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Crescendo Flower - Indica Dominant Hybrid

(61 customer reviews)


Crescendo, an indica-dominant bud that will truly be the highlight of your life. They crossed I-95, Chemdawg, and Mandarin Cookies to develop a strain that’s incredibly powerful with complex flavors. Its terpene profile produces sweet, earthy, and citrus aromas with gassy, kushy, and sweet cookie dough flavors.

Indica Dominant Hybrid - 80% Sativa / 20% Indica

Effects: Happy, Euphoric, Relaxed, Tingly, Hungry
May Relieve: Nausea, Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Lack of appetite
Flavors: Berry, Cherry, Fruity, Sweet, Woody
Berry, Chemical, Earthy, Fruity, Pine, Woody


Crescendo, like its name suggests, is a rising wave of tingly sensations, heavy-lidded relaxation with a powerful finish. Bred between the three-headed monsters of Chemdog, I-95 and Mandarin Cookies, Crescendo cannabis flowers are very complex to behold with its deep purples, bronze and golden hues and highlighter-bright green accents. Crescendo buds offer a rich mixture of sweetness, earthiness and fruity tastes & smells, with a lingering grassy after-taste that remind many people of other Cookie strains.

When you smoke Crescendo hybrid flowers, you can expect an even keeled high that starts with tingles in your toes and rises throughout your entire body. Your brain will feel elation, relaxation and sometimes a bit of nostalgia as you float between reality and fond memories of the past. Fans of 9-lb Hammer and Cookie strains will enjoy complimentary sensations from Crescendo's strong Caryophyllene contents.

The best way to enjoy this bud? Put on some loud tunes, light up some Crescendo and ride the soundwaves as this Indica-dominant hybrid takes over your mind & body. Feel the power of the Crescendo from Haute Health.

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61 reviews for Crescendo Flower - Indica Dominant Hybrid

  1. justin.fawcett94 (verified owner)

    love the taste of it, smells fantastic also burns and smokes nice

    • Matt Blanc

      We are glad you are enjoying our Crescendo Flower!

  2. ilovedogs (verified owner)

    really good, stronger than the other one i got for same price. happy

  3. guidry.gamer22 (verified owner)

    Delicious and potent but quite harsh on the throat

  4. averymuir (verified owner)

    Not bad at all - Nice little bud! Does the trick in a pinch

  5. bigaloduce9

    Not bad

  6. hanstheviking (verified owner)

    Worth it. Got it on Sala tasted great !

  7. monsieur_lavoie (verified owner)

    I liked it , great buzz , smell good . Taste good.

  8. 2101kenn (verified owner)

    Nice for the price.

  9. cat.top (verified owner)

    I have a high resistance to thc, but wouldn’t write home on this one.

  10. CW_259 (verified owner)

    Great deal

  11. marioricher1967 (verified owner)

    Bon indica

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What are the effects of the Crescendo strain? Crescendo cannabis flowers are predominantly calming, relaxing and instill a sense of euphoria when smoked. A cross between I-95, Mandarin Cookies and Chemdog, Crescendo has a higher than average THC potency.


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