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Head High vs Body High: What's the Difference?

Weed is a complex subject that can be difficult to understand if your just starting off, questions like what is the difference between indica and sativa, what does it feel like to be high and what do terms and phrases like terpenes and kief mean, these are all common questions cannabis experts get on a […]
June 15, 2021
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Weed is a complex subject that can be difficult to understand if your just starting off, questions like what is the difference between indica and sativa, what does it feel like to be high and what do terms and phrases like terpenes and kief mean, these are all common questions cannabis experts get on a regular basis. So it’s okay to be confused, the more time you spend around cannabis the more you will naturally learn, especially when it comes to the different types of high you can get. The more strains you sample the more you will understand about how they interact with your body, this however can take some time. With the advancement of cannabis legalization and the vastness of the internet it is a lot easier for those questions to be answered.

One particular question our cannabis experts are asked is, what’s the difference between a head high vs body high, this question about the different types of high on the body is a regular ask, many are seeking the assistance of cannabis for medical purposes and want something very specific to help with their issues. So before you order yourself a fresh bag of Haute Health Flower or send us an email asking for recommendations we wanted to help educate you on what a head high is when smoking weed and what is a body high.


How We Get A Certain High

How We Get a Certain High

Before we get into the body high vs head high weed experience question let’s dial it back a notch or two and start with how smoking weed produces the sensation of feeling high and how it affects the body. When humans consume cannabis either through smoking, vaping or edibles there is an influx of cannabinoids introduced into our system, specifically they interact with our cannabinoid receptors which can be found in any mammal on the planet. When the cannabinoids from cannabis attach to our already existing cannabinoid receptors there is an increase of cannabinoids within the brain which creates the sensation of feeling high. This however is a different story when it comes to consuming CBD dominant cannabis, when we consume cannabis with THC dominance the THC cannabinoid produces that famous euphoric feeling of being high, but when you consume cannabis with a CBD dominance there is no high. CBD is the second my prominent compound found in the cannabis plant and contains zero psychoactive attributes, it does however contain various other health benefits to the body which target two main receptors in our brain known as CB 1 and CB 2. When CBD interacts with these receptors there are countless amounts of good that can come from it, CBD has shown to help deal with certain things such as stress, anxiety, inflammation, plain and so much more. This is due to the various cannabinoid CBD attached to our receptors, adding and building to our natural cannabind receptors. Now that we’ve given you some background information on how the two main cannabinoids found in cannabis can interact with your body and brain, let’s dive into body high vs head high and which is best for your needs.

What is a Body High?

What is a Body High?

Body Highs are usually always associated with the indica dominant strains such as Purple Kush  or Hindu Kush. Indica strains tend to be heavier in sedation largely due to the higher amount of CBD in comparison to sativa strains. CBD has been proven to provide a relaxing sedative feeling which adds to the effects of the body high. A body high is essentially a sensation you get after consuming cannabis where your mind doesn’t feel very foggy but your body has fallen into a lethargic state of deep and heavy sedation. The sensation usually starts with a tingling feeling throughout the body which is followed shortly by a heavy pinned down effect on the muscles and limbs, but don’t worry these feelings are not overwhelming. Once your body is fully immersed, a great sense of relaxation and laziness will occur, making body highs perfect for resting and recharging your energy levels. Many who experience a strong body high tend to feel almost locked to the seat they are sitting in, hence where the term couchlock comes in when reading cannabis strain product descriptions. This is mostly due to the fact that the both the body and mind are not interested in doing much else but resting, not necessary that you body is going through some sort of paralysis. This can be especially true when taking a strongly dosed edible, most edibles provide a strong body high due to how it breaks down within the body, instead of an instant high like you get when smoking. Edibles take anywhere between one to two hours for the effects to kick in due to the fact that the body is able to absorb more of the THC. When an edible enters the body is begins to break down instantly releasing an abundance of Delta 9 THC, compared to smoking which only releases a small amount. When the edible reaches the liver that Delta 9 THC gets turned into 11 hydroxy THC which is more water soluble , because the digestive system is programed to convert one type of THC into another it’s comparable to getting high twice when eating an edible, hence why the reaction to edibles is always a much stronger effect then that to smoking.

Another element of having a strong body high is the urge to eat everything in sight, this is largely due to the fact you have the time to eat and the munchies effect cannabis causes, read more about it here.

The science behind the body high is just as interesting and important to know. When we consume THC it interacts with what is known as our endocannabinoid system, slowing down the receptors between cells and our nervous system. When this occurs an intense relaxation occurs, with a wave of euphoria and a change in our perceptions such as time and space, hence why we begin to feel weightless and uninhibited.

What is a Head High?

What is a Head High?

Whar does head high mean? The term head high should be considered loosely when referring to a sensation after consuming weed, it’s unlikely that any strain will just produce a head high without parts of the body feeling the effect. That being said though, there are plenty of strains, specifically sativa strains and can produce a much stronger effect on the head and mind then it can on the body, known as the sativa head high. Sativa head highs usually come with more energy, this is in large due to the fact that more head highs come from sativa marijuana strains instead of the heavy sedative THC/CBD mixed indica strains. Head highs are best described as an a uplifting euphoric feeling with not much in terms of drowsiness or laziness. Head highs are usually associated with sativa strains due to the energetic nature one gets after smoking sativa, with many choosing a sativa strain for daytime use in order to complete tasks and remain focused throughout their high. It is also used to as a creative boost to the imagination, with the brain being the primary focus of the high many find their thoughts and ideas to be sharper and more productive then if they were not high or consuming an indica. When experiencing a head high many enjoy it when they are around friends our being active, it helps you feel relaxed while also opening up your stimulus to your surrounding area, with many preferring the head high of a sativa for socializing and going to parties as well.

Head highs however do come with some negative side-effects, mostly things like paranoia, anxiety and an elevated heart rate. When you consume too much sativa it can have an overwhelming effect on the brain which causes you to become overstimulated resulting in a panicked sense of state to your surrounding area or situation.

Looking for a good head high? Try our Trainwreck Sativa a perfect beginner sativa for those looking to experience a pure and fun head high.

Head High VS Body High

What is the Best For Me?

Head High v/s Body High What is the Best for me?

Now you have a finer understanding of body high and head high. When it comes to figuring out whether you want a strain that’s a head high vs a body high it all comes down to personal preference. Some who struggle with anxiety or insomnia probably want to stay away from the strains that attribute a head high, while others who are low on energy will want to stick with a strain that produces a head high to avoid lazing around on the couch all day.  Trial and error is your best method of knowing what is best for you, many products on Haute.Health one of the best online dispensary's in Canada have in-depth product descriptions and amazing weed deals that provide a detailed sense of what you are going to be buying and the effects that will occur.

Another strong option is choosing a hybrid strain. There are hybrid strains that contain a equal split of 50/50 indica and sativa which allows for a good balance of both a body high and a head high. There are hybrids that are more Indica or sativa dominant, which means you can get one effect more then the other. For example if you find an indica dominant hybrid it will provide the same results of a usual indica but with an added bonus of a head high due to the non dominant sativa percentage within the strain.  Hybrids are a popular choice for those who want the both of best worlds or are unsure on what they want and can experience both the head high vs body high all in one place.


Does indica give you a body high?

Indica is a much more deep and relaxing high which primarily is felt in the body.

Does sativa give you a body high?

Sativa provides an energetic and uplifting euphoric high that is felt most in the mind.


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