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1000mg THC Tincture (30ml)


(51 customer reviews)
  • 1000 MG THC per Tincture
  • THC Distillate
  • Full-Spectrum Cannabis Extract

Parent Category: Cannabis Concentrates

Recommended for those who have experience with high dosage cannabis edibles, our 1000 mg THC Tincture packs a punch with every drop you take. Tincture droppers are the most measurable way to consume THC with each droplet providing the exact amount every time. Easily applied, all you have to do is drop underneath your tongue for the quickest and most effective method. Each drop will be administered directly into the bloodstream, providing a quick and efficient way to get high. When placing under your tongue, wait 2-4 minutes before swallowing to allow for the fast absorption. If you don’t like the taste under your tongue you can also apply to foods or beverages. Our THC tinctures are great for dealing with ailments such as pain and insomnia or just a night at home sunk into the couch.

As always with THC oil, we suggest users start low and take it slow. Try one ml and wait an hour, then proceed according to your tolerance level.

51 reviews for 1000mg THC Tincture (30ml)

  1. rembar204 (verified owner)

    The taste is tolerable, should knock me out .

  2. monsieur_lavoie (verified owner)

    Does not taste bad , a great product . 👌

  3. lustistoxic (verified owner)

    This is great to make brownies with

  4. craigburns67 (verified owner)

    Just got this stuff today. Awesome stuff.

  5. munchkyk1nz (verified owner)

    It’s okies. Last 2 batches have had a lingering mint taste

  6. mandakernighan (verified owner)

    I was hesitant, but this tincture is perfect! No nasty flavours and the effect is spot on!

  7. fprecourt (verified owner)

    hell yeah ! still good

  8. Ronjon420 (verified owner)

    Very potent!

  9. parkdale999 (verified owner)


  10. fprecourt (verified owner)

    still good

  11. fprecourt (verified owner)

    So good

  12. munchkyk1nz (verified owner)

    Will be buying again

  13. macjames (verified owner)

    Very Nice ! Just Right ! No Muss , No Fuss ! Great Concept !

  14. andreadelaat (verified owner)

    Very clean

  15. rightandwrongproductions (verified owner)

    Bottle just arrived great results ..satisfied customer

  16. Meven (verified owner)

    No taste, Great product.

  17. quickslivers (verified owner)

    Nice stuff! Gives a great feeling. Well worth the purchase

  18. k.graw (verified owner)

    Doesn’t taste that bad, definitely packs a punch

  19. adyb (verified owner)

    I suffer from chronic pain and half a stopper of this right before bed relaxes my muscles, which lets me get a solid sleep without moving AT ALL so it is definitely helping me heal. Quick acting, perfect dose .

  20. Simo (verified owner)

    Tast less

  21. viper2000_69 (verified owner)

    Very nice and potent!!

  22. bewc89 (verified owner)

    Fast acting and packs a punch. High quality. Only wished there was some sort of label on the bottle so I don’t have to check the website when I forget 🙂

  23. janicel74 (verified owner)

    really liked the effects on this product worked well managing pain

  24. rsindia73 (verified owner)

    Which it came in sativa and indica, pretty good otherwise.

  25. michaelppoulette (verified owner)

    This was ok drank the whole bottle had a hard time waking up next morning lol

  26. snowhard27 (verified owner)

    First time buying tincture. I’m not a fan of edibles so I thought I’d give this a shot and I really like it. I use it to compliment my other choice of treatment, and I really like how the combo lingers through the day. I just wish we had the choice of indica and sativa strains.

  27. GanjaManja (verified owner)

    Nice body buzz

  28. tsmoke (verified owner)

    Got it on sale and love it
    order came with gifts
    Thank You Haute

  29. bcguy (verified owner)

    works great after a long day

  30. kelvinmarley96 (verified owner)

    Didn’t do a big hit really thought it would be stronger but when you smoke after doing this stuff you know it does something

  31. theuhph (verified owner)

    Good for everyday quick on the go sit on the couch relaxing

  32. atawilliams (verified owner)


  33. LuckyPete (verified owner)

    Love this product! Bought it on sale and have been testing it for about a week, I tried putting drops under my tongue but works just as good in my morning coffee , half a dropper seems to be about 15mg of THC and a great way to start my day!

  34. yannickbeland81 (verified owner)

    A rabais ça vaut la peine

  35. GanjaManja (verified owner)

    Very potent. Love this tincture alot. Most relaxed feeling. Will order more. Specially in sale

  36. phissx (verified owner)

    I bought two bottles on sale and love it. Amazing body buzz with a slight taste and very little tummy reaction. This was a def winner in my books. Good job HH.

  37. theuhph (verified owner)

    Great price on sale, use this as a top up with the peaches and blue feet

  38. stefan_kolesnikoff (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed using this to make cookies

  39. stefan_kolesnikoff (verified owner)

    nice tasting for an oral oil and long lasting high

  40. dmackay (verified owner)

    great stuff,couple of drops with a 20 mg thc edible and off to dream land

  41. jocelynqueenofawesome (verified owner)

    Very good taste and nice high

  42. bjnorthup98 (verified owner)

    Loved these and got them on sale so was a bonus

  43. reredrum666 (verified owner)

    Nice and relaxing. Good after work

  44. quentinlouragini (verified owner)

    taste good

  45. breannapeebles (verified owner)

    Liked this stuff, tasted great and good high.

  46. springross (verified owner)

    My 2nd order of this one, I like it because I don’t feel the anxiety and feel great. And I have SLE

  47. jacob_may (verified owner)

    Works great and no bad taste at all.

  48. Danred (verified owner)

    I bought this because it was on sale half price. It’s was pretty good, easy to take, It didn’t have much of a taste.

  49. oliking0777 (verified owner)

    I highly recommand nice bode buzz

  50. oliking0777 (verified owner)

    Perfect for cooking

  51. rpaquin97 (verified owner)

    I loved having this tincture, it gave me a very relaxing but potent buzz

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