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Does Smoking Weed Make You Lazy?

Are you a mellow stoner? Do you know some chill potheads? Cannabis users are known for their relaxed demeanors, to be sure, but LAZY?! This kind of defamatory statement can't be allowed to stand! Let's look at some types of weed that help with your chill, and others that actually boost your energy as we dispel the myth that stoners are lazy.
November 17, 2022
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There are a lot of things people associate with smoking weed, some earned and others unfair. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about people who consume cannabis on a regular basis, aka ‘stoners’? If you partake of the Mary J, you’re probably proud to count yourself amongst the most chill, fun and fancy-free people. If you’re not a regular stoner then you might conjure up imagery of zombified, hempen outfits, dreadlocks and an overabundance of junk food. Which one of these truly captures the modern stoner?!

The answer might surprise you: they both do. Stoners are a lot like the buds they smoke - they come in many shapes, sizes and colors, and they all have unique characteristics that make for a one-of-a-kind experience, everytime. Sure, some weed can make you lazy and some weed does drain your energy. On the flip side, a lot of strains enervate your mind and jumpstart your creativity or work ethic. To suggest that all stoners are lazy isn’t just unfair, it’s downright misinformed and insulting.

Cannabis’ many active compounds have varying effects on a person, depending on a multitude of factors such as tolerance, genetics (both the person’s and the plant’s) and your overall health & fitness. It’s important that you understand how cannabis makes you feel, what kinds suit your tolerances better, and what effects you’re after before you light one up. This might allude to one of the reasons why stoners are so lazy, at least in the public’s view: they’re smoking the wrong buds!

So, can weed make you lazy? Does weed drain your energy like they say? Why are stoners so lazy? Is this a myth, or are there some nugs of truth in these kinds of stigmas? Let’s wake up and smell the coffee as we figure out if weed makes you lazy or not.

Why Are Stoners Seen As So Lazy?

You’ve probably heard this question more times than you’d like to: why are stoners so lazy? Whether directed at you, your friends or colleagues, anyone who partakes of pot will likely face scrutiny & stigma. One of the most common stigmas about cannabis users is that their brains are hazy, their bodies become sloth-like and their lack of motivation renders them akin to a modern day ‘walking dead’.

We’re not sure where this particular myth came about - all signs point to the dark days of the ‘Reefer Madness’ period in the 1950’s. Regardless where it came from, this misconception about all cannabis use leading to zombification has become less prominent in recent years - in no large part thanks to cannabis legalization in Canada. Still, a lot of people reserve judgment on cannabis folk because we enjoy relaxing, chilling, spacing out, getting a buzz, or soaring out-of-body.

Stoners aren’t lazy - they just understand how important it is to find calm in this chaos we call life. What’s a great way to turn your brain off and force your body to mellow out? Herbal tea can do it, meditation can achieve great relaxation, and even a good book can ease your tensions. However, nothing induces calm, relaxation, chill or inner peace quite like weed.
Can weed make you lazy? Sure it can, but that’s usually the point, isn’t it?! Does weed drain your energy? No, but it can make you question whether ‘being energetic’ is a worthy pursuit - especially when the alternative of mowing down on munchies and binging Netflix grows in appeal. The real takeaway is this: yes, cannabis can make you feel like turning your brain off and shutting your body down, but this isn’t a bad thing from time-to-time.

We all deserve relaxation, stress relief and time to just zone out. There is bliss in doing nothing, so don’t buy into the stigmas surrounding cannabis use. When you need help being mellow, chilling out or lazing about to your heart’s content then Mary J makes for the best ‘relaxation coach’ money can buy.
In the past, we’ve talked about weed that helps with productivity at work or energizes your mind & body at the gym. This time around we’d like to list some of the most potent, popular and effective weed strains for relaxing, tuning out or falling asleep. It’s not a bad thing to be ‘lazy’ from time to time - in fact, it’s something most of us could probably use more of in our hectically busy lives.

With these forthcoming cannabis strains you will finally be able to turn off your brain, trade in those work or fitness clothes for comfy ones, and chill the heck out. It’s time you started acting like the stoner you are and get comfortably lazy - and these strains are a great place to start:


What do you get when you cross two ‘ultra relaxed’ strains like Haze and Blueberry? Blue Dream washes over you like a cerulean sunrise and fills your body with warmth while cooling your mind. Blue Dream can relax your nerves without lulling you into a dream-like state; instead, this sativa-dominant hybrid is known for inducing a positive mindset, fun-funny attitude and focused high.


The hybrid child of two favorites - Grapefruit and Grape Ape - Zkittlez is as enervating as it is fruity & delicious. Its potent high takes hold of all your senses, forcing you to refocus and reorient yourself to your newfound mellow-chill. Not only does Zkittlez help to calm your nerves, it has a habit of waking you up and providing a bolt of energy that will make you want to create.


Imagine looking up one night and being dazzled by the magnetosphere dancing in vibrant colors all across the night sky… That’s what you can expect from the aptly named Northern Lights. This hybrid of Afghani and Thai is euphoric, relaxing, inquisitive and serene. You will enjoy this strain if you are fond of dual mind & body highs that lift you up simultaneously, creating space & time for your busy mind or sore body to achieve true R&R.


GG4, as it’s better known, is a hybrid in the ‘gorilla glue’ family that is sure to stick around your favorites once you’ve tried it. As is the case with most glue-strains, GG4 forces you to relax and sink into the couch. This potent whole body high offers extreme relaxation, nostalgia and a state somewhere in-between sleeping and wakefulness. Any of the GG strains would do the trick to relax you into submission, but Gorilla Glue #4 has gained a lot of popularity for this specific reason.


The ‘G Purp’ or ‘Granddad of Kush’ is a classic indica hybrid of Mendo Purps, Skunk and Afghan that is famous for its colorful chill. Euphoric to the max and relaxing for hours, GDP is one of the best strains for syncing your brain up with your body as they both ease into G Purp’s chill embrace. Granddaddy Purple is cerebral, allowing you to think things over without getting warped by stress. On top of all this, your muscles will feel utterly relaxed and your joints will loosen up, making you feel like reminiscing on a rocking chair on the porch - just like everyone’s grandpa does.

What Weed Drains Your Energy?

It’s a common question you’ll hear all too often if you’re a pothead: does weed drain your energy? Depending on what kind of stoner you are, you’ll have a different answer prepared for them. If you frequently smoke dope in order to relax and unwind, then you might agree that it does zap you of all your pep. On the other hand, if you toke up throughout the day and you’re able to still work hard & play even harder, then it’s obviously just a myth about cannabis that weed makes you lazy.

Regardless of the reasons why you use cannabis, it’s more about what you’re smoking than why you’re smoking it. Most people who don’t smoke weed fail to realize that there are thousands of types of cannabis to suit millions of needs, wants or desires. If zoning out and melting into the furniture is the kind of relaxation you need, then sure weed can make you lazy as an insomniac sloth on downers. There are also certain cannabis strains like Durban Poison, Jack Herer or Super Silver Haze that are known to perk you up and fire up those creative engines.

Here are some weed strains that are best known for disproving the myth that all stoners are lazy. These particular pot cultivars clear your mind, boost your cognition, free your mind & body from stress or anxiety, and enhance your abilities to get things done - whether that means work, workouts or knocking off items on the home to-do list. Why are stoners so lazy? They’re not, if they’re getting blitzed on these bud-boosters:


You know that phrase ‘pick your poison’? It probably originated at a dispensary when some stoner was trying to choose which cannabis strain to boost their cognitive & physical alertness, because that’s exactly what Durban Poison does. Its sweet aromas and sharp flavors will wake your mind up as your body is flooded with a need to accomplish something. Sometimes referred to as “espresso weed”, Durban Poison and others like it spark your cognition, supporting creative tendencies, go-getter mentalities and fun afternoons/evenings.


Nobody lends an uplifting hand quite like ol Jack H. Jack Herer is a cross of Northern Lights and Shiva Skunk, cultivated by none other than the cannabis-advocate himself, Jack Herer. JH smokers will enjoy being elevated by its piney smoke, feeling stress melt away and being replaced with acute attention to anything/everything. Jack Herer is a great strain to try before a big day of chores, like when it’s time to hang up those Xmas lights, or if you’re going to be working late on a big project. Jack the man was a motivator of people, and Jack the weed continues in his footsteps.


A favorite strain for workaholics or fitness freaks, Sour Diesel can help you focus up while bringing your anxiety down. Productivity, creativity, imagination, and clear headedness are all positive side effects of smoking some Sour D. With a cerebral yet mellow high that lasts a decent length of time, Sour Diesel is a must-try for those looking to buck their lazy habits in favor of some marijuana motivation.


Another classic strain renowned for its energizing effects, Green Crack never fails to shake you out of your stupor. GC is invigorating, uplifting, and consistent in its delivery of sharper focus, enhanced moods and go-getter attitudes. This is one of the most popular daytime strains because it definitely grabs hold of you, but doesn’t make you feel hazy or lazy. Green Crack is positively one of the most positive weed strains you can rely on to shake off the rust or dust off cobwebs - literally and figuratively.


Just saying its name is sometimes enough to wake you up or put a smile on your face. Maui Wowie is a bright experience of flavor & aroma that pleases the senses and opens up your mind. This tropical infusion of pineapple offers energetic afternoons, chill mornings or exciting evenings. Profoundly motivating, Maui Wowie is a popular “lunchtime toke” because it rushes in like a tropical second wind, giving you that verve you need to get through the day - all with a smile on your face. Feel the rush of the gorgeous Hawaiian sun every time you get high on Maui Wowie.


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