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What Are Smokeless Cannabis Pipes?

There are many devices for smoking cannabis, but have you ever "smoked without the smoke"? Smokeless cannabis pipes are a popular way to enjoy a bit THC, CBD and other cannabinoids without disturbing the peace of those around you. When discretion is a necessity, you need to smoke weed in a smokeless cannabis pipe.
March 3, 2022
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We all enjoy a good toke now and then, but for many of us cannabis isn’t just a hobby - it’s an essential part of our day-to-day life and supports our health. Medicinal cannabis has slowly - but reluctantly, on the part of society - become a regular part of daily life in Canada and across much of the United States. Mexico has finally Federally legalized their own marijuana as well, so it seems only natural that our mutual neighbor in the U.S. will follow suit sooner than later. If and when American weed finally hits the international markets, we’re going to exist in a greener world no matter how long it takes us to get there. This means that more and more people will discover the myriad ways & reasons to enjoy this unique plant in all its varieties. This also means that a growing number of us will have a real ‘need for weed’ both at home, in public and in the workplace.

Whether you’re a casual toker, a medicinal smoker, or someone in-between you have likely been in the situation where you could really use a little dope but can’t risk sending out a “smoke signal”. Smoking in public is restricted, if not outright banned, in almost every public space including our places of work. This is understandable, as the misbegotten decades where second hand smoke choked up libraries, schools, retail stores and restaurants belongs in the past. We know more now than we did then about the dangers of smoking.

Nevertheless, smoking cigarettes, cigars and tobacco didn’t have any demonstrable medical benefits like cannabis clearly does. Smoking weed might not be the healthiest way to take your cannabis medicine, but it is the most popular, one of the most convenient and undoubtedly one of the cheapest options for consuming cannabis today.

So how do we balance our need for cannabis with the risks/rewards of smoking weed? Thankfully there’s a convenient little secret we can all make use of whenever you’re in public but can’t afford to puff any smoke: smokeless cannabis pipes.

What is a smokeless pipe for weed? What kind of smokeless cannabis products are there? Let’s stash our hash and blaze without the haze in this article about vaporization and the best smokeless cannabis pipes.

What Is Meant By “Smokeless Pipes for Weed”?

Smokeless cannabis pipes refers to any device that helps you to inhale cannabinoids, terpenes or flavonoids through a non-smoke combustion delivery system. Typically involving moisture/temperature controls, filtration and a powerful combustion chamber, smokeless pipes for weed have become an ultra popular device for getting high without the harsh burn on your lungs.

Isn’t a smokeless pipe for weed just vaporization? Indeed it is. Vaporization devices - commonly referred to as ‘vaporizers’ - are in fact the most popular kind of smokeless cannabis products. Smokeless pipes started as a sneaky alternative to lighting up joints, bongs or pipes and typically only contained enough to do a “one hitter”. This meant that many smokeless pipes were traditionally consumed with only high-dosages of THC, CBD or other cannabinoid combinations.

These initial smokeless cannabis pipes were designed with a few key items in mind. For starters, their metal casing, filters and combustion chamber meant that no smoke or smell would be emitted. Even the cannabinoids you inhale had a diminished odor when exhaled, as the majority of these devices utilized vaporization to deliver THC or CBD directly to your lungs.

Secondly, early smokeless pipes were meant to help you cut down on smoking tobacco or at the very least aid your efforts to smoke less frequently. The ‘one hitter’ nature of these smokeless pipes usually led to reduced smoking volume or frequency, but you could bring a grinder and pack additional chambers if one wasn’t enough.

Thirdly, smokeless cannabis products had convenience front of mind. These units are typically very discrete in order to fit into your pocket and be easy to use on-the-go. A quick hit of your one-hitter smokeless pipe and your cannabis needs are satiated for a time. This helped many stoners to get their fix while also cutting down on the volume of inhalation, meaning less wear-and-tear on their respiratory systems than conventional joints/bongs.

Some smokeless cannabis products aren’t even shaped like pipes at all, to add extra discretion to your quick hits of THC or CBD. Let’s review some of the most popular designs and their intended uses. The majority of these smokeless pipes were designed with stealth & convenience in mind, so many of them will mimic everyday items in shape, color or usage. Many smokeless devices look like lighters, key fobs, earbuds cases, or some arrangement of household items like remotes or even water bottles.

One Hitter Smokeless Pipes / Vape Pens

The most popular kind of smokeless devices are meant to be “one and done” one hitter systems. These come in tubular shapes that simulate joints/blunts and contain a preloaded amount of concentrate or cannabis flower. Some one hitters can be reused, reloaded and are chargeable - others on the cheaper end are indeed only for one single use and were designed to be disposable. One hitter smokeless pipes or vape pens vary greatly per potency, flavors and reusability so be sure to do your shopping/research for the type that fits your needs best.

Odor-Free Vaporizers

Many vaporization devices are flavored or include pleasing aromas in their refillable cartridges. However, as the whole idea of smokeless pipes is to be discreet, a number of e-juices and vapor cartridges also come in odorless forms too. Remember that whatever you’re tasting, other people around you will undoubtedly be able to smell. So if stealth is top on your list of priorities with your vaporization bucket list then invest in some odor-free devices + cartridges.

Traditional Smokeless Pipes

Some smokeless pipes throw caution to the wind and are literally duplicated designs of some traditional wooden pipes. Remember the old, curved wooden pipe your grandfather used to puff away on? These kinds of smokeless cannabis pipes invest in nostalgia in lieu of discretion - just with a modern vaporization twist instead of the typical packed pipe-matches-and-lighter set up.

Compact Smokeless Devices

When you’re confident enough to consume cannabis out in the open, you’ll likely want to stick with compact smokeless cannabis products and vaporization devices. Compact vaporizers or smokeless pipes will mirror other items that people might not bat an eye at - key fobs, lighters, earbuds cases, flashlights, and other similarly innocuous items. These devices were designed to trick others into not paying too much attention to them, so if you need to be discreet about what/when/how you take a hit or two of cannabis in public then these kinds of vaporization systems are meant for you.

Keychain Vapes

Attached to your car keys so that you don’t ever forget it, these keychain smokeless pipes are small, stealthy and are meant to go with you everywhere. For obvious reasons, you’ll want to be careful flashing these mini smokeless pipes around as the association between driving and cannabis use is a testy one, at best. You should never operate a vehicle after consuming cannabis as the safety default. That being said, you should also be concerned about being pulled over and having an officer spy your interesting little device attached to your keys - that definitely sends the wrong message and can land you in some trouble.

All-In-One Smokeless Systems

What do we mean by “all-in-one”? Literally everything you need, combined into one device/system. Lighters or a combustion chamber, grinders with screens, a cartridge reloader or vape juice capture system and even sealed storage for additional cannabis flowers. These all-in-one smokeless pipes for weed are undoubtedly larger than others, so if you need to be discreet these might not be ideal. Still, these combination vaporization devices were built to save you space or from carrying around a container for all your smoking accessories, so it is definitely more stealthy than trying to smuggle a “weed kit” around.

Have you ever tried a smokeless cannabis pipe before? What’s your favorite kind of vaporization brand/design? The world of vaping and smokeless cannabis products is vast and full of lots of choices today. Haute Health is proud to offer an ever-expanding inventory of vaping pens, e-cigs, e-juices and more smokeless cannabis products to suit your needs. If you’d like to try a more discreet option for getting some much needed THC, CBD or particular cannabinoids/terpenes then you have to check out the awesome vaping section at Hautehealth.shop.


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