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White Death Shatter - Indica Dominant Hybrid

(13 customer reviews)


White Death is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the infamous White Widow X Death Bubba strains.

Indica Dominant Hybrid - 70% indica/30% sativa

Effects: Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy, Uplifting
May Relieve: Appetite Loss, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Stress
Flavors: Herbal, Pine, Skunky, Spicy, Woody
Aromas: Diesel, Earthy, Pungent, Skunky, Spicy, Woody



Don't let the name scare you – the only thing that White Death will kill is your aches and pains. The White Death high is one for the ages, with potent effects that will knock you flat out if you're not careful with your dosage. It comes on with a creeping effect, slowly seeping its way into your mind before taking hold and lifting you to new heights of giddy and unfocused euphoria. As your mind fades into oblivion, your body will begin to settle into a relaxed and couch-locked state of pure bliss. This combination quickly turns sedative, leaving you dozing off for a long and peaceful sleep. With these heavy effects and its super high 23-28% average THC level, White Death is often chosen to treat conditions such as depression, appetite loss or nausea, chronic stress, insomnia and chronic pain.

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13 reviews for White Death Shatter - Indica Dominant Hybrid

  1. Donny (verified owner)

    Well worth trying..especially when on sale....decent buzz.

    • Matt Blanc

      Thank you for taking the time to review our White Death Shatter!

  2. rembar204 (verified owner)

    Good amber colour, nice taste and a good punch, not to mention the price is cheap !

  3. jasongagne4321 (verified owner)

    C'est ridicule sa prends trois jour avant d'etre shipper pi tu le recois 2 semaine plus tard le produit yer sa coche leur shipping process laisse a desirer

  4. superusers420 (verified owner)

    good but not as strong as I thought it would be.

  5. jessasparx9 (verified owner)

    gave a nice buzz

  6. barry-downton (verified owner)

    a little sticky good smoke nice buzz,thumbs up

  7. jafowler (verified owner)

    Nice caramel color, smooth pine/woody flavor with a touch of citrus. Fills the lungs without OT.

  8. kellycmac99 (verified owner)

    Great stuff

  9. b_marty (verified owner)

    Good buzz and cheap

  10. fg1990 (verified owner)


  11. jeremyfelix (verified owner)

    Good buzz

  12. chopintag (verified owner)

    Excellent thanks

  13. jack___jeckel (verified owner)

    Good purchase, on sale. Texture is like a thick oil, stringy, easy to handle cooled. Earthy smell and taste, smooth. Euphoria creeps up and the indica does it's job very well.

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