire joint or blunt with it. This is a great treat for a party situation where a little puff on the joint will go a long way for everyone who gets handed it. We don’t advise attempting to smoke one of these on your own unless your personal tolerance is very high.

    Another fun method how to smoke kief and a blast from the past is to use the hot knife method which you may remember from your highschool days. Simply heat up a knife on the stove and use the red hot tip to press into another knife blade with a little bit of kief on the tip. Inhale the resulting smoke with a straw and enjoy!

    If you’d like to buy some buds to get started on your own kief collection at home we have some great options in store for you at Haute Health. Pick up some great Skywalker OG, some highly potent Banana OG or if you’re feeling presidential grab yourself a sack of some top notch Presidential OG which should make some very fine kief indeed. If you’d rather just grab a high quality concentrate and just enjoy some highly potent shatter weed we also have wonderful Death Star OG shatter available in store.


    Does kief get you higher than bud?

    Kief is more potent than bud because it is made up of only the crystallized trichomes and cannabinoids which coat cannabis buds and give them the majority of their THC content.

    Is kief dangerous?


    What is the point of kief?

    Kief is concentrated crystalized cannabis and is extremely potent meaning you can use much less to much greater effect.

    Is kief indica or sativa?


    The kief strain will be identical to the source bud. That is to say there is both indica and sativa kief.

    Can you roll a blunt with just kief?

    You can! Whether or not you can finish smoking it without help is another question.

    How can you tell if mold is kief?

    Mold and kief look almost nothing alike. Kief is crystalline and powdery and It can be slighly sticky if the source bud was very high in resin. Mold is furry and looks obviously like spoilage. Do not smoke moldy weed.

    How do you store kief properly?

    Most people just keep theirs in the bottom kief catching chamber of their grinder! You can get a larger grinder for this purpose and try to collect a lot of it over time. Alternatively if you are collecting a lot you can store it in a cool dry place in a sealed container.


    Medical cannabis products have been making big waves in the health and wellness communities across Canada as more and more people discover the health benefits of using CBD and THC infused cannabis products in a wide array of methods including smoking, eating and the use of extractions like shatter, wax or topical oils. When it comes to relief from muscle pain and soothing aches and soreness especially after a hard workout or a long day of hard work it is hard to beat the potency and power of a well made cannabis infused massage oil especially when used in combination with any of the other fun methods available for enjoying cannabis products like smoking a joint or eating a cannabis infused edible candy.

    Cannabis massage oil can take the relaxing and invigorating experience of a massage to new heights of euphoria and spiritual fulfilment while the soothing anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD and THC take effect. Pair your thc massage oil topical cream with an edible or a pre-rolled joint to take yourself right out into the cosmos for an experience that is truly out of this world. Highly recommended for romantic partners to help deepen and strengthen physical and emotional bonds!

    CBD & Pain Management

    Did you know that more people struggle with daily pain and discomfort than patients suffering from cancer, diabetes and heart disease combined? Bodily aches and pains are a serious issue negatively affecting the lives of people from all walks of life, professions and social statuses. Of those people who report they struggle daily with pain a full 1/3rd of them describe their pain as completely debilitating rendering them unable to function normally at home, work or in their day to day lives.

    When you struggle daily with this kind of overpowering physical discomfort the discovery of a safe and effective method of treatment can quite literally function as a lifeline allowing the patient to regain control over and find enjoyment in the minutia of their daily lives again. Without a constant focus on the displeasure and pain they are enduring the simple pleasures of life can be appreciated again and participation in the responsibilities of daily life becomes much less of a chore.

    Many of the traditional medications prescribed to people who find themselves in this situation come with a host of unpleasant and unwanted side effects and in the case of opioids which are utilized in the most extreme cases the potential for developing a crippling physical addiction can be very high. By turning to CBD and THC based products instead people with pain management issues can reclaim some control over their lives without risking a dependency on a drug that has wreaked havoc in cities all over North America and beyond.

    How Does CBD Help With Pain?

    CBD or cannabidiol is an essential ingredient in the vast majority of most of the best known cannabis derived medicines on the marketplace today. The reason it has enjoyed some recent time in the limelight as an exciting new treatment for a wide range of health concerns including chronic pain is because of the natural interaction between the cannabinoids in marijuana and the endocannabinoid system found within every living person. The endocannabinoid system is partially responsible for the regulation of moods, the retention of memories and the way pain is experienced by the human body.

    When you pair the effects of cannabis products on the endocannabinoid system all human beings posses with the natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities of the cannabis plant you end up with a powerful and potent pain reliever, mood booster and muscle relaxant ideal for the treatment of annoying physical aches and pains as well as psychological concerns like stress, anxiety, paranoia or general discomfort.

    Knowing these facts it is no wonder that thc massage oil or cannabis massage treatments are taking the medical and health and wellness communities by storm. Weed massage oil is ideal for relieving bodily aches and pains, ridding the body of stress and anxieties while providing an overwhelming sense of well being and reinvigoration.

    Cannabis Infused Massage Oil

    If you are curious about using some weed massage oil yourself there are a few methods you can use to set yourself up correctly. The first and most simple method would be to purchase some tincture or another form of CBD and THC infused cannabis extract and add it to a simple massage oil. You will only need a small amount to add the beneficial effects of CBD and THC to your oil so a small bottle of tincture will last some time if you use this method! You can make a simple and easy to use cannabis massage oil at home with just these simple ingredients at any time by simply mixing them together in a bowl or bottle before use.

    If you would like to have full control over every aspect of the production process you could look into the various methods for how to make cannabis oil for pain relief. Let’s take a brief and broad overview of the methods used to do this - if you’d like to learn more in greater detail the web is full of in depth resources for you to utilize!

    First you will need to gather some essential oils - any variety you like is fine this is completely up to personal preference. There are a seemingly endless array of options available to you but as we are interested primarily in making a cannabis infused massage oil with relaxing and pain relieving properties eucalyptus, rosemary, frankincense and black pepper are great essential oils to start with.
    Eucalyptus is well known for its potent cooling and soothing effect on sore muscles and natural pain relieving qualities. An excellent choice for reducing inflammation, pain and swelling. Rosemary also works well to reduce pain and inflammation giving your mixture an added boost. Frankincense improves moisture retention in your skin enhancing the oil’s ability to work and black pepper provides a warming counterbalance to the soothing cool eucalyptus which helps loosen up the body and reduces pain and swelling.

    Simply add these essential oils in small amounts - 5 drops of each give or take should be about enough for a small batch - to an oil based cannabis concentrate that is rich in THC and CBD. Then you can use your new cannabis massage oil for your next massage session for yourself or your partner! A small jar or bottle should work great for storing any of the remaining weed massage oil but don’t worry about making a lot at a time. You can easily make more quickly and any cannabis you leave stored for long periods will begin to lose its potency gradually over time. Better to just mix up a quick fresh batch the next time it is needed!

    Cannabis Massage Oil Effects

    Why should you consider making your next massage a cannabis enhanced experience? The beneficial effects are many and when coupled with the already relaxing and rejuvenating experience of a great massage you set yourself up for a sensory experience that is out of this world! But this is not to be confused with the psychoactive euphoria produced by cannabis products when they are smoked or ingested. No matter how potent with THC your cannabis extract is it is not possible to absorb enough of it through the skin and into the bloodstream to produce the “high” mental and physical state cannabis is most famous for.

    Depending on your personal outlook this news about cannabis massage oil effects is either a great relief or a disappointment! Regardless of your ideal goals with a thc and cbd oil massage treatment there are fantastic reasons to add it into your health and wellness routine. If you are not comfortable with the psychoactive euphoria cannabis can produce and are prone to paranoia or anxiety when it comes to cannabis use a massage oil treatment might just be the best point of entry into the world of medical cannabis. You can experience the deep healing and rejuvenation that THC and CBD products can provide without concern for losing control over your state of mind.

    If you are a veteran psychonaut let down by the news that you can’t just slather on a bottle full of high powered THC concentrate and have your mind and body ascend to higher planes then the good news for you is that a CBD and THC enriched massage oil can help to catapult your next smoke out session or mid-trip massage into a hyperspace of new sensual and satisfying physical experiences while also providing your body with a powerful restorative.

    This is because even though the THC and CBD do not cross into the bloodstream through the skin, human skin also contains the same CB1 and CB2 receptors found in the nervous system, brain and internal organs which act as binding locations for THC and CBD. Although the activation of these receptors does not result in the same euphoric mind and body state you may be familiar with, they are perfectly suited to compliment the practice of massage as they act in this case as muscle relaxants, pain relievers and anti-inflammatories. When added to a mixture with other soothing and invigorating essential oils you are in for cannabis massage oil effects that add up to a sensual, soothing, healing experience that will penetrate deep into your skin and leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!

    If you’re shopping for high CBD or THC strains of cannabis to make an oil based concentrate, you can stock up with the many great AAAA craft cannabis strains available at Haute Health! Some great features currently available in store include AA Kief, THC Distillate, Afghan Hash and CBD Gummy Fish!

    Having a birthday party as a kid was an amazing time, you’d get to play with all your friends, there would be a pile of gifts, you were allowed do anything you wanted and most importantly you’d get to eat an endless amount of birthday cake. There weren’t many better days as a child then an epic birthday party, but as we all know the older you get the novelty of a birthday party begins to wear off. Age begins to become a negative and many would rather just have a low key day without much fuss. The perfect birthday nowadays is a few friends hanging out, unwinding after a long week at work just enjoying each others company. Sounds like bliss right? Well what if we told you, you could have the same fun you did as a kid, with no stress and lots of laugh as  full grown adults. Here enters the weed cake, yes you heard that right, weed cake. Your favourite part of a birthday party with an added ingredient that will leave you feeling young and free all over again. Whether you are 19 or 91, a cannabis cake is a deliciously fluffy THC infused experience that is perfect for a gathering of people and will really get the party started. Here we’ll show you how to make the perfect cannabis cake with some great weed cake recipes.

    Step 1

    Decarboxylation Process

    The term weed cake might sound as simple as throwing some ground up cannabis into some cake mixture, throwing it in the oven and then shooting off into space.  Although you can make it this way, the quality of the high and overall flavour of the cake will be seriously compromised. This is why it is best to invest a few hours into what is known as the decarboxylation process, also known as the decarb process. In short, decarbing is when you heat up marijuana to an optimal temperature where all the cannabinoids can be utilized, resulting in a super quality high and a very edible marijuana cake.

    THCA is a compound found in cannabis that once heated produces the ever popular THC, which is of course responsible for the “high” effect we feel when consuming cannabis. The process of decarboxylation is essential when learning how to make a weed cake, heating at a long temperature for an extended period of time is what coverts the cannabis from THCA to THC.

    Decarboxylation is fairly straight forward and isn’t overly complicated as long as you have a oven and a baking tray. Here are the steps to follow to decarboxylate your weed:

  • Set your oven temperature to 225 degrees Fahrenheit, making sure the oven rack is in the middle row. Placing the rack in the middle of the oven ensures there is an equal distribution of heat.
  • Place aluminium foil across a regular sized baking sheet. Crumple the foil up before laying down, this allows the cannabis to avoid direct contact with the baking sheet, allowing the foil to better conduct heat and avoid any possibility of uneven heat distribution.
  • Next, break up your cannabis to where the pieces are similar to the size of a grain of rice. It’s best to use a scissors, using a grinder will make the weed too fine which increases the possibility of burning. Spread the cannabis across the aluminon foil and then place another sheet of foil over top. (We will get into how much cannabis you need to use a bit further down in the instructions)
  • Place the baking sheet into the oven and leave for 45 minutes. Then take it out and let it cool for an additional 30 minutes at room temperature. Your cannabis should now look light toasted and golden brown.
  • Step 2

    Cannabutter / Canna Oil

    This now leaves your weed as potent as it can be for your weed cake recipe. So now you have this perfectly decarboxylation weed and you are asking yourself what do I do now. Well you have two choices, you can add your potent THC to butter or oil, each are common ingredients when cooking multiples types of food.

    Adding Cannabis to Butter

  • Remove cannabis from oven
  • Grind the cooked cannabis finely with a grinder
  • Take your butter and melt it into a pot, for every cup of butter add one cup of water
  • When the butter begins to melt add your ground up cannabis
  • Maintain a low heat of around 160 -180 Fahrenheit
  • Let simmer for 2-3 hours, stirring occasionally. Never allow mixture to boil
  • Once you’ve simmered the cannabis and butter long enough it’s time to strain
  • Use a cheese cloth to pour the melted cannabutter through
  • After pouring into a jar or basin, refrigerate the cannabutter for an hour
  • Adding Cannabis to Oil

  • Grind up desired amount of cannabis
  • Take both your oil and cannabis and place in a slow cooker, double boiler or saucepan
  • Heat both the oil and cannabis together on low
  • For a slow cooker cook on low for 4-6 hours
  • Cooking in a double boiler should be cooked on low for 6-8 hours
  • On a saucepan cook on low for three hours, making sure to stir regularly to avoid burning
  • Temperatures should never reach over 245 Fahrenheit
  • After letting the oil and cannabis cook together for a few hours remove and pour through a cheesecloth
  • Store the oil in a jar and use for any of your cannabis cooking needs
  • Cannabis oil shelf life is around 2 months, longer if refrigerated
  • Cooking with butter and oil can be a bit complex, that's why we've put together a Cooking With Cannabis Guide. This can provide a more indepth approach to cooking with cannabis and the best ways to do it.

    Step 3

    How to Make a Marijuana Cake

    Now that your cannabis is ready to be baked into a delicious weed cake it’s time to begin the third phase of this weed cake recipe. I should add, the hard part is definitely over, making the rest of the marijuana cake.

    Main Ingredients

  • 1¾ cups of flour
  • ¾ teaspoon baking soda
  • ¼ cup of granulated white sugar
  • ¾ cup of brown sugar
  • ½ teaspoon of salt
  • ½ cup of cannabutter or 8 grams of cannabis buds
  • 1 egg
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • ½ cup of dried fruits
  • 1 cup of chocolate chips
  • ½ can of chocolate frosting
  • Baking Instructions

  • Preheat oven to 180 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Soften the chocolate chips by putting them in a casserole dish, keeping the temperature low to avoid them burning.
  • While the chocolate melts, begin to mix your ingredients together. First adding eggs, sugar mixing until fluffy. Then add the milk and continue mixing.
  • After mixing in the milk add a teaspoon of salt while adding flour in small bits to make the mixing easier. Continue mixing until the texture is smooth. For a faster process use an electric mixer.
  • Next add your cannabutter and dried fruit with the melted chocolate together with the rest of the mixed in ingredients.
  • This now completes the cake batter. Take a baking tray, either spray with oil or line with parchment paper. Pour the mixture into the pan, spreading evenly, placing in oven for 25-30 minutes.
  • After your baking time is up, insert a knife to ensure the cake if fully baked on the inside. If the knife comes out clean then your cake is good to go, if not then it needs a couple more minutes in the oven. Always keep watch on your cake, it is common for the top to burn if left in the oven too long.
  • Take the cake out and let it cool for 20 minutes.
  • If you want to add cream or frosting you can cut the cake into two and layer. If you are looking to decorate the cake for a psychedelic birthday party prepare for the face of the cake.
  • If you’re no good in the kitchen like so many of us, you can buy a box of cake mix and add your cannabutter instead of normal butter, according to the instructions on the box.
  • Haute Health

    Haute is your one-top-shop for all your cannabis needs. Whether you are looking to bake a cake or score some top grade edibles, Haute is the best spot to buy weed online in Canada. Haute cannabis edibles online are the highest potency and most affordable online, along with their cannabis concentrates and keif online, you can buy hash online as well. Every day Haute offers different weed deals online with rock bottom prices and top quality strains. Not sure what a top quality strain is, head over to our Weed Grading System to educate yourself on the best products for your needs. 


    Now that cannabis has been legal for almost two years many Canadians are starting to look at the prospect of growing their own cannabis strains. Just like building a computer or fixing a car, there is no better feeling then creating something that you started from scratch.  In addition to growing the exact strain you want and the pride that comes with it, you also save a lot of money and have enough stock to last for the foreseeable future. So now you’re looking to start your first grow but don’t know where to start, the first question you need to ask yourself when you start your grow is Hydroponics VS Soil cannabis. Each offers its own unique way of harvesting cannabis and much much you can yield, here we’ll dig deep into which grow method best suits your cannabis needs. 

    Pros and Cons

    Before we get down to the nitty gritty of hydroponic vs soil let’s look at the upside and downside of both growing methods to help clear the mud and guide you towards a more suitable growing option. When you decide you want to grow your own plant the thought of harvesting large quantities of bud is one of the first motivations, and with those government prices we don’t blame you! When you grow outdoors using organic soil medium the yields tend to grow much higher then those of an indoor hydroponic cannabis grow. When growing outside you have no limits on how high you plant can grow, using soil the anatomy of the plant such as the roots and branches can grow free with no limitations. If grown correctly, many outdoor grows using organics can grow up to 2 meters in height and can bud up to 500 grams of quality cannabis flower.

    However, when you are growing with hydroponics cannabis you are always growing marijuana indoors which naturally limits the size you can grow your plants, this results in smaller grow yields due to the roots being limited. For what you lose in size when growing marijuana indoors however you gain in quality when using hydroponics as it is much easier to influence and control growing cannabis indoors then it is outdoors. When you grow marijuana indoors you can precisely give the plant everything it needs from nutrients to perfect lighting to controlling the temperature and humidity down to the exact degree. When growing organic cannabis outside you lose an element of control , the environment can fluctuate on a regular basis making growing organic cannabis unpredictable. Outdoor elements such as temperature change, wind speeds, humidity and both animals and insects can provide limitations on how you grow your crop. Using soil also comes with another obstacle, when using soil, organic matter and bacteria come into play and they can be very unpredictable, even worse is that you cannot predict if that organic matter or bacteria are harmful to the plant until the plant begins to show physical signs. Nutrient Deficiency is another factor in the growing of cannabis.

    All in all, deciding between hydroponic vs soil weed it really comes down to your situation, whether you have access to the outdoors, the space you have ect. For first time growers it is recommended that you take the ourdoor soil approach, it is less complicated and requires far less equipment and grower knowledge.

    Quality or Quantity 

    When it comes down to it, the level of quality from hydroponic cannabis has become superior to growing organic cannabis, various outdoors strains are of course an exception, but overall most of the best marijuana nowadays is grown indoors. That however doesn’t make growing marijuana indoors the one and only way. Growing outdoors is hands down the best way to yield a sizable crop, especially the yield per plant. It all comes down to the space, from gardens to full fields, if your plants have the space they can grow anywhere from 8-15 feet which means each plant can produce up to 5-10 pounds of flower. However due to the high volume of plants and the time is takes to irrigate, purine, training and trellising the quality of the harvest can suffer if the proper amount of time and man hours aren’t properly allocated. This is what makes hydroponic vs soil weed different hydroponics cannabis used automated hydroponic systems are used when yielding crops indoors. 

    When using such systems growers have the ability to accommodate upwards a couple thousand smaller plants in a commercial garden setup. Hydroponic yields are the optical option for a screen of green (scrOG) setup which is where the plants are packed extremely close together and grown directly through a screen trellis. These screen trellis are rolled over the garden of plants during the vegetative stage and are horizontal consisting of string netting in 4-inch squares. By growing smaller plants indoors growers try to boost their yields but cannot compared to the yield one gets from growing outdoors. That being said the quality of herb makes up for the lack of yield when growing indoors, this is largely due to the indoor growers having full control of the plants environments which the outdoors plants don’t. This allows them to maximize the potential of each strain they grow. Outdoor growers have control over certain aspects such as watering and nutrient feeding, indoor growers can control everything from irrigation and nutrient programs, to garden temperature, humidity, co2 saturation, light cycles and pest and disease controls. This is what allows for indoor growers to obtain the optimal potency and quality when yielding their crops.


    The debate over hydroponic vs soil cannabis has actually become quite watered down over the years, this is largely due to the fact that the use of actual earth topsoil is no longer used indoors anymore. Topsoil is however still commonly used outdoors but even that is changing with the introduction of composted mediums that have less topsoil replaced with decomposing organic material, helping enhance a fuller and nutrient rich medium. Using compost helps growers accelerate things such as rot and the breaking down of organic matter, altering the chemical properties of the soil, the mineral content and the aeration and moisture retention within the medium. Compost is a great option as a slow release fertilizer, providing mineral elements to the medium during the plant’s life.

    When choosing the best soil for your outdoor setup there are multiple factors to take in as not all soils are appropriate for growing cannabis. Factors such as the specific type of cannabis you're growing, the location you are growing in such as your backyard or the wild and the climate you are dealing with. Here we'll look at the common occurrences you want when picking the right soil for your grow.


    When growing cannabis it prefers a light and loose soil texture that isn't restrictive. This allows for the roots to move freely during its developments allowing for oxygen to reach the roots more freely and increasing the optimization of the plants growth and overall health.

    Drainage Ability 

    Like most things in the world, retaining water is a game changer, and soil for your cannabis is no different. When watering your plants you want to make sure that the water pools on the top of the soil. If the soil isn't providing the right drainage it will result in your plant getting sick with the potential of dying.

    Water Retention

    No different then good drainage, water retention is vital in the survival of your plant. The ability to retain and hold water gives your plant an adequate life source, a good cannabis soil will have both good drainage and water retention.

    pH value

    pH is what determines how acidic or how alkaline is in your plant. Cannabis plants flourish in a specific pH level and going over or under can be problematic. The average range you want your pH level at is about 5.8-6.3 with the optimal level being 6.0 pH.


    One of the key elements of your cannabis plants growing big and strong comes down to adequate nutrients, feeding your cannot be understated. When buying soil, almost every bag will feature its own amount of nutrients, however there is a catch. Most nutrients in soil only last to a maximum of 3-4 weeks, this means when the flower process begins, your soil will just be a pile of dirt and your plant will be completely depleted of nutrients. It's important to know this as you will need to add your own nutrients to the plant to help make sure it continues to grow properly. When you add your own nutrients you should ensure your soil contains organic substances like compost, worm castings, guano and humus. These organic substances will be turned into nutrients that your plant can access on demand by microorganisms.

    Most store-bought potting soil will be designed for optimal growing, but if you are growing organically it can be different. When using natural organic soil it can come in a variety of different ways such as sandy, silty, loamy and clay. Sandy soil is more coarse and is good for water drainage, but isn't great at absorbing water. Silty is of a medium coarse type and has an abundance of minerals and organic particles, it retains water well and is a great organic soil choice. Loamy is a combination of all 4 soils with additional organic compounds, offering great water retention, drainage, nutrients and oxygen, but is the most expensive of the choices. Lastly clay, to be expected this is a heavy and not very easy soil to work out, it has high levels of nutrients and minerals, but has poor drainage and is hard to work with.

    When working with natural soil you will need to add your own nutrients on a regular basis, as the natural soils are not perfect for growing cannabis during the beginning stages. There are however options to improve the soil to help create a better growing process. First is coco coir which is a coco fibre that is made from coconut husks, these fibres help improve both water retention and lightening heavier compact soils. Second is perlite which is the most common of the soil amendments, perlite contains light white rocks that vastly improves both drainage and airiness of the soil, along with improving the water retention. Third is vermiculte which is commonly used to help make the soil lighter but more importantly it is great at helping the soil retain water.  Lastly is worm castings, these castings contain a lot of useful microorganisms that contribute to a successful grow, improving texture, drainage and the water retention of the soil.

    Indoor grows take a different approach, using amended soilless mediums. Similar to traditional soil, these soilless mixes act almost the exact same but they are substrates known as coco, peat or sphagnum which contain amendments like perlite, wood chips and vermiculite. When growing with a soilless medium such as coco, peat and sphagnum you can treat your plants almost the same way as in regular soil, with the biggest difference being all the nutrients are fed through the water. This results in the plants growing a lot quicker due to the roots being fed directly, opposed to outdoor grows where the roots have to go looking for nutrition. It is also less likely you will run into common outdoor grow problems such as over watering or bugs.

    Soilless mixes are not right for every hydroponic system, here we’ve put together a list of hydroponic systems and how they grow their plants.


    Aeroponics uses what is known as a grow chamber, where the roots become suspended in the air with no medium inside the closed loop system they use. Water that is packed with nutrients is used on the plants as they are suspended, this oxygen-rich environment allows the plants to digest and absorb the nutrients.

    Deep Water Culture

    This method uses what is known as bubblers which is a bucket or nutrients. The plants hang over the plants as the roots grow into the nutrients below. The bubblers mix contains air using a aquarium pump which helps speed up grow times. The purpose of this grow method is that the fertilizer enriched mixture is amazing for the plants and works wonders for the grow.

    Drip Irrigation

    Each plant in a drip irrigation has its own chamber, the nutrients are feed by a dripper and the solution is recycled. In each chamber the nutrients are fed into the medium by a small dripper.

    Nutrient Film Technique

    This method is a nutrient solution being pumped onto a try which then forms a shallow and slow moving film targeting the plant’s roots. The roots then grow into a solution, which creates a large root mat in the tray. This gives the roots 24 access to water, nutrients and oxygen, speeding up the development and producing maximum yields.

    Ebb and Flow

    Replaces soil with rockwool a medium that helps produce large yields. Stimulating a natural cycle of rain, producing a natural like environment for the grow.

    Hydroponic VS Soil Cannabis

    To summarize it all up, when choosing hydroponic VS soil cannabis it all comes down to the yield you are looking for. Indoor does offer the best bang for your buck, if grown properly it can produce a superior quality cannabis that outdoor cant and the grow times are usually faster. Indoor also has the advantage of a more direct approach due to the hydro and mediums that are used. Roots prioritize intake by oxygen, nutrients and water, roots breathe in oxygen below the surface and the rest of the plant above the surface breathes in CO2. Hydroponics mediums are less dense and more airy which helps gets oxygen to the roots faster, results in a quicker grow time. Ourdoor might not be as superior as indoor grows but they can offer higher yields. 


    Hydroponic vs organic, Which is better?

    Hydroponics is described as the process of growing plants or crops in water without the use of soil, while organic farming involves choosing not to use inorganic fertilizers in the growing process. ... It has been proven that vitamin content is 50% more in hydroponically grown plants as compared to conventional one

    Is it better to grow in soil of hydroponics?

    In fact, grown under the same conditions, a hydroponic plant can grow up to 30-50% faster than a soil plant. Because your plants grow faster, you can also identify issues earlier on, meaning that these issues can be tended to or repair themselves faster as well.

    Is growing hydroponic easy?

    hydroponic system can grow plants and vegetables faster and year-round. Plants grown this way usually yield more, require less space, and conserve soil and water. ... Three systems are suitable for beginners: the wick system, the water culture system, and the ebb and flow system.


    It’s been weeks of pain and discomfort, your teeth have been trying to make room for a few new friends but there is no more room. Your gums ache, your jaw is swollen and you can barely open your mouth. Your wisdom teeth are finally breaking through and it’s time to have them pulled out. The dentist has told you not to smoke weed before your operation because it wont mix well with the anesthesia, but you know afterwards your mouth will be swollen and extremely painful. It’s going to take a few days of recovery and there would be nothing better but to chill out in front of your TV for a few days, getting high as a kite off your favourite Haute Health strain and let your body heal itself. But you now find yourself asking the question, how long after I have my wisdom teeth pulled can I smoke weed? And is smoking after wisdom a tooth extraction a safe idea? Our in-house experts have put together a small guide on smoking weed after wisdom a tooth extraction to find out if it’s safe.

    Smoking Weed After Wisdom Teeth Extraction

    It’s probably been a few days since you’ve had your last puff, your sick of those powerful pain pills the doctor gave you and you want to go back to self medication of a more natural form. Lucky for you there are multiple options to get your daily dose of marijuana without compromising the recovery of your surgery. In fact, it may actually help lead to a faster and safer recovery opposed to relying on those prescription pills you were given.

    When your dentists prescribes those painkillers the purpose is in the name, to kill the pain and also to help in the recovery process. But with those pain pills come a long list of side effects and the possibility of a habit forming after they are no longer needed. Marijuana on the other hand has very little side-effects and is a much more natural substance that your body can absorb without any serious repercussions. The two most active cannabinoids in cannabis are THC and CBD and are most commonly known to reduce pain and inflammation. Dealing with pain and inflammation so happen to be the two most important things when recovering from a tooth extraction.


    When it comes to smoking weed after wisdom teeth removal, it’s best to avoid smoke all together. However If you have no other option you should only use a vaporizer. Vaporizers produce a cleaner smoke opposed to taking a hit off of a bong or a joint, breaking down the cannabinoids to deliver a more medicinal high. It also reduces the carcinogens which if inhaled could lead to a possible infection at the source of your surgery. Vaping is the safest option but it can cause what is known as dry sockets, this can cause the blood clot that is protecting bone and nerves to become displaced. So it’s best when smoking a vape to suck on the mouthpiece very lightly, as if you hit your vape too hard there is a much higher chance of you getting dry sockets. New to vaporizing and need some help getting started? We have a great Beginners Guide to Vaporizing Cannabis that can help put you in the right direction towards becoming a vaping pro!


    Edibles are a great option when it comes to recovering from wisdom teeth surgery and is a safer alternative to smoking cannabis. You can get a wide variety of edibles from cannabis gummies to baked goods, but whether you can eat anything at all is another question. Depending on the result of your surgery you may have had you wisdom teeth wounds sewn shut, this means you can most likely eat some forms of solid food relatively early after your surgery. This makes eating soft edibles a great option in reducing the pain and bringing down the swelling. If your wounds were left open though, eating a weed cookie is off the table and you are most likely only allowed consume food in a liquid form. If you do decide to eat an edible during your recovery, always make sure to carefully clean out the surgical area so no food particles are left over in the exposed wound. Failure to do so could lead to possible infection. Cannabis edible are a great option to have lying around the house or to give your lungs a break from smoking, head over to our 6 Things You Need to Know About Eating Marijuana Edibles to learn more!

    THC/CBD Oil

    If you are looking for the best option to recover using cannabis then you should look no further the THC/CBD Oil. Found in small tinctures, a mixture of both THC and CBD can provide both of best worlds. THC is famous for its pain fighting attributes while CBD is best known for its ability to reduce inflammation in swollen areas.  Coming in a liquid based form also makes it the most optimal option for consuming cannabis safely, without risk of any complications. The most common ways of administering THC/CBD oil is either directly under your tongue where it is absorbed directly into the blood stream or by adding to a liquid such as a drink or soup. There are absolutely no complications that come with using tinctures while recovering from a tooth extraction and it allows you to use as much or as little when it comes to dosage. Want to learn more about the amazing health benefits Cannabis Oil has to offer?

    Negative Effects to Smoking Marijuana After a Tooth Extraction

    When it comes to recovering from any type of surgery there are always post operational risks that can cause further complications such as infection or more surgery. This is why it’s vital to recover exactly how your doctor tells you and to not do anything that could jeopardize your recovery. Although cannabis isn’t that harmful there are still some risks to smoking cannabis after a tooth extraction.

    Dry Socket

    When your tooth is removed the tooth is pulled from its socket where it is attached to the bone. Once the tooth is removed the body will jump into action and clot the area with blood to help protect the bone and nerves which were attached to the tooth that was just pulled.

    One of the biggest issues that can cause a severe amount of pain is when the blood clot becomes displace from the area, known as dry socket. When this occurs it is sometimes due to patients smoking during their recovery, this increases the risk of the blood clot becoming displaced. When this happens there is a greater amount of pain associated with the recovery and could even lead to an infection.

    Dry Mouth

    Dry mouth is a pretty common issue after smoking weed, but usually it can be easily dealt with by drinking a large glass of water. However when you are recovering from a tooth extraction a dry mouth can cause problems. When your mouth becomes dry it contributes to poor oral hygiene, bacteria then begins to develop throughout the mouth because it isn’t properly hydrated. When there is a build up of bacteria there is a higher risk of a potential infection. It can also lead to a dry sockets. Having a dry mouth is something you don’t want occurring during your recovery so it might be a good option to avoid smoking and choosing another alternative to get your daily does of marijuana.

    When Can I Smoke after Tooth Extraction?

    Typically it is recommended that you wait 72 hour before smoking after a tooth extraction. This allows for sufficient enough healing time, allowing the blood clots to form and the healing process to begin reasonably quickly. When waiting for how long after wisdom teeth can I smoke weed it is best to give a full week, just to be on the safe side of things.

    Weed can affect many areas of the body, helping with various symptoms and ailments. We have written many pieces of the wide benefits of cannabis and it's medicinal powers.

    Haute Health

    As we mentioned above there are many alternatives to smoking cannabis that can help with the recovery process after a tooth extraction. Haute Health is the best place to buy weed online in Canada, it offers various alternatives such as cannabis edibles online, $15 shatter and $20 shatter that can be vaporized. If you are looking to bake your own edibles at home we recommend our top quality $3 grams of weed and our weed shake



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