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Love is in the air! Or maybe that’s just snow… It’s still winter time for most of us Canadians, but hearts are warming up as the most romantic of holidays is just around the corner.  If your loved ones are like most of us denizens of the Great White North, then nothing speaks truer to the heart then a thoughtful stoner gift.  Cannabis is the gift that keeps on giving - it helps us feel healthier, have more fun, feel more relaxed and even sleep better.

The usual Valentine’s gifts consist of chocolates, jewelry and flowers - with Valentine’s gifts for weed smokers you can still invest in chocolates and even flowers (not the kind you just look at, but the smokable ones too!).  This V Day why not give the gift of less stress, giggles, munchies and pure relaxation instead of another sappy card or overpriced bouquet of roses?

To inspire your most romantic gift for the most romantic time of the year, let’s review some of the top Valentine’s Day weed gift ideas for 2023. First we’ll discuss what makes a typical stoner Valentine’s Day is like for gift inspiration.  Next, we’ll go through some of the most popular Valentine’s Day weed gift ideas and where you can find all of the best cannabis Valentine’s gifts online in Canada in 2023.

What’s A Stoner Valentine’s Day Like?

Before we make a list of the best Valentine’s gifts for weed smokers we feel it’s pertinent to define what makes for the perfect stoner’s Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re dating, in a long-term relationship, married or in some kind of polyamorous situation, Valentine’s Day is an important spot on the calendar.  The social pressures on couples has risen to dizzying heights, especially when you consider that 2023 will be the first Valentine’s since COVID made going out impossible for almost two years.

Instead of buying into these kinds of hype, what makes cannabis Valentine’s Days so great is that the focus shifts from themes of perfect dates, unparalleled romance and expensive gifts to what really matters: feeling good, having fun and sharing the love.  Cannabis is one heck of an aphrodisiac, not to mention it can calm the most frantic of minds or help an achy body to feel at ease.  

Cannabis Valentine’s gifts are the ultimate expression of “I care about YOU” for your significant other(s).  Does your girlfriend work super hard and deserve a chance to unwind or destress? Some delectable weed chocolates will satisfy her cravings while calming her busy mind & tired body. Has your wife been struggling with some nagging back pain or bouts of insomnia? Give her some purple-orange-and-green flowers that will have her chilling out more than that bucket of champagne on ice.  Is your love life needing a bit of mix-up? What better way to spice up your Valentine’s nightly activities than with some soothing CBD or tantalizing THC?

The applications for cannabis on Valentine’s Day are nearly endless, and there’s guaranteed to be a unique weed product for every kind of person. Here are some of the most popular stoner Valentine’s day themes to inspire your afternoon/evening of dro-mance:


One of the best ways to enjoy V Day is to chill out with some good weed & good company.  Nothing relaxes your tired mind or eases those tense muscles quite like cannabis.  Whether you’re seeking the calm clarity of CBD, or you prefer the all-encompassing powers of THC to wipe your brain clean there are a ton of suitable cannabis Valentine’s Day gifts that can maximize your chill factor.


Some of us don’t care what the occasion is - a holiday is just another day off to launch into cerebral space and jettison ourselves from our Earthly bodies.  Why settle for an expensive bottle of wine for your Valentine’s date when you could buy two tickets to another galaxy instead? Spacing out is an awesome way to relax, unplug, reset or experience something truly unique with somebody you care about.  Not all high-flying cannabis trips are the same, so keep this in mind when you and your loved ones are getting high together.


Sometimes all you need to put the cherry on top of a beautiful Valentine’s Day is some perspective enhancing substances like THC.  A little weed oil, capsules, gummies, smoke or vape will sharpen your mind’s eye, dull those aches & pains and open your senses up to the universe around you.  Some strains are better at knocking you out, others are meant to enervate your mind & body, so choose wisely - Valentine’s is meant to be full of red & pink romance, not greening out into oblivion.


A box of chocolates and some flowers is all your date really wants for V Day, right? Well cannabis edibles combine the two into one fun-filled, sweet, savory and sensual experience.  Valentine’s Day has always been a festive occasion for indulging in life’s pleasures with those closest to you, so why not indulge in some cannabis enhanced chocolates, cookies, gummies, candies or tasty beverages?


When dessert has been served and dinner is a fading, full-stomached memory, the real ‘festivities’ of Valentine’s are on tap.  Expressing your love for your partner is something many people don’t appreciate enough, so the most romantic of holidays is the perfect time to rekindle that fire or take your sensual experiences to new levels.  Cannabis is just what Dr. Love ordered - it can soothe, relax, excite, stimulate, warm or cool all over your body while teasing your mind.  When it comes to enhancing aphrodisiacs, cannabis has got to be up there among the gods of love.

Valentine’s Day Weed Gift Ideas

No matter your budget, there are millions of exciting cannabis products online that can seem tailormade for your loved ones. Whether your partner is in to the neutral calming effects of CBD or a more adventurous Valentine’s night with THC, the world of weed has something for everyone.  The only questions you need to know the answers to before you buy a weed Valentine’s day gift are:

What is their tolerance level to certain cannabinoids?

You need to determine whether your loved one is a real power-doser or if they are quite new to cannabis in general.  Buying the right potency of product is essential to creating a memorable romantic day/evening instead of a blank slate in your memory banks.

Do they have any preferred terpenes, flavors or aromas of cannabis?

Citrus & tropical fruits are loved by most, but so are chocolate, nuts, vanilla and coffee flavors or aromas.  Try to pair the cannabis products you’re buying with your love one’s favorite guilty pleasures - there’s a strain, edible or vape of every color, texture, taste and smell.

Is this cannabis Valentine’s Day gift meant to be for the day/night of? Or to enjoy for days/weeks after?

Whether you buy a tin for one night of fun or in bulk to keep the feel-good vibes of Valentine’s going all week, it’s important to pick a cannabis product that suits your partner’s weed habits as much as it is a treat for the holiday.  Cannabis oils and other concentrates last a very long time, whereas edibles need to be consumed relatively quickly for the best experience.

Finding answers to these three questions can provide a ton of clarity for a smoother online shopping experience.  A sneaky way to sleuth your loved one’s cannabis preferences is to ask their usual dispensaries what they like to buy, or stealthily check their order history from online shops. You can always take a hail-mary and shoot for the stars with something unique, powerful or random, but be careful because everybody’s tolerances to cannabinoids can vary greatly.

To get you started in your hunt for the perfect stoner’s Valentine’s Day gift, here are some of the most highly reviewed products for these holidaze:


Share a wedge of 900 MG THC CHOCOLATE TOBLERONE!

Have a couples’ bath with a 200 MG THC BATH BOMB!

Massage each other’s feet while you drop 40 MG THC GUMMY BLUE FEET!

Taste each other’s cherry with THC DISPOSABLE VAPE PENS: CHERRY!

Soothe & satisfy with 500 MG CBD FULL-SPECTRUM TINCTURES!

Spice it up in a little threeway with LINDSAY OG SHATTER!

Open up to your wild side when you open PANDORA’S BOX FLOWER!

Be red hot with these 200 MG THC RED HARD CANDIES!

Give them what they really want for Valentine’s with PURPLE HAZE DIAMONDS!

Haute Health Has All Your Cannabis Valentine’s Gifts

It’s just under two weeks until the big day, so now that you’re an expert in all the latest & greatest weed Valentine’s gift ideas there’s only one thing left to do: pull your credit card out of your wallet and shop for some of the best cannabis Valentine’s gifts at Haute Health.  Hautehealth.su is loaded with sweet treats, potent extracts and all the top strains that your loved ones desire.

Haute Health has every kind of cannabis product imaginable, so they’re not boasting when they say they’ve got weed to suit every need.  Looking for a delicious weed chocolate bar to melt in your loved one’s mouth? How about some soothing THC or CBD topicals that can relax or excite? There’s even a wide range of cannabis extracts for the more experienced stoners on your Valentine’s Day list.

You love weed like you love your significant other, so let Haute Health show your wallet the same love with the best deals on cannabis online in Canada.  We hope you all have a fantastic day of romance, romping good times and some well-deserved R&R!

Do you know a weed smoker who might love some new fun gadgets and toys this year? Do you know a smoker with everything who is impossible to buy gifts for? Or maybe you’re secretly shopping for cool things for yourself - don’t worry we won’t tell! Whatever the case we sent the staff at Haute Health out to scour the net for the best and most exciting gifts for stoners and gifts for smokers that they could find; let’s find out what they came up with! Here are some of the best stoner gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season.

When it comes to gifts for stoners the prices can range from the cheap and simple to the extravagant and expensive. The ideal gift for the stoner in your life definitely depends on what type of cannabis personality they are! Some cannabis smokers prefer to keep it classy and refined and might be hard to shop for, especially on a budget! Some weed smoking folks are much easier to find gifts for smokers for because they are easygoing and enjoy the fun trappings of stoner culture. Read on for some great gift ideas for either type of toker in your life!

Affordable but not Awful

Let’s face it some aspects of stoner culture can be downright tacky and embarrassing at times. Some people certainly embrace this aspect of being a smoker and for them finding a cheap and funny weed themed gift should be easy. But what if you want to give something heartfelt or useful that isn’t just a corny cliche? If you’re looking for stoner girlfriend gifts or a surprise for a picky stoner in your life you might want to try to get a little more creative with your ideas. Here are some suggestions that won’t break the bank or make your friend or loved one feel like you think they have tacky taste when it comes to cannabis culture!

A Cool Grinder

Etsy is a great source for cool and crafty gifts and when it comes to cannabis accessories you can find nearly anything you might imagine! If you’re looking for something beautiful to serve as a great stoner girlfriend gifts check out some of the great customized and beautiful four piece grinders from the shop CustomizeLazerWorks. They have cool pink holographic style grinders that any stoner girlfriend would likely die for as well as a wide range of other cool and unique varieties available to choose from. Let your loved one grind their weed in style this year!

Some High Minded Artwork

Or maybe a gift to dress up your loved ones living space is more in line with yours or their personal aesthetic needs? Take down the black light or marvel movie posters in the living room and add a little chic cannabis artistic flair instead. This fantastic and affordable print in the style of the famed Andy Warhol soup cans by Jenna Rast on Society6 is sure to class up any living space while simultaneously declaring a passion for toking and the fine arts! And best of all it couldn’t be more affordable at under $20!

Adorable Cannabis Themed Pins

Who doesn’t love a cute set of pins to wear with an adorable outfit? If you’re putting together a stoner gift box don’t forget these little cuties from Towne9 on Etsy. The adorable bong, weed baggie and pot leaf set in cool pastels is certain to put a big smile on her face this year and they can be used year round to make any outfit pop. Or you can pin them to a corkboard and display them next to the cute new grinder and artwork.

A Super Cool Rolling Tray

These cool and stunning rolling trays not only give you a nice dedicated rolling surface so you can keep your countertops and coffee table clean and free of cannabis debris but they also feature incredible and stunning conversation starting and graffiti inspired artworks. I mean just look at that beautiful thing!

For the Classy Cannabis Connoisseur

We all know that one smoker who looks down their nose at the dank memes and hates the tacky look of anything that screams “Stoner Culture”. For these picky tokers who already have much of the finer things when it comes to cannabis accessories it can be very difficult to find gifts that might suit them and not send them running to return it as soon as you are out of the room.

A Beautiful Walnut Smoking Set

This Black Walnut Smoking Set from Bespoke Post has the power to class up any smoking session or smoke spot. Elegant and minimal, like a restored vintage piece of mid century modern furniture handed down or discovered at an estate sale. The pipe, in handblown glass and black walnut, is crafted for smooth smoking and fits perfectly in the hand — it’s even balanced to rest securely on a flat base. And the crystal ashtray has a detachable poker (to keep your piece clean), a felt base, and a rim in the same swirling black walnut. To die for style and elegance for any toker and one of the best and most unique stoner gift ideas we have seen this year.

Hand Blown Artisan Fruit Pipe

If your giftee’s taste is a mix of the fun and tacky with an appreciation for beautiful custom glass pieces then you may want to put a handmade glass fruit pipe from Edie Parker in your stoner gift box! Much larger than you might expect this beautiful and fruity pipe piece fits in the hand but is much larger than a fist making it the perfect display piece for your fanciest stoner friend’s bookshelf or smoking nook. Feeling extra generous? Pick up the banana, orange and cherry pipe too and gift your loved one with the ultimate stoner gift box - a giant bowl of smokable fruits!

And for our last two suggestions we’re bringing out the big guns. These are gifts that are ideal for the most dedicated, discerning and higher class of cannabis connoisseur.

A High Tech Top of the Line Infuser

Do you know someone who loves to cook with cannabis? Why not blow everyone else’s gifts right out of the park (who needs more cannabis cookbooks anyhow!) and set them up to supply you and everyone you know with the finest edibles, oils and infusions you can possibly make in your kitchen at home? The Levo II takes the confusion out of infusion allowing you to create extracts, oils and butters using cannabis - or any other herb you like for that matter - without making a mess or driving yourself up the wall. This is truly a gift that keeps on giving and it is available in a fun range of different colourways.

The Classic and Undefeated Volcano Vaporizer

And finally last but not least a true undefeated classic of cannabis technology and a holy grail item for any stoner who doesn’t already have one: the often imitated, never duplicated Volcano desktop vaporizer! This titan of THC technology is available in a range of colours including the classic silver, spooky black or beautiful gold. If you want to blow their mind and their socks off at the same time you really can’t get much better than a piece of technology that both revolutionized the weed smoking game and then stayed at the top of every cool-gadgets-for-stoners wishlist for well over a decade. If they have it all when it comes to bongs, rolling trays, pipes and other cool accessories you can go big and bring them home a timeless classic in their stoner gifts basket this year!

We hope these suggestions got the wheels turning in your mind and inspired you to check out some new and exciting stoner gifts ideas you might not have considered before. Of course if none of these items are suitable there is one surefire never fails gift you can always put in the weed gift basket this holiday season that’s sure not to disappoint: some high quality cannabis products from your favourite online cannabis resource Haute Health!

Haute Health

Haute is your one-top-shop for all your cannabis needs. Whether you are looking to buy some of the best craft grown cannabis or score some top grade edibles, Haute is the best spot to buy weed online in Canada. Haute cannabis edibles online are the highest potency and most affordable online, along with their cannabis concentrates and keif online, you can buy hash online as well. Every day Haute offers different weed deals online with rock bottom prices and top quality strains. Not sure what a top quality strain is, head over to our Weed Grading System to educate yourself on the best products for your needs.

When it comes to cannabis there is no shortage of manipulation, misinformation and outright fear mongering to be found online and out in the world. Over the years a lot of tall tales and wild yarns have been spun about the dangers and potential side effects of regular cannabis use. But does smoking weed cause hair loss? If you have spent any time googling for the answer you might be surprised to see just how many articles there are online which make all kinds of absurd claims trying to tie the use of cannabis products to hair loss. Unsurprisingly the vast majority of these articles are posted by companies who are hoping to sell you products to ward off hair loss or other vanity items.It’s important to be aware of what you are reading and where it is coming from. Who wrote the words you are reading now and why did they write them? What are they trying to convince you of and more importantly at the end of the day what are they trying to sell to you? If they are trying to sell you an absolutely useless product without any redeeming beneficial value they will go to great lengths performing all sorts of mental contortions in able to make their point of view seem like the only reasonable, obvious and informed position.

Does Marijuana Cause Hair Loss?

I have to admit when I was first assigned this article to research and write I thought it must be a joke at first. I myself am a bald man who lost most of his hair in his late twenties and early thirties while also being a regular heavy user of cannabis. I accepted I was going bald for genetic reasons very early on in the process and adapted quickly to the routine and appearance of a shaved head. I started to get into hats. One thing that never occurred to me for even a moment not ever in all of my life was the possibility that my hair loss could have anything to do with my cannabis use.

But after digging around for information it becomes incredibly clear why articles dispelling the myth of the link between hair loss and cannabis use unfortunately do need to be written and published after all. It turns out that even though the link between marijuana and hair loss seems absurd to me it has in fact occurred to a lot of enterprising companies hoping to capitalize on the vanity and fear of men who are extremely insecure about losing their hair.

Personally I can’t think of anything less becoming of a man than spending a lot of time, money and energy on trying to save or worry about your thinning hair. Yes it can suck to lose your hair especially if you really enjoyed it but honestly just shave your head and move on. Get some hats. Nobody could possibly care about your bald head even half as much as you probably do. Why waste your time alive being vain and uptight about something so surface level and dull when you could get stoned instead?

Weed and Hair Loss

The vast majority of the fear mongering articles meant to scare you into believing your cannabis use is the cause of your thinning hairline come from websites created by companies that sell hair care products of course. Furthermore most of these articles use complete mischaracterizations and misunderstandings based on very outdated stereotypes to justify the tenuous link between weed and hair loss that they are struggling to prove or make real.

Over and over again I was subjected to a click-bait headline which heavily implied regular cannabis use would lead directly to all of your hair falling out and then over the course of 2000 words they would hem and haw back and forth about the subject before it became clear the only link they could draw to make their conclusion was that cannabis users eat bad foods and make bad life choices so therefore they are more likely to go bald.

Other articles tried to make claims such as the majority of cannabis users mix their cannabis with tobacco and therefore would attribute all the proven negative attributes of tobacco smoke to cannabis smoking. Be wary of any article that uses the term “smoking” to describe potential hair loss as invariably they will be twisting the facts to suggest that cannabis smoking is identical in detrimental effects to smoking tobacco products - an idea that has long since been debunked but has been employed successfully for many years as a means of suppressing the acceptance of cannabis use.

Now I don’t know about you but as a longtime cannabis smoker who is bald I am offended that anybody could assume I could possibly be so vain, dense or desperate to consider cannabis as the source of my hair loss. Smoking weed and hair loss are not interlinked in any meaningful direct way that has ever been proven and anyone trying to tell you otherwise is trying to sell you something that possibly doesn’t even work in the first place.

Does Weed Make Your Hair Grow?

There is no direct correlation between smoking weed and hair loss but you would never know that to be true if you spent much time looking online for the answer.  The fact that so many people are still asking can marijuana cause hair loss has inspired a lot of enterprising entrepreneurs to attempt to capitalize on the paranoia - which cannabis use CAN famously cause - that many cannabis users are experiencing about their hair thinning.

But the same is true at the other end of the spectrum as well. Be wary of any article or company who is trying to sell you a cure-all product with no single clear defined use or purpose. When someone starts to rattle off an endless list of possible uses for something rather than a single particular definite one you can almost certainly rest assured that you are dealing with someone who is trying to sell you some snake oil.

Smoking weed and hair loss or hair growth are completely unrelated to one another and anyone with an insistence they have evidence that proves otherwise has yet to provide any convincing links between weed and hair loss.

The simple truth of the matter is that some people are genetically predisposed to have thinning hair or go bald and some are not. Miracle cures and secret formulas claiming to be able to reverse this process or restore the lost hair have been around for quite a long time. The idea that some supplement, potion, lotion or other such substance could help prevent your hair from thinning or regrow your lost mane is likely as old as time itself. It is no surprise then that people are attempting to capitalize on the cannabis craze by suggesting it could also be a potential hair loss cure or the cause of your hair loss concerns.

Whether you are bald, have a thinning hairline or a full shaggy mop of hair that hangs past your knees Haute Health has an ideal strain, edible, capsule, topical or other form of cannabis product that will be ideal for your particular lifestyle and personal preferences. No matter your budget or tolerance limit you will be able to find exactly what you need in our online shop!

Haute Health is simply the best and most trusted online cannabis shop in Canada with the widest selection of top quality cannabis products around. We carry a great and diverse selection of great and cutting edge items cannabis fanatics love including Sour OG shatter, CBD Full Spectrum distillate??, Delta 8 THC vape cartridges and Delta 8 THC tincture!


Cannabis and mental health have been making the news lately and you might be surprised to find out why! For decades before recreational legalization in Canada people have been self medicating with cannabis products with the intention of regaining control over their own lives and keeping their symptoms in check. Reports of peoples struggles and successes using this natural and enjoyable plant have been flooding the internet encouraging many others to seek out and try cannabis as a solution for their own mental and physical health concerns.

With many of the traditional medications that are commonly used to treat issues such as depression, insomnia, anxiety, nausea, chronic pain, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and a host of other medical conditions the possible side effects can often seem overwhelming. It is not uncommon for a person seeking treatment for one condition to find that the medications that they are prescribed wreak havoc on their already weakened or struggling systems. Some of these conditions have no known cure and require the vigilant management of a wide range of possible chronic symptoms so the addition of other unwanted side effects can take a heavy toll on both the body and the mind.

Nothing Cures Everything

Although it is far from the “cure all” solution some seem to suggest it is, there is a growing pile of research and study with findings in support of the many benefits introducing THC and CBD products into your daily routine can add to your life regardless if you are struggling with a mental health condition or not. For those among us who have tried conventional treatments and medications and found difficulty rather than comfort and relief there is still hope! Many people have discovered that using cannabis as an alternative treatment method for their mental health issues allows them to reclaim their sense of self and enjoy a feeling of control over their negative symptoms while minimizing the possibility of harmful and unwanted side effects.

Driven by calls from desperate parents around the world, medical marijuana legalization - which paved the way for recreational legalization in Canada - first started to gain traction and social acceptance in the fight against rare forms of epilepsy in children as young as two years old. High CBD cannabis extracts and medications were approved and developed and achieved incredible successes in helping very young people gain some control over their symptoms which could often be completely debilitating. Some children reportedly experiencing upwards of several hundred seizures a week were able to enjoy relatively ordinary childhoods after the introduction of CBD based cannabis medications, lowering their incidents of seizures down to just one or two a month.


What Is It Good For?

As it is presently understood the relationship between cannabis and mental health seems to be a mostly beneficial one. Some of the other conditions that extensive study and significant positive outcomes seem to suggest THC and CBD products as a beneficial and even ideal treatment include; chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting, controlling spasticity in MS and managing a wide range of forms of chronic pain.

Some other ailments that users around the world report they have had success treating with cannabis products include: depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism, tourette’s, PTSD, psychosis, schizophrenia, insomnia, bipolar disorder, anger management and reduction of stress. Not enough resources have been allocated to the important study of THC and CBD on the human body and mind but slowly and certainly, driven by the passion of those who have had their lives improved by it, these attitudes are evolving.

As far as anecdotal evidence is concerned there is no shortage of it to be found. While this can offer us very little in the way of valuable scientific evidence it can provide insight into the variety of ways people are already mixing weed and mental health issues. Users worldwide report positive outcomes experimenting with the mental effect of marijuana and it is hard to ignore the good news after so many decades of bad press and PR disasters for users of cannabis. The war on drugs and the zero tolerance attitudes of the past have left an undeniable mark on the attitudes and opinions of the public at large but with ongoing study and the mountains of reports from happy users this widespread perception of cannabis as a “gateway drug” is changing.

Reefer Madness

It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows of course. Just as with any other drug or substance there is a potential to form a dependency and abuse it. Marijuana and mental illness may share an important link and although many people are reporting that they have found relief using cannabis the same won’t be true for everybody. Your personal psychology, medical conditions and comfort level with cannabis products may vary and therefore so may your personal results. If you are thinking of mixing marijuana and mental health concerns be sure you do so armed with all the facts and information you can find. You may also wish to discuss your interest in medical cannabis with a trained medical professional to be absolutely certain it is the right treatment for you.

But does weed make you hallucinate? Can weed make you depressed? What about the famous link between marijuana and paranoia? The various potential mental effects of marijuana can seem intimidating to novice users and it is easy to scare yourself off, especially if you have a bad experience by taking too high of a dose by mistake! Many people have mistaken their tolerance level as being greater than it is and unwittingly taken a bit too much of an edible or extract and ended up “greening out” - a circumstance that can see you suffering from nausea, physical discomfort and extreme feelings of paranoia, anxiety and in some extreme cases auditory hallucinations.

Luckily this circumstance is easily avoidable and most importantly it is absolutely never fatal. Although you may feel an overwhelming sense of despair or even fear for your sanity or wellbeing the absolute worst that can happen to you is a half a day wasted and a bit of discomfort and paranoia. It is regarded almost like a right of passage when it comes to smoking or ingesting high quantities of marijuana and apart from the displeasure it poses no real threat to a person's health or sanity.

But does weed make you hallucinate visually? It is not possible to experience visual hallucinations on marijuana and anybody who tells you that they have experienced visual weed hallucinations is either misinformed or attempting to misinform. Weed hallucinations only occur in the most extreme cases of overdose and are the most severe symptom possible and only manifest as auditory experiences.

Paranoia & Depression

Cannabis paranoia is a well known and documented side effect that seems to strike some people more than others depending on their personality type. Certain strains tend to activate it in people more than others but your personal mileage in this regard may vary. Marijuana and paranoia are often negatively associated with one another but people have also reportedly used CBD and THC to curb and maintain paranoid feelings and thoughts especially in the case of those suffering from PTSD. With the right relaxing strain and mindset - we recommend an indica heavy low THC, high CBD strain - you can soothe frayed nerves and ease a racing mind to reclaim your state of mind.

Much more study is necessary to fully understand the relationship between cannabis use and depression with many users reporting that they have achieved relief from their day to day symptoms of depression. But can weed make you depressed if used improperly? Some users have reported a lowered state of mood and a struggle to accomplish their daily responsibilities when trying cannabis related medications to manage their mental health issues. For people in this circumstance it might be worth switching to a different strain of cannabis with a higher focus on sativa content or a strain rich in CBD and low in THC. It is also possible that cannabis is simply not the right option for you and if so you should discuss other options with a trained medical professional.

Marijuana & Mental Illness

Before you decide to mix marijuana and mental health concerns you may be experiencing it is always a good idea to speak to a trained medical professional and find out the facts for yourself. Weed and mental health go hand in hand for a rapidly growing number of people all over Canada and throughout the world and as more and more people discover the freedom and relief they can experience with relatively low risk of adverse side effects the word is only sure to spread further and faster. As more research is completed and more information comes to light those of us struggling with mental health concerns who have been self medicating with cannabis products for years already have grown to feel a sense of acceptance, understanding and hope that had previously eluded them.

Why not try cannabis yourself today and see what comforts it may be able to provide for you and the people in your life that you love? If you are looking to buy weed online Haute Health has a fantastic selection of top quality cannabis products like cannabis concentrates and cannabis flowers and we are the number one source in Canada for people looking to buy top quality shatter online. Enjoy free shipping on any oder over $200 and be sure to take advantage of our fantastic smokin’ daily deals and special offers!


For most people using cannabis does not result in any form of weed addiction or dependency however cases of addiction to marijuana have been reported although they are extremely rare. Some people, likely people who have personalities which are particularly prone to addiction in general, have reported experiencing all of the symptoms of addiction and dependence after routinely using cannabis products.

Most commonly users never come close to anything resembling a harmful weed addiction when it comes to their cannabis use. This is so commonly understood that even when anti-drug campaigns would target cannabis it was always under the assumption that cannabis was a gateway substance that could lead users towards the use of harder and actually physically addictive substances. For the most part people who enjoy cannabis do not lose control over their use.

Can Marijuna Be Addictive?

Is marijuana addictive? In the same way anything pleasant and easily accessible can become overwhelming or addictive you can also develop a cannabis addiction. Luckily however the simplest method to avoid becoming addicted to cannabis or any other mostly innocuous pleasure in life such as chocolate or video games is to exercise your self control and develop a stronger willpower. Weed addiction is primarily a psychological issue stemming from a lack of self control so if you find yourself unable to control yourself when it comes to hedonistic pleasures you may do well to use cannabis products cautiously to avoid becoming addicted to weed.

Just because the vast majority of cannabis users can enjoy smoking, eating or otherwise ingesting cannabis products on a regular - even daily - basis without ever developing a cannabis addiction doesn’t mean it isn’t possible at all. For some individuals even a drug with mild and extremely predictable effects like cannabis can result in a dependency that can be difficult for a user to shake.

Some studies have suggested that the widespread legalization and use of higher potency recreational cannabis has contributed to a slight increase in the amount of people reporting issues with addiction and dependency when it comes to cannabis products. Average potency for cannabis products has jumped in recent decades averaging between 10-20% THC content compared to much lower averages in years past. But what does it actually mean to be addicted to weed?

Abuse vs Addiction

There is an important distinction to be made between the concepts of marijuana abuse and marijuana dependence. Both are possible unhealthy relationships a person could develop when consuming too many cannabis products but they are separated by some very important distinctions that should be made clear.

Marijuana abuse occurs when a person continues to smoke or use cannabis products despite the fact that the use of cannabis is having direct negative consequences in their life. Some examples of these kinds of consequences may include losing a job due to smoking, performing poorly at work, at school or as a member of a team or after running into trouble with the law over their cannabis use. By definition anyone who continues to use any substance after clear negative consequences have been imposed upon them as a direct result of using said substance can be said to have a substance use disorder.

But an important distinction must be made here. A marijuana use disorder is not strictly speaking the same thing as a marijuana addiction. A person with an addiction to cannabis or any other substance will have an underlying use disorder but will also display some or all of the classic behavioural symptoms of addiction.

These behavioural symptoms include losing control and needing larger and larger amounts of cannabis to feel satisfied, spending more and more time thinking about using cannabis, denial of any claims that they have changed as a result of their use, cannabis taking a central role in their life, their time and money is spent solely on the focus of acquiring and enjoying more cannabis, they will be prone to irritability and suffer angry outbursts when the supply runs out and last but not least in the face of all these negative consequences and more they will continue to use cannabis regardless.

Can You Get Addicted To Weed?

How addictive is marijuana really? Unlike other more dangerous controlled substances such as alcohol or opiates forming a physical weed addiction is extremely rare. In most cases cannabis addiction is as rare as addiction to other pleasurable experiences like eating candy, binge watching television or masturbation. It is possible and it is certainly true that small segments of the population are particularly susceptible to developing an addiction to almost anything. However this is more a matter of personal responsibility, willpower and self control than a concern about the potential for marijuana addiction.

If you are the type of personality that struggles to not eat the entire bag of chips, the whole candy bar, or drink the entire bottle of wine in one sitting then you may be more likely to abuse cannabis in the same way you might abuse anything else. In order to avoid the concern of becoming addicted to weed it might be advisable to work on developing better self control and personal responsibility before adding cannabis into your lifestyle. Or at the very least start slowly and approach your use with caution and care to make sure you don’t start to rely on it for more than just the occasional evening of relaxation or for unwinding on the weekends.

The consensus among experts on addiction is that physical dependence on a substance develops in correlation to a rising tolerance level users experience after becoming a regular user of a particular substance. In the case of cannabis products this means that the more you smoke, eat, or otherwise utilize the more your body will require in order to achieve the same desired level of effect.

In the case of much more severe substances this is often coupled with serious physical withdrawal symptoms when use is ceased. Luckily for cannabis users physical withdrawal symptoms are rare and when they occur they are typically not more serious than a headache, loss of appetite, a persistent desire to get stoned, irritability and mood swings, an inability to focus and in some cases after heavy use difficulty falling and staying asleep. Thankfully most of these symptoms if they do present themselves are mild and don’t last much longer than a week or two before completely subsiding.

Is Marijuna Addictive?

As we have previously discussed marijuana addiction is a definite possibility for a small number of people who use cannabis products however cases are rare and are not considered severe. Whether its a result of higher potency or the much more easily available and socially acceptable recreational legal weed products flooding the Canadian marketplace the number of people who seek treatment for issues with marijuana abuse and dependence have increased in recent years but not at a level that would suggest it is a serious social concern on the scale of alcohol or opiates.

If you or someone you love is struggling with a weed addiction or an addiction to any other controlled substance there are a wealth of resources available to help. As with any substance or pleasurable experience in life people typically reach out for assistance when their dependence becomes painful for themselves or others in their life due to the mounting or overwhelming negative consequences that result from their continued use.

If you would like to discuss your marijuana addiction or another substance abuse issue with a trained professional you can find the appropriate resource for your province listed below:

​​ ​​​Alberta​​ ​​(Addiction Helpline, Alberta Health Services)
​​ 1-866-332-2322

British Columbia​ (Alcohol and Drug Information and Referral Service)

Manitoba (Addictions Foundation of Manitoba)
Adult services: 1-855-662-6605
Youth services: 1-877-710-3999

​​New Brunswick (Addiction Centres, Department of Health)

Newfoundland and Labrador (Addictions Services, Department of Health and Community Services)

Northwest Territories (Department of Health and Social Services)

Nova Scotia (Mental Health and Addictions Services, Nova Scotia Health Authority)

Nunavut (Kamatsiaqtut Help Line)

Ontario (ConnexOntario)

Prince Edward Island (Addiction Services, Health PEI)

Quebec (Drugs: help and referral)

Saskatchewan (HealthLine, Ministry of Health)
811 or 1-877-800-0002

Yukon (Mental Wellness and Substance Use Services, Health and Social Services)
1-866-456-3838 (for Yukon, Nunavut and NWT)

If you would like to buy some high quality Canadian craft grown cannabis, high quality and highly potent cannabis extracts, CBD capsules, cannabis topicals, edibles or any other kind of cannabis product you can possibly conceive of there is no better place to shop online than your number one Canadian online cannabis resource: Haute Health! Currently in stock is a variety of high quality live resins including: King Tut Live Resin, Thin Mint Cookies Live Resin, Holy Grail Live Resin and also some superb THC Blue Raspberry Hard Candies even grandma will love!

If you asked 100 people what’s one thing they couldn’t live without in a day, most would say their morning cup of coffee. After waking up in the morning it only takes a few minutes for the craving to kick in, you beeline it to the kitchen and start brewing your favourite blend, before it brews it feels almost impossible to be productive or think clearly. From the minute it hits your lips to when you empty your cup, without coffee many would struggle to have a functionable day. The same can be said for cannabis but on the opposite side of the scale. You finish a hard days work, your body aches or your mind is exhausted, you step inside your house, start grinding up your favourite Haute Health strain and within minutes all the stresses of the day are washed away and your body mind and soul are replenished. Both caffeine and cannabis are vices we rely heavily on, using them on a daily basis to start our days and end our days. The ultimate goal when using both cannabis and weed is to feel better and make our daily lives easier, but when a substance makes you feel good it’s always a good idea to get the facts on why. Here we’ll look at cannabis vs caffeine, what happens when you mix them together, which one is more harmful, which one is more addictive and everything else you need to know about coffee vs weed.

How Does Caffeine Interact With The Body?

Before we dive into caffeine vs weed, let’s have a look at each individual substance first. Caffeine is the most commonly used natural stimulant ingredient in the world, most commonly found in coffee, tea and cacao plants. Today 80% of earths popular consumes caffeinated products with 90% of North Americans consuming caffeine on a daily basis. Caffeine mainly effects the brain, by blocking adenosine, which is a neurotransmitter that relaxes the brain and makes you feel tired. Adenosine levels build up throughout the day making us increasingly more tired which causes us to go to sleep during the night. It also increases blood adrenaline, brain activity of the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine, promoting arousal, alertness and focus. Due to caffeine’s interaction with the brain it is classified as a psychoactive drug. There are various consumer products that have certain levels of caffeine:

  • Espresso: 240–720 mg.
  • Coffee: 102–200 mg.
  • Yerba mate: 65–130 mg.
  • Energy drinks: 50–160 mg.
  • Brewed tea: 40–120 mg.
  • Soft drinks: 20–40 mg.
  • Decaffeinated coffee: 3–12 mg.
  • Cocoa beverage: 2–7 mg.
  • Chocolate milk: 2–7 mg
  • How Does Cannabis Interact With the Body?

    Cannabis is a group of plants that contain psychoactive properties, those plants being Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica and Cannabis ruderails. Once dried and harvested it becomes one of the most common recreational drugs on the planet. Cannabis is used for its relaxing and calming properties and is used among the medical community to help with a variety of ailments such as chronic pain, inflammation, glaucoma, nausea, appetite stimulant and much more. Cannabis contains over 120 cannabinoids with two of them being the most dominant, they are known as THC and CBD. THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis, which makes you feel "high" awhich is the common association with cannabis. CBD is the second most dominant cannabinoid that produces non psychoactive effects, often used for dealing with pain, inflammation, seizures and anxiety. Cannabis affects many areas of the brain acting as a complex compound that effects a long list of brain and bodily function, effecting areas such as the amygdala, cerebellum, hippocampus, cerebral cortex and the endocannabinoid system. Interacting with the our cannabinoid receptors known as CB1 and CB2, both CBD and THC bind with these receptors to influence our body and mind. Cannabis comes in different strains along with different terpenes and other components that make us this very complex and still unknown plant.

    Which is More Harmful?

    Marijuana vs Caffeine

    A psychoactive drug is a form of chemical substances that alters the brains functions, changing things such a perception, mood and consciousness. Caffeine directly interacts with our central nervous system, this includes the brain, spinal cord and various other nerves throughout the body, with caffeine’s primary object to make you feel awake and alert. When we consume caffeine it blocks our adenosine receptors as we’ve mentioned above, this however doesn’t mean that caffeine provides us with energy, it only fools the braid into recognizing we are tired. This allows caffeine to increase ones mental and physical state, making them more energetic and productive. However, when this occurs on a regular basis a tolerance is able to develop. When our adenosine receptors become inhibited by caffeine the brain begins to create more receptors, this increase in adenosine is then picked up by the brain which actually makes us to feel more tired then we would have if we never had of consumed any caffeine in the first place. This leads to the brain to become dependent on caffeine to feel energetic  and to reach functionable brain levels. When you don’t consume the regular amount of caffeine your body is accustom to you begin to go through withdrawal symptoms, these withdrawal symptoms can be severe at times and make take weeks to overcome. Symptoms such as:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Sleepiness/drowsiness
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Lack of motivation
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Along with caffeine becoming a dependence, it can also lead to overdose risks. When high doses of caffeine are consumed it can cause things such as irritability, muscle spasms, insomnia and loss of inhibitions. Caffeine has even caused death due to overdose, with the culprit being things such as caffeine pills which contain extremely high levels of caffeine. When you look at the addiction capabilities and the withdrawal symptoms it points to caffeine being a potentially dangerous and addictive substance.

    While we examine cannabis vs caffeine and ask ourselves is caffeine worse than weed ? Let’s look at cannabis and its primary substance known as delta-9-tetrahydrocannibinol, or as you may know it as THC. Our brains contain cannabinoid receptors and neurotransmitters, this is what THC interacts with when we consume cannabis. This makes THC a naturally occurring chemical, as it doesn’t directly alter one’s brain chemistry like other psychoactive drugs. When THC is consumed it binds with the our CB1 receptors which causes the feeling of being “high”, it also binds with our CB2 receptors which causes the physical effects brought on by THC and CBD such as muscle relaxation, paranoia, increase in episodic memory and a decrease in our short-term memory.

    When comparing caffeine vs THC and if caffeine is worse than weed the science points towards cannabis no being a physically addictive substance, as physical addiction is classified when a drug alters your brain chemistry where a dependence occurs. This comes down to the fact that the brain is not accustomed to caffeine and is forced to compensate for the unrecognized chemical reaction. This is not the case with cannabis as the brain already receives its own cannabinoids and does not alter itself to cater to the cannabinoids consumed when using cannabis. When the cannabinoids from cannabis bind with the natural cannabinoids in our brain it is a natural chemical reaction. This is why most drug abuse institutes rate the addictions of marijuana lower then caffeine. Furthermore, because cannabis is relatively non toxic compared to other legal and illegal drugs, there has never been a recorded death of cannabis in the world, with marijuana having no capability of inducing a lethal amount for someone to overdose. This leads us to the answer that yes caffeine is worse than weed on our brain's and body.

    What Happens When You Mix Cannabis and Caffeine

    With the legalization of cannabis, more and more individuals are seeing the benefits of consuming cannabis. Many are looking to see how cannabis interacts with other known substances. Although there isn’t a clear answer for what happens with you mix marijuana vs caffeine, you don’t have to look far to find products that already mix caffeine with both THC and CBD.

    When we consume both caffeine and cannabis together there are a variety of different effects that can occur. Generally speaking, caffeine is a stimulant while marijuana is either a stimulant or a depressant. In simpler terms, caffeine gives you energy and cannabis makes you feel relaxed. A study published in the Annals of Neuroscience in 2017 looked at the effects of caffeine and cannabis on six groups of rats. The results found that animals treated with caffeine and cannabis saw an increase in levels of neurotransmitters GABA, glutamate, and dopamine, and an enzyme known as G-6-PDH. This makes it more clear on why drinking a cup of coffee, or a soda and smoking a joint feels so good. When we gain an increase of dopamine which is our feel good neurotransmitter that is linked to the reward response we when are doing something pleasurable. So consuming both substances increases our dopamine making it feel extra pleasurable. But we also need to look at the possible ramifications, which is the change to the enzyme G-6-PDH. This enzyme has a strong influence on our glucose metabolism, energy production, cell growth and the prevention of oxidative stress. When our bodies produce an overexpression of G-6-PDH which is the case when you combine the two substances, that overexpression can be associated with obesity, insulin resistance and increased blood lipids.

    The combination of caffeine vs THC on memory function also may not be a good idea. Cannabis already effects memory by reducing memory and cognitive function, especially in young adults who use cannabis while their brains are still developing. Studies have shown that THC induced memory deficits may be increased by combining with caffeine, possibly due to the fact the caffeine interacts with adenosine receptors in the brain.

    It is not uncommon for people to enjoy their morning cup of coffee with a joint, or drink a few soft drinks while consuming THC. It helps crease alertness and makes the high feel stronger and more pleasurable. Though there is still a need for more conclusive research, the minimal facts we know point to the mixture of caffeine and cannabis as potentially harmful to the body.  It is unlikely that is low doses of caffeine and cannabis any serious issues will occur, so just make sure to practice moderation until further studies are conducted.

    Haute Health

    When buying weed online, there is no better online cannabis dispensary then Haute Health. We have a variety of different options that can meet any buyers needs, from wholesale cannabis flower, to the best weed grades in Canada, we have it all. Looking to buy hash online? Or maybe you’re looking to buy kief online? There is no better place on the web to get your weed then Haute Health.


    For many Canadians, online shopping is quickly becoming their method of choice for purchasing everything from toilet paper, to clothing, groceries and even medicine.  There's almost no limit to what you can find online, and with the current cannabis craze in Canada many people are turning to online shopping carts for their weed.  We can already hear mouthing the words... But is it safe to get your cannabis from an online dispensary?  Let's look at the landscape for cannabis e-commerce, and learn how to be a savvy online marijuana shopper in Canada.

    Buying weed online in Canada... Where to begin? Well first, you need to understand what cannabis is, why you want to consume it, and then figure out how you're going to get it. There's a lot of public knowledge, cultural significance and societal stigmas surrounding cannabis in Canada. Anyone who remembers the "reefer madness" propaganda days, or the evolution of cannabis as medicine throughout the 60's, 70's and 80's will understand that this plant is fraught with controversy. Ultimately, it is legalized in Canada at the Federal level, so the questions of its validity as medicine are now only limited by the pace of research data accumulation.

    If you're reading this article, you probably are already familiar with cannabis and its many uses & benefits. Nonetheless, it's important to know the basics of cannabis, how it works, and why it's become such a cultural, political and medical phenomenon, especially in this land we call home.


    What Is Cannabis?

    Cannabis is known to many, and by many names: marijuana, ganja, weed, pot, chronic, dope, electric lettuce, and the list only gets more ridiculous the more it goes on. But what is this plant and why do we consume it? What are its benefits? What are the risks? Cannabis' history is full of ups and downs, but the important thing you need to know today is that it is legal in Canada, for both recreational and medical use. Whether you like to light up to relax, mow down on an edible before bed, or rely on high doses of cannabis concentrates for personal injury or illness, cannabis is a very prevalent part of many Canadians' lives.

    The cannabis plant is part of a species known as "Cannabaceae" - hops, hemp and even some species of trees referred to as hackberries. It is globally prevalent, however due to international stigmas and policies it is considered illegal by most countries. Canada is the first G7 country to Federally legalize cannabis both recreationally and medically. Cannabis has been used by hundreds of cultures, typically for its medicinal properties like easing pain, inflammation, or its ability to treat serious conditions like epilepsy, Parkinson's, PTSD and even assist with the symptoms of cancer.

    When we're talking about buying cannabis online, we're usually focusing on the two major cannabinoids (active compounds) for which cannabis and hemp are known for: THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). THC, as many of us know all too well, has psychoactive effects on our minds (the "high" you feel when you consume it); whereas, CBD is very popular specifically because it is is non-psychoactive. Both cannabinoids have similar positive influences on our health, but they interact differently with our bodies & minds.

    What's your relationship to cannabis? Are you looking to try some exciting new strains? Did you used to consume it all the time, but now that it's legal you want to get back into the lifestyle? Maybe you're looking for information, either for yourself or a loved one who could really use it? Regardless of your motivations, shopping online for cannabis to smoke, cannabis edibles, or cannabis concentrates can be difficult. Just like there's more than one way to consume cannabis, there's hundreds of varieties of products all at your fingertips.

    How do you determine what method, what dose, and what frequency works for you? That's the easy part: you gotta try 'em all! All jokes aside, experimentation, mixing-and-matching, and being adaptable are all key things to consider when looking online for your marijuana. Have you tried all the different kinds of cannabis (Sativa, Indica, Hybrids)? What's your preferred cannabinoid concentration? THC? CBD? You can see just by the amount of questions we're listing that you really need to test the waters of the marijuana industry to truly know what you want vs. what you need.

    The #1 step to any cannabis journey should always start with one simple concept: information. Do your research, ask your friends & family, check with your doctor, look online for useful blogs (just like this one you're reading right now!), and always stay current. Knowledge is power, and if you're going to add the powerful healing properties of cannabis to your life, you need to accumulate as much information as you can.

    It can seem overwhelming... We know... Take a deep breath (maybe even a quick puff of a joint), and try not to worry; we're here to guide you through the vortex that is internet shopping, and hopefully teach you a thing or two about how to be a pro cannabis shopper.


    Now that we've covered some of the basics of cannabis and why/how you should use it, it's time to get shopping! Buying cannabis online in Canada is a unique experience, in that companies in this country have had a lot of time to develop their online stores, their promotions, and most importantly to grow the huge varieties of strains. This has created a vast market of many quality cannabis products, not to mention competitive prices.


    Some old-school cannabis users have voiced their opinions on the lack of pricing power since legalization, but there's many factors at play to consider. In 2019, the average price per gram of cannabis has hovered around $7.75 CAD; it recently fell by 6.5% to reach the lowest it's been since October 17, currently at $7.35 per gram. This is to be expected as the industry takes shape and more producers & retailers of cannabis continue to crop up, (slowly) but surely balancing supply-demand.

    As consumers demand more choices, better prices and more consistency in their marijuana, industry professionals will do their best to keep up with market trends.  It is important to note that prices today are difficult to compare to traditional costs in decades past, there was no market controls, no data to collect, no economic analysis of the cannabis market pre-legalization.  The price for weed has indeed gone up since Federal legalization: 17-18 % increases across the country, on average.  Nonetheless, these price hikes are in direct relation to things like research & development, testing/inspection, quality control, regulation costs, taxation and more.

    It is understandable if someone is dissatisfied with higher prices when you also consider the lack of quality, variety and customer service at many local retailers or dispensaries.  The stall of marijuana stock hitting the shelves at retail stores was a definite stumbling point for the industry, and it drove many people back to their old sources for cannabis.  But that's why you're online, right? We live in a world of convenience at the 'click of a button' - Amazon, eBay, Wayfair, and thousands of traditionally big-box stores are now focusing their efforts on e-commerce.  Nobody ever has to leave their home to get what they need (they even delivery your groceries to your door now!), so there's no reason to hit the streets to get your hands on some weed.

    Price tags of online weed are significantly more variable - obviously your delivery location can affect the overall costs - but on average online cannabis can be $1-5 per gram cheaper than in stores! That's significant savings, and more of those hard earned dollars & cents can go to the Tim Horton's fund (or heck, buy even more cannabis!).

    Price is one thing to haggle about, but what about product quality? Product variety? It's a common problem at the local retail level: very few strains, limited stock, supply problems, yada yada yada. The industry has definitely had its issues with keeping steady stock - not to mention consistent quality buds - and it has driven many people to return to their dealers or look to the web. Online weed dispensaries have worked hard to keep their flow of Mary J consistent. Their cannabis products have the benefit of up-to-date reviews, daily deals and the ability to offer a wider offering of products (flowers, edibles, concentrates, even wholesale).

    To avoid paying too steep of a price for your medicine, to steer clear of limited choices, and to save gas-$ and time physically going to the stores, order your cannabis online. The sheer number of loyal customers who have made the permanent switch to buying online cannabis makes the advantages of online marijuana shopping very apparent. Money is an obvious consideration when making your cannabis purchases, but we haven't even discussed the elephant in the room yet... customer service.



    Customer service? Online? What are we talking about here... robots?! It might seem a little counter intuitive, but the average customer experience at online cannabis outlets can actually be much more satisfying than at your average brick-and-mortar purveyor of weed.

    The problem with retail locations for cannabis is twofold, and it mirrors a lot of the current supply issues across Canada: lack of product, and a lapse in marketability of their cannabis.  Anyone who has gone to a retail cannabis store has probably experienced this frustration; a few Indicas, a couple Sativa, handful of Hybrids and not much information about when/where/how much new stock will be available.  We have to give the retail employees a break here, because it's not their fault that supply shortages are rampaging the industry.  Nevertheless, it's tough to get hyped for a trip to the local weed shop when you don't know (and neither do the stores!) what cannabis products will be on the shelves week-to-week.

    The other conundrum with buying retail cannabis is the limitations on what they're allowed to promote.  Again, we feel for the customer service reps that are limited in what they're legally allowed to talk about with cannabis, but it's created this strange atmosphere for customers: "I'd love to tell you more... but there's not enough official research to make product claims at this time".

    Cannabis consumers require a lot of information, regardless if they're newbies or potheads.  Some local weed stores are good at explaining the terpenes, the flavor profiles, maybe even the kind of high you can experience, but more often than not consumers are left wanting more from their trip to the cannabis shop.  Why shop online? Well for one there's a dedicated community of passionate reviewers, detailed testimonials, and millions of pages of articles, research and in-depth information on cannabis.  When you need to know something in the moment, you don't go down to the library... do you? Most of us make use of the search databases, phone apps and a host of credible, up-to-date online resources that are just a web address and a click away.

    So, when you shop online, you're not only getting a much more community oriented experience than at retail stores, but you're also encouraged to contribute your voice, your knowledge to the collective experience.  Buy some weed online, post your experience, spread the word! (and sometimes you can even be rewarded for sharing).  Suffice to say, the wealth of information available online, combined with the far superior price flexibility of online cannabis sites, make the weed-commerce experience fulfilling, informative and guaranteed to help consumers find the right products that fit their needs.


    When it comes down to it, nothing is as important as the actual product itself.  You can talk shop about price, convenience and customer experience all you want, but if you don't have a good cannabis product then your time on the market will be short.  There's so many cannabis strains, so many ways to consume marijuana, and even more consumers with individual cannabis needs and wants.  What's the common variable in all this?


    The seven letter word you see on many press releases from licensed producers: quality control, quality assurance, focus on quality, etc.  Without quality - be it desirable flavors, a potent high, or those beautiful colors - a cannabis product will not have a long life in this ultra-competitive market.  The "skunk weeds" of the world do make a living for their growers/sellers, but in the long run only the people who spend the time, money, and effort will continue to succeed.  Cannabis users are notoriously opinionated, and for good reason! Weed isn't just something you can consume for fun, it's medicine.

    What does a quality bud look, taste, feel like? Who sets the bar for quality cannabis products? That's simple: you do.  The consumers have the power to shape the market, and they often wield that power effectively, but it's not as simple as calling up your local cannabis hotline and requesting "more Kush varieties" or "stronger THC concentrates, please".  Consumers have very unique and personal needs, tastes and opinions.  Shopping online for your weed needs means you can get the product you need, at the potency you're used to, and usually at a better price than you can get at a retail store.


    When you need another batch of medicine, you're just looking to try a fun looking new edible, or your family is hoping you can help them get started on the wonderful world of weed, Haute.health has all your cannabis products covered.  The best prices online ($3-$8  per grams) can be found at Haute, and they're always stocked with the best buds, the tastiest edibles, and all the potent concentrates.  Haute.health even has a wholesale option for the bulk shoppers of the weed world: Shatters, Resins, Hash, even Phoenix Tears, it's all online with Haute.

    Haute also has a great rewards system (because who doesn't like to build points towards free stuff?!). Haute.health is known for its incredibly fast shipping, and they often have promotions for FREE SHIPPING all across Canada.  Haute is the perfect example of why buying weed online in Canada is so much better than relying on other sources of cannabis.

    Experience the Haute life yourself, and try their lineup of quality flowers, edibles and concentrates... all five scentses, like your tastebuds, will thank you.


    We’ve all heard of it, most of us have tried it, and now that it’s legal we’re all going to have to accept it as part of the Canadian culture: Cannabis. Also known as marijuana, weed, pot, dope and a variety of other monikers, cannabis has had a storied past riddled with intrigue and incident. So what is cannabis?

    Ruled as an illegal, controlled substance in the early 1900’s, cannabis has always been associated with criminal drug trafficking.  It has undergone extreme speculation over the past century or more, but with Canada being the first G7 country to legalize marijuana federally, cannabis is now just a part of everyday life for many Canadians.  “Reefer Madness” propaganda and negative stereotypes surrounding its use continues to follow cannabis around the globe. However, as its medical benefits are explored by the scientific community, more and more people are coming to realize this unique and incredible plant’s potential as a life-changing natural remedy.

    For others not inclined to the medical benefits of cannabis, it can simply be an enjoyable hobby to consume. Smoking, vaping, taking oils, cbd topicals are all common ways to experience the effects of cannabis. Legalized cannabis edibles are on the horizon, opening up a whole new world of experiences for what is sure to be a large demographic.

    An entire culture full of passionate, experienced and innovate people surrounds the cannabis industry like a smoke ring exhaled from a particularly impressive hit of a joint.  The ways in which cannabis has impacted peoples’ lives in this country is profoundly unique, and it is no wonder that Canada is a pioneer in this exciting field (no pun intended


    What is cannabis? The cannabis meaning refers to the plant species that belongs to the Cannabaceae family; a group of flowering plants, including cannabis, hemp, hops and many more.  The major subspecies among the cannabis family are known as: Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis. All three types of cannabis species are found throughout the world, albeit in particular climates suited to their traits.  Today, cannabis is primarily grown in-doors as it is a tough plant to cultivate, requiring extreme control throughout its life-cycle.

    The components of marijuana are very complicated, but fascinating plant.  It can take years of learning to truly understand its inner workings, so we’ll just gloss over the “need to know” parts and leave you to refer detailed anatomy of a cannabis plant here.

    Something you need to know off the top (again, no pun intended): cannabis is primarily cultivated for the flowers it produces.  These flowers - a.k.a buds, nugs - are like the fruits we pick for eating; the plant spends the majority of its resources to flowering, because the flowers are a product of its instincts to reproduce itself, so when you ask yourself what is in marijuana, that is the answer.  An immense amount of nutrition or health benefits are jam packed into these fruits/flowers. A plant creates these convenient, beneficial super-products and we’ve learned to harness the power of plants in a very unique way. Delving into the symbiosis of humans and plants is a little too deep of a subject for this article, but nonetheless it’s important to understand why we cultivate plants in relation to what their natural functions are.

    What is weed made of? The Cannabis plant contains hundreds of naturally occurring chemical compounds, called phytocannabinoids (or cannabinoids). Over 100 of these substances have been mapped out, but many more are thought to be stored within the trichomes of the plant. Trichomes are the small, mushroom looking protrudences that stick out from the flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant.  These are the tiny receptacles that cover the flowers of the cannabis plant, and they’re what make the plant look like it’s been covered in sugar.

    Cannabinoids interact with cell receptors in the brain and body, known as the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Two of the most potent natural chemical compounds that are found within Cannabis are THC and CBD. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is commonly associated with the ‘high’ that is known to those who’ve smoked weed. CBD, on the other hand, is a non-psychoactive that is responsible for some of the healing health benefits that come with cannabis.  Basically, if you want to have fun or chill-out, THC is your party buddy; whereas CBD can still be helpful, just in a more relaxed, purposeful manner.

    Cannabis is well known for its many uses, whether it be in the medical world, industrial world or commercial world.  As previously mentioned, cannabis has several popular “cousins” in the Cannabaceae family, the most popular of which are hemp and hops.


    Hemp plants can be incorporated into thousands of products, for hundreds of reasons. Since it was recently legalized by the U.S., hemp has taken off as a THC-free source of CBD (a popular health remedy or supplement that doesn’t pose the risk of the psychoactive feelings).  Cultivated for its seeds, flowers and stocks, extracts and fiber, hemp is a truly versatile crop that will continue to grow (seriously, we don’t mean to keep punning like this). 

    Hemp seeds are used in many health markets as a way to make various food products, beauty products, and commercial uses. Hemp seed foods can range from bread to granola, cereal, oils and protein powders. Other uses of the hemp seed include producing fuel, lubricants, ink, varnish, paint, dressings, margarine, body products, cosmetics, animal food, and flour. 

    The stalk of the hemp plant has many uses including textiles, construction materials, paper, biofuel, plastic composites, and more. The head of the hemp stalk has been appropriated as animal bedding, mulch, chemical absorbent, fiberboard, insulation, and concrete. The fiber of the hemp stalk can be used for cordage/rope, netting, canvas, carpet, biocomposites, while the outer stalks of hemp can be used for the production of biofuel/ethanol, paper products, cardboard, and filters.

    Moreover, to clear the confusion, hemp is different from marijuana in various aspects. We have tried our best to explain these differences: hemp vs marijuana.


    The cannabis definition can be divided into three types of plants, Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis. Each subspecies is responsible for different uses and effects on the human body.

    Cannabis Sativa can grow to be a very large plant. Its leaves are long, dainty, and narrow and considering their height potential, it is a great plant to be grown outside. Cannabis Sativa is known as the day time cannabis since it is associated with heightened social aspects, creativity, and energy. Quite contrary to the commonly associated Cannabis Indica strain that is a more mellow, movie portrayed weed, Cannabis Sativa is used by some to relieve anxiety, depression, chronic pain, focus, creativity, increasing serotonin (which is associated with regulating mood, sleep, anxiety, learning, appetite and more).


    Cannabis Indica is a plant that has thick, broad leaves. These plants tend to be shorter and bushier compared to Cannabis Sativa. Due to their higher resin production and shorter flowering time, it is an ideal Cannabis for indoor cultivation. Its effects promote relaxation that can help those who want to wind down, improve their quality of sleep, anxiety, muscle relaxation, decrease acute pain, increases appetite, increases dopamine (which is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers). Cannabis Indica is known as the nighttime drug for its relaxing effects. Indica are known for their full-body effects which is another reason some people choose to take it at night and/or for pain relief.

    For Further explanation - Indica vs Sativa


    The trickiest of the Cannabis plants is the Cannabis Ruderalis. The reason for this being that its origins came from the Indica plant when it escaped the indoor growing environment and adapted to outside conditions, forming a whole new subspecies of Cannabis. This has led to various botanists debating if Cannabis Ruderalis is classified as a Cannabis or if it is actually its own species. Cannabis Ruderalis has a surprising and extremely early and fast flowering cycle. The reason for this being is that the Cannabis Ruderalis grows further north and does not have time on its time in terms of the changing seasons. Thus, it has to mature fast before the cold weather hits. A reason you may not have heard about this not so popular strain is because it is known to be highly psychotropic. It is used mostly by those who are breeding cannabis plants to create hybrids.


    Many people consume cannabis for leisurely reasons - to get high, relax, chill, improve the fun of a particularly boring party - you name a situation, there's probably someone lighting up a joint.  Recreational cannabis is the most popular reason for cannabis use.  Smoking & vaping have their obvious health risks associated with them, but many avid stoners only consume cannabis at social events and the like, so the frequency is lesser than multiple-times-per-day medical users.

    Be it weed pipes or bongs, joints, hookahs or dabs, chances are that most of you reading this are basking in the scintillating scented smoke of your favorite strains right now.  If you want to be a true connoisseur, you'll probably dabble in this popular, convenient mode of cannabis consumption.

    ingesting CANNABIS, as medicine

    Although smoking is also a very popular option among medical users, the health risks associated with consuming smoke or vapors lead many to try other methods of delivery.  CBD Oil, CBD topicals and cannabis edibles are a new norm for many cannabis users. Cannabis oil tinctures are a favorite, as they can be taken in easily customizable doses: drops under the tongue, vials applied topically to affected areas, or included in food or drink. Topicals are another popular choice as they can be rubbed onto affected areas - such as when pain or inflammation strikes, or if you suffer from a skin condition and need fast acting relief.

    Edibles are an obvious favorite, because they're the tastiest way to get the benefits of cannabis! Cannabis Gummies, baked (no pun intended) goods, smoothies, drinks and an assortment of recipes involving cannabis are all the rage of late.  Everyone's stomachs have different tolerance levels for cannabis - remember, try one or two first then work your up! - but once you find your ideal dose its all sunshine and rainbows.

    Regardless of which type of cannabis is your favorite, or how you choose to take it, the important thing is that you do. There is a whole world of powerful and effective marijuana edibles out there to explore with new and exciting products coming out every day.  This is the golden age of weed, and since it's legal now what's your excuse for NOT trying all the cannabis products you can? Your life can be enhanced by this unique plant, all you have to do is choose: HOW MUCH?


    Through history and in our increasingly hectic modern age people have gone to extreme lengths attempting to enhance or perfect their sex life. Countless medications, supplements, enhancements and even illicit narcotic substances have all been utilized by people seeking a higher plateau of physical sensation and emotional connection with themselves or their partners. These treatments can range in their effectiveness and of course many are complete fabrications meant only to try and make money from people struggling to find the satisfaction they crave in their physical and romantic relationships.

    For thousands of years in many cannabis cultures and subcultures around the world it has long been known that certain strains of cannabis make an ideal pairing for anyone looking to enjoy highly pleasurable sensations, prolonged experiences and deep emotional connections. Some varieties of cannabis also make natural aphrodisiacs triggering arousal and enhancing physical sensation in most of the people who enjoy them. Whether you are bunking down for a night of self love and relaxation, looking forward to your next fun hookup or planning a special getaway with the partner who makes your toes curl on a regular basis there is a strain of cannabis perfectly suited to your needs that is certain to take an enjoyable experience to the next level for everyone involved.

    So what are the best marijuana strains for sex? What about the best strains for male arousal? The best strains for female arousal? Can enhancing your sex life with weed really get that specific? Read on and find out how you can fine tune your sexual experiences with the best weed for sex!

    Burn Away The Stigma

    One of the strongest and longest lasting effects of allowing a psychoactive psychedelic chemical like cannabis to become a part of your lifestyle is the dissolution of previously held beliefs, preconceived notions and prejudices. This is often coupled with a renewed sense of wonder and wholehearted enjoyment when it comes to experiencing the little things in life. Almost everyone who experiments with cannabis quickly discovers that simple experiences that are often taken for granted like eating a meal, watching a film or listening to your favourite music can be elevated to transcendentally life affirming or a mentally and physically euphoric unforgettable adventure.

    If you find yourself a little reluctant to take the plunge into a new psychedelic landscape let alone working up the nerve to combine the effects of this magical substance with a sexual encounter then put aside your fear! Opening yourself to a new experience can be a gradual and personal process and there is no need to plunge headlong into the deep end without any previous first hand experience. There are many great options for someone just starting their journey with cannabis and here at Haute Health.

    Not all strains are created equally of course and many feature effects that will either correspond or completely clash with a planned night of romantic or passionate excess. What are the best cannabis strains for sex? Well that all depends on the type of experience you are hoping to have. A little preparation and foresight will go a long way to making sure your experience goes smoothly from foreplay right to climax and clean up!

    Relax & Unwind

    Among the strongest benefits of mixing cannabis into your sex life is that you can fine tune your relaxation level and the enhanced phsyical and emotional sensations you will feel. By understanding a little bit about the different strains available to you and their inherent psychoactive effects you can customize and enhance almost any of life’s simple pleasures and of course sex is absolutely no exception. Whether you are an experienced toker or brand new to the world of recreational cannabis we’re sure you will find something of interest in the strains we have chosen to explore that can be put to good use in your next passionate encounter with yourself or your chosen partner.

    When it comes to achieving orgasm some people struggle to reach the final plateau and often report having issues with achieving the proper mind state and relaxed atmosphere to induce the desired effect. If you or your partner struggle with maintaining the focus required for a satisfactory climax to a sexual experience then you may wish to experiment with some of the best strains for sex and intimate physical connection available on the marketplace today. By utilizing relaxing indica dominant strains of cannabis instead of the more peppy and energetic buzz provided by sativa strains you can help facilitate the proper mind state and put your body into a relaxed and happy place open to deep physical and emotional intimacy and connection.

    If you’re a sexual veteran completely comfortable in your skin and find yourself lucky to have a partner with a similar mindset or are not in need of one then experimenting with some of the best weed strains for sex can help elevate your sexual experience to a greater plateau of openness and experience with yourself or your partner. By utilizing the proper sativa dominant strain you can give yourself a boost of energy and charisma to keep you going for a longer and more focused session. Or you can use all that hyperactive fuel to pound one out with the fury and speed of a starving animal, maximizing pleasure for yourself and your partner too if you happen to have one.

    Best Weed For Sex

    Bubblegum Kush

    When it comes to relaxation and receptiveness to emotional and physical connection Bubblegum Kush is a tough strain to beat. As an indica focused hybrid topping out at 80% indica content there’s no question that Bubblegum Kush is some of the best weed for sex when you want to unlock your full potential to connect, unwind, relax and let go of all stress and anxiety. You won’t be taken to a plateau of toe curling ecstasy unlike anything you’ve ever felt before but it will allow you and a partner to connect on a deeper, more patient and practiced level and it is ideal for long, tantric and passionate lovemaking or solo sessions where you want to forge a deeper connection to you or your partner’s body, mind and soul through physical sensation. Bubblegum Kush features a relaxed and happy high with a slow creeping effect that takes a while to fully overwhelm the senses. One potential unsexy pitfall is the strains tendency to make people giggle more than a little bit but if you allow the soothing effects of the cannabis to take hold and keep yourself in the moment you are certain to enjoy, enhance and prolong your sensual experience.


    At the opposite end of the cannabis spectrum is the infamous strain Trainwreck. This is a sativa dominant hybrid clocking in at a whopping 90% sativa content! Expect an intensely cerebral high with feelings of intense euphoria and an uplifting burst of energy. If slow and tantric sounds like a snooze to you or your chosen partner you can spice things up in the boudoir with one of the best cannabis strains for sex that can help to promote hard, quick, passionate and unpredictable lovemaking. This is also some of the best weed for sex that steers itself a lttle off the safety of the vanilla pathway and into the more intense and even painful varieties of sexual play. If you are into BDSM or other more extreme and fringe sexual kinks - and certainly many, many people are - then this strain may be the ideal complement helping to reduce pain and inflammation while maintaining the euphoric mind state that is desired.

    Grandaddy Purple

    When people start to refer to a strain jokingly as “green viagra” then you know you’ve got one of the best cannabis strains for sex on your hands and that just so happens to be exactly the case when it comes to the infamous strain Grandaddy Purple! A heady cocktail of intense relaxation and deep mental euphoria are the trademark elements to the experience this much loved strain can provide in the bedroom. A perfect and dreamy buzz puts almost anybody in a relaxed and open state of mind that is perfectly conducive to promoting sexual connection and euphoric experiences. This strain is a strong indica so though it can be the ideal relaxer and mood loosener it also has the potential to lock you into the couch or make you space out and lose focus so its best not to overdo it when indulging with the intent of getting physical with yourself or another person.

    Jack Herer

    Is there a better way to celebrate the life and work of a Canadian cannabis activist and hero than to bring his namesake with you into your sex life? Jack Herer has a slight sativa focus just barely tipping the scale in that direction with a 55% sativa content with enough of an indica presence to still promote a relaxed and open mindset. The effects come on quickly and promote a euphoric tingling sensation throughout the body which lends itself very well to exploratory sensual experiences. The world may appear brighter and visualizations are sometimes noted so this strain is also ideal for fantasy play, roleplay or delving deep into your favourite erotic literature. The well known feelings of relaxation coupled with the expansive mind state this strain provides are ideal for any sexual circumstance where imagination plays a key role in the experience.

    Sour D

    Another well loved strain both outside and inside the bedroom, Sour D and all of its many varieties are famous worldwide for providing a burst of energy that comes on fast coupled with lovely spacey cerebral effects that lend themselves perfectly to opening yourself intimately and exploring your desires passionately whatever they may be. The most unique aspect of combining this strain with sexual activity is the insatiable lust it can sometimes inspire in the people who love to use it. Much the same way a good buzz can leave you craving food Sour D promotes an urgent need to satisfy and be satisfied. If harder, faster, better, stronger isn’t just a Daft Punk song to you this might be the perfect strain for your lovelife.

    Strawberry Cough

    If power play or other intense imaginative experiences are a focal point in your sex life than Strawberry Cough is hands down one of the best marijuana strains for sex you can find. Outside of the bedroom people who prefer this strain often use it to enjoy dense cerebral experiences like deep conversations, complex artistic arthouse films or slowly digesting a massive book. If sexuality for you is like a complex game of chess between two partners who often exchange who holds the power through a complex system of rules and play whether it be unspoken or strictly structured then strawberry cough can help promote the intense mental states that will enhance, prolong and take your experiences to a new plateau of pleasure, physical and emotional connection.

    Bruce Banner

    This monster strain earns its namesake by often boasting a hulking 30% THC content which is leagues above the majority of the bud available elsewhere. This hybrid strain shares equal parts indica and sativa but the peppy and energetic lift provided by the sativa comes on fast and strong, providing a burst of hyperactive fuel that can easily be utilized by anyone eager to get down to business. This initial and sometimes overwhelming burst of sensations quickly subsides into a hazy and warm indica background fuzz promoting states of openness and relaxation which help to put you in the proper mindset. Creativity abounds with this powerful strain which means that it lends itself perfectly to open minded exploration when it comes to sexual experience. Stay going, stay focused and if someone asks you about your secret you can tell them that Bruce Banner makes sure you are always horny!

    What's The Rub?

    This is a fun topic to explore both on the page and in the bedroom (or really anywhere you are able to get away with it!) but we here at Haute Health would be remiss if we didn’t also mention some of the potential downsides of mixing cannabis and your sex life together. Although there are a vast array of potential positive benefits you will only be able to experience them if you go into your next liaison with the proper mindset and awareness of the potential downfalls.

    Almost everyone is familiar with the notorious side effect of dry mouth when it comes to smoking weed and other parts of your body may be similarly reluctant to self lubricate if you find yourself stoned enough to be reaching regularly for a glass of water. Having clean cool water readily available at your bedside is never a bad idea but if you don’t already have personal lubricant handy make sure you get some before you toke up and take you or your partner’s pants off! Nothing will grind your sexual escapade to a faster halt than uncomfortable friction,

    It’s also worth noting that it is important to dose yourself properly and understand your tolerances. Gobbling down some edibles for a long lasting body buzz might sound like the perfect compliment to a night of passionate sex but if you are not careful you could easily take too much and the creeping effect of the THC could blindside you at a very inopportune time and ruin what could have otherwise been a very deeply felt and fantastic sexual experience. If you are not an experienced smoker, start out slow and try a little toke before your next encounter just to take the edge off rather than plunging headfirst into the deep end of the pool. Even a little bit too much of a joint can put someone in a state of anxiety and discomfort which will put a quick stop to any feelings of intimacy or sexual desire.

    And of course the most important caveat of all, always discuss things with your chosen partner and don’t forget to check in with yourself about what your true feelings, desires and hard red lines are. Sex without consent can never be a positive experience for anyone involved. Be wary of anyone promoting a certain strain as the best strain for male arousal or the best strain for female arousal making the suggestion that it can work as an aphrodisiac. You should never attempt to manipulate another person into a sexual encounter under any circumstances and using marijuana to coax someone out of their personal inhibitions against their will is not just morally wrong but a legitimately prosecutable form of sexual assault.

    We hope this has been an informative and enjoyable read and that you learned something new that you can put to use in your own pursuit of pleasure and satisfaction. Why not pick up some cannabis flowers yourself today and give sex and marijuana a try! You may discover a new aspect of yourself, an exciting new element of your sexuality or simply deepen the bonds you already enjoy with another person through mutual transcendental experience. If psychoactive effects put you off and you have no interest in the cerebral buzz and physical high THC can provide you can also experiment with the relaxing effects of CBD tinctures or CBD powder which doesn’t contain the psychoactive chemical THC and will promote a relaxing and open experience without the psychedelic effect that might make you uncomfortable. If on the other hand you are a sexual cannabis cosmonaught looking to increase the potency and take your psychedelic experience to the next level you could buy rosin online or get yourself some soothing and relaxing psychedelic golden teacher mushrooms!

    Haute Health Weed Alcohol

    In this brave new landscape of legalized recreational marijuana the hype about using marijuana for sex is virtually inescapable. The excitement surrounding this new psychoactive frontier that everyone living in or visiting Canada may now enjoy is peppered with tales of the enhanced experiences the use of cannabis can provide when it comes to the activities in life we already love and enjoy. Of course pot and sex are no exception to this buzzworthy excitement currently sweeping the nation and here at Haute Health we’re excited to help map this sensually exciting uncharted territory for our beloved customers.

    How Cannabis improves your sex life

    If you are already a cannabis user or are familiar with people who are you are likely already well aware of the much lauded benefits of enjoying a little recreational cannabis before you engage in activities like eating, exercising outdoors, listening to music, expressing yourself creatively or even just spacing out and catching up on some personal time and relaxation. But did you know that this miraculous and fun psychoactive plant can also psychedically enhance your sex life as well? The comforting, pleasant and empathy enhancing effects of cannabis can be a perfect compliment to sex often putting you more at ease and more open to expressing your true thoughts and desires.

    Home of The BC Bud

    What's All The Hype About

    Does weed make sex better? It’s true! Marijuana and sex are often a perfect match. Lovers of all kinds across the spectrum of possibility and even solitary individuals on a quest to explore, understand and master the art of loving their own bodies all report that the enhanced experience provided by cannabis and sex can take what might have been an ordinary or routine sexual experience to an entirely new level and plateau of pleasure and sensual experience.

    But why does cannabis and sex seem to be so effective at enhancing and prolonging the sexual experience for both partners? The answer to that is fairly simple and relies on a basic understanding of the function of something called the endogenous cannabinoid system. This important psychological body system provides receptors for the phytocannabinoids in the cannabis plant to bond to allowing for the transmission of THC and CBD into the body.

    Common effects of the THC and CBD found in cannabis plant include enhanced senses, lowered inhibitions, increased empathy and sensitivity and a reduction in inflammation. All of these effects are beneficial to an enhanced and enjoyable sexual experience whether you are with a partner or exploring your personal desires on your own. That said, taking too much cannabis or dosing with the wrong method can produce feelings of discomfort and anxiety which would not be very positive experiences when trying to have an enhanced sexual encounter.

    What’s All The Hype About

    Know Your Tolerance

    For this reason it is always important to be aware of your tolerance limits and be very careful about your doses. If you are new to cannabis it is probably not a great idea to eat an edible or two before trying to get down to business with yourself or your partner. Marijuana Edibles are of course well known for their “creep effect” which can take quite a long time to ramp up often giving the user a false sense of security of even disappointment that the dosage was insufficient. When the effects do fully kick in however if your tolerance level is too low you will be at serious risk of experiencing anxiety, nausea, body discomfort and a variety of other decidedly unsexy symptoms that will have you running for the bathroom instead of the boudoir.

    If you are well aware of your tolerance limits and comfortable with the experience of using edibles however this can be one of the most satisfying and overwhelmingly gratifying sexual experiences that you can share with another person or to explore on your own. Edibles are known to provide more of a full body buzz rather than the more cerebrally focused effects you experience when smoking marijuana and this raw sensitivity and hyper awareness of one’s own body and experiences can lend itself extremely well to enhancing the sexual experience for both partners or for an adventurous single person.

    Know Your Tolerance

    Openings & Experiences

    Marijuana and sex drive are also interrelated in interesting and unexpected ways. Research in this area can be conflicting and is considered inconclusive (more studies need to be done so maybe you should get to work on that and report back on your discoveries!) but frequent and infrequent users of cannabis in clinical trials both reported a possible overall increase or decrease in their sexual appetites. How it affects you personally may be slightly different than how it affects your partner and their personal experience but of course a huge part of intimacy between partners or even with yourself is a clear ability to communicate and understand coupled with an empathic awareness and acceptance of desires, proclivities and personal kinks.

    Weed and sex can also help you or you and a partner explore and unlock your most private desires providing a fun, overwhelmingly pleasant and welcoming environment for you or your partner to fully express themselves and their desires without fear of judgement or reprisal. If you allow yourself to be open to the possibility of new and exciting experiences the combination of weed and sex can provide a transcendant and all connecting experience between yourself and your body or you and your sexual partner.

    Did you know that pot and sex when used in combination even by only one of a pair of partners can still produce a more pleasurable and long lasting experience for both partners? Even if your chosen sexual partner doesn’t care to partake in the experience of recreational cannabis use you can still both reap the benefits of an enhanced sexual experience even with only one partner using marijuana for sex. Smoking weed while having sex or smoking a joint after sex with your partner or even by yourself to unwind can be just the ticket to cap off, exentuate and prolong a heightened and intense sexual experience you won’t be liable to forget, no matter how stoned you get!

    Openings & Experiences

    A Natural Aphrodisiac

    In many cultures around the world and all through history wherever cannabis culture has been found and enjoyed by people it is fairly common for this wonderful plant to be hailed and celebrated by cultures as a natural aphrodisiac with performance enhancing benefits for both men and women. But what does weed do to you sexually and how are marijuana and sex drive so closely interwoven for some people while simultaneously only minimally correlating for others?

    For years scientists and adventurous lovers have explored the varied possibilities of mixing sex and cannabis on a quest to discover for themselves what pleasures and new experiences this wonderful plant can bring them. Exactly how does weed affect you sexually? There can only be one surefire way to find out!

    Whether you choose to unwind after a hot and sweaty session with yourself or a partner by smoking a joint after sex or masturbating or if you prefer getting a good buzz on before you go in to do the deed the heady combination of smoking weed while having sex is certain to thrill and titilate almost anyone so long as they approach the practice with patience, care, empathy and an adventurous spirit. Embrace the openness and the connectedness that the experience of recreational marijuna can provide and let it produce overwhelming pleasure for you and your partner or partners to share in together!

    If after reading all this you’re still asking yourself “But no, really; does marijuana enhance sex?” then our strongest recommendation would be try it for yourself and find out! Everybody’s personal mileage and experiences will vary depending on their particular sensitivity, tolerance level and of course how naturally comfortable they are with their own body and the deeply held desires they most want to experience and explore with another person or on their own. You might just discover something new and exciting about yourself!

    Why not try some recreational cannabis today from our wide selection of fantastic weed strains! You can buy great varieties of high quality cannabis and save money with great daily deals that cannot be missed! For the advanced connoisseur we also have some of the best available shatter online. Or if cannabis flowers aren’t your preference we also have edibles, weed shake, concentrates, capsules and many other fantastic varieties of cannabis to make your experience as simple and pleasurable as possible. If you’re looking for kief online or want to buy rosin online or you need the guidance of a good weed grading system you can find it all at your favourite online cannabis resource, Haute Health!



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