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Top 12 Destinations for Cannabis Lovers

There are certain places where cannabis has become not only a regular part of life, but a unique part of a city or country's travel experience. We've compiled 12 of the top destinations that cannabis lovers and stoners need to visit for their next weed-fueled escapade across the globe.
July 22, 2022
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Weed is a worldwide phenomenon - a unified culture with deep roots and full of diversity, just like the plants we stoners revere so much. Cannabis can be found on almost all continents - they haven’t found any Antarctican ganja, yet - and some research suggests that human beings have been consuming marijuana & hemp for tens of thousands of years. Even though cannabis has a huge following and has been around since before modern humans could record history, not everyone is so keen on these incredible plants.

Age-old stigmas, anti-cannabis laws & regulations, restrictions on access or use and many more forms of red-tape continue to get in the way of peoples’ ability to enjoy cannabis or benefit from its wealth of improvements to our health. Cannabis is certainly more free and open in society today than it’s ever been, but there’s still a long way to go before the lingering barriers of stigma are removed for good.

For most of the 20th century, weed was looked down on by authorities and the majority of society as a whole. Now, after decades of championing the life-changing properties of cannabis & hemp, cannabis advocates have led many states, provinces and entire nations to legalize or decriminalize this plant in all its forms. Where cannabis used to be an ‘illicit substance’, it is fast becoming a major part of many peoples’ lives.

As the wider world begins to expand their minds and open up to the possibilities of cannabis, there are already a number of weed-friendly havens that continue to grow in influence. Major stoner cities, cannabis-crazy States, well-known weed Provinces and countries with flourishing cannabis economies can be found in many parts of the globe. 420 friendly Airbnb’s are cropping up like flowers, cannabis cafes are blooming all over North America & Europe’s big cities and stoner culture is riding an all-time high.

What are the best weed friendly counties? Where are the best places for stoners to live in 2022? What states have the most stoners? Let’s get high and follow the travel-bug on a journey around the world as we review the top 12 destinations for cannabis lovers to visit, work or live in.

What Are the Best Weed Friendly Countries?

Before we list the top 12 destinations for cannabis lovers, let’s get a snapshot of the big picture by determining where the best weed friendly countries are. There are still a lot of nations that do not recognize the benefits of cannabinoids and therefore show no support or offer zero sovereignty to cannabis users. Hopefully the ‘green rush’ or ‘bloom boom’ continues to surge across the continents as we push towards a totally legal, free and diverse cannabis future.

In many cases, specific cities or territories are favorable to cannabis yet they don’t recognize peoples’ medical/recreational rights to consume weed (we’re looking at you USA!) at the Federal level. Cannabis doesn’t have to be strictly legal in order to be considered safe to enjoy in a country - in the end it depends on how seriously municipal, state or regional authorities want to enforce anti-cannabis regulations.

A country like Jamaica or the Netherlands are great examples of this. Sure, it’s not technically legal to smoke weed or grow cannabis in these places, but they’ve also established themselves as insanely popular cannabis tourism destinations. Officially, they’re not advocating that weed is free-for-all to enjoy, but they’re also not drawing a line in the sand either.

So, what are the best weed friendly countries where you can smoke, dab, vape, trip, chill or get stoned in? Here are the most well known pro-cannabis nations that you should check out on your next trip (pun intended):

Recently legalized, long-standing tradition with cannabis and very favorable conditions for cultivation make Mexico a no-brainer cannabis hub. Lots of genetic diversity and millions of growers/smokers means Mexico is consistently a leader in the weed world.

Many people don’t know this, but Uruguay - not Canada - was technically the first country to legalize medical and recreational cannabis. Today this South American country is still hesitant to dive into cannabis tourism, but there’s a strong pot presence amongst locals.

Chile is still working through the legalities of it all, but this small Southern nation has some of the highest per-capita cannabis use numbers in the world. Just like with their wines, Chile is putting themselves on the map for high-quality cannabis.

Like with the city of Amsterdam, Jamaica aka “birthplace of the ganja” needs very little introduction. Kingston and other parts of the Caribbean nation certainly have their issues between cannabis & law enforcement, but their storied ganja culture and flourishing weed tourism have led to a great many songs and stories.

Not many people associate cannabis with many parts of Asia because of how strictly it is prohibited, but Sri Lanka has always maintained a strong weed culture, especially in terms of spiritual & medical significance. The ‘Ayurveda Act’ has protected peoples’ rights to ingest cannabis for medical or spiritual reasons since the 1980’s, and many people have visited in hopes of experiencing some of this Sri Lankan marijuana mystique.

One of the cradles for cannabis life, India has perhaps one of the longest recorded histories with cannabis. Whether you’re talking about Kush strains or smoking bhang, the Indian people have relied on weed for thousands of years as a spiritual enhancer, medical remedy or enjoyable commodity.

Just like their down-under location, Australia is a bit backwards in terms of its weed-friendly reputation. Sure, they have many thriving cannabis cafes in certain provinces/territories, but the country at-large does not show much support for making cannabis official. That being said, where marijuana is decriminalized it seems to be very well established in short amounts of time.

Just like Australia this one comes with a major caveat - the U.S. is without a doubt the most massive marijuana market in the world, worth billions upon billions of USD$ even though it isn’t Federally legalized or decriminalized. The Americans have numerous cannabis-centric States that have thriving industries & cultures associated with cannabis, so they’re definitely on the radar as one of the best weed friendly countries. What State has the most stoners? We’ll cover that later, for now we have to say to the red-white-and-blue to just cool it with all that bureaucratic “war on drugs” stuff.

Despite some major hiccups along the road to modern, legal weed in Canada today, the Canadian cannabis industry is continuing to grow (literally) and establish itself alongside the very passionate pot smokers of this very cannabis friendly nation. Canucks have always been known for being modest, nice, easy going but also sporting some dope dro and thriving cannabis cultures in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario. Obviously, as the first G7 country to Federally legalize weed gives Canada a lot of pot-brownie points in the grand scheme of things.

You might be yelling at the computer screen and wondering “Hey! What about European countries! They’re known to enjoy the reefer too”. You’re not wrong there as Europe has very liberal cannabis use, practice and traditions across multiple countries. Nevertheless, none of the countries within the EU have really taken the reins as the first Federally legalized cannabis leader - unless you count Portugal who recently decriminalized all drugs.

Europe is different in that their nation-states aren’t to be credited for their strong cannabis traditions, it’s actually individual cities or regions that deserve the hype. We’ll list some of Europe’s well-known cannabis hotbeds in the upcoming sections, we just didn’t want you to think that we left Europe off the table out of ignorance.

Top 12 Destination for Cannabis Lovers

Now that we’ve discussed some of the best weed friendly countries and hopefully helped you map out your next potential 420 Airbnb booking, let’s narrow down the list to the top 12 destinations for cannabis lovers by city or region.

Prague, Czechia

We told you we weren’t neglecting Europe’s dopest cities! Prague is renowned as a fun, party-hardy city with as much history & architecture as they have awesome people. Weed isn’t legalized in Prague or Czechia as a whole, but this city allows tourists and locals alike to partake of cannabis in smaller amounts without much fuss. Many bars, clubs and cafes are favorable to stoners and what’s really awesome is how accepting the people of Prague are about recreational and medical psychedelics. Whether you’re just passing through this Eastern European jewel of a city or you’ve come for the vaunted absinth bars, don’t forget to puff-puff-pass your way around Prague’s potent pot scene as well.

Barcelona, Spain

Continuing on our European tour, Barcelona has quickly become one of Europe’s most weed friendly cities thanks to a legendary “party hardy” attitude and their penchants for good times. Barcelona is very scenic and sports awesome weather, so it’s naturally a nice place to toke up and get lost in their unique attractions like Parc Guell, La Sagrada or anything else Gaudi built in what seems to be his psychedelic-fueled fervors. Barcelona is great for tourists because they value fun, freedom and getting the most out of your days & nights. The city is bustling with activity, so a little ganja while you shop, chill or party goes perfectly well for many people in this exciting city. Speaking of reasons to visit Barcelona, here’s probably the best one to book a 420 Airbnb in the Spring: the Spannabis festival!

Freetown/Christiania, Denmark

This Danish township explicitly tells you what you need to know in its name - Freetown Christiania is a region within Copenhagen that actually allows residents to cultivate marijuana and consume it within reasonable grounds. Outdoor cannabis markets and 24/7 pot cafes make this secluded region a truly unique cannabis hub in a country who is otherwise not particularly weed friendly. Christiania is also well-known for its ‘green light district’, which although it is a shade or two below the storied red-lights of Amsterdam is still a cool place to experience some Scandinavian buds. A word of warning: no cameras are allowed in the green light district, so you’ll have to keep your socializing to the medialess kind.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

What’s there to say about the crazy nice & fun orange-obsessed people of Holland? Amsterdam is one of the most unique and genuine cities in the entire world, and that’s without even talking about their stance on cannabis. Peruse the ‘Red Light District’ and you’ll find vices of every kind, cannabis among them. The Dutch people have always maintained a very friendly, no-nonsense attitude towards cannabis, alcohol and other mind altering substances. This refreshing approach makes for an incredibly comfortable, fun, hilarious and genuine atmosphere whenever you visit a cannabis cafe or weed friendly bar. Amsterdam is also famous for hoarding some very potent cannabis - when White Widow first made it onto the scene, the streets of Amsterdam were crawling with high tourists thanks to strains like this. What’s more, Amsterdam boasts some of the best munchies your salivating brain could ever dream of - chocolate waffle sticks, garlic fries and mayo, triple-decker triple-cheese burgers, Swiss chocolates and candy shops that are older than most North American countries. For the absolute best experience, head to Amsterdam for ‘Queen’s Day’ in April, right around 4/20 so make a full weed week out of it!

Las Vegas, Nevada

Kicking off our tour of the best places for stoners to live or visit in 2022 in the U.S. is Vegas, of course. The Las Vegas strip is THE place for many people to visit for many different reasons, and cannabis is certainly among the endless fun of Sin City. Not only are more and more cannabis shops opening up on the strip, Fremont Street and across the greater LV area, but a ton of bars and nightclubs are beginning to allow for weed smoking! What could be better than getting high and experiencing the unparalleled nightlife of Vegas?! Obviously gambling and ganja might not be a great mix, so there are certainly limitations to where/what/when you can whip out your weed. Nonetheless, Las Vegas is the ultimate adult playground - especially now that cannabis has officially entered the building.

Bay Area, California

You can almost find good weed anywhere in California, but the Bay Area is particularly famous for its beautiful vistas, beach bodies and bodacious buds. Cannabis smoking is prohibited in many public areas, but with so many outdoor attractions there’s never a shortage of weed friendly places to light up or drop an edible. Speaking of edibles, California hosts some of the world’s greatest wineries which continue to pair with weed in many unique ways. Cannabis-infused wines are a major attraction to the Bay Area for true weed cannaseurs. California has so much cannabis culture ingrained into many diverse areas of the Sunshine State, making it one of the States that has the most stoners.

Denver, Colorado

Colorado is the mile high state in many ways: the Avalanche just brought home the Stanley Cup this year, they’re way up there in elevation and the entire State is a functioning cannabis paradise. Colorado, and Denver in particular, were one of the early adopters of legal recreational/medical cannabis in the U.S. sporting over 300 dispensaries today. There’s a ton of cannabis businesses to suit almost anybody’s tastes - bud bars, bong shops, edible bakeries, cannabis cafes, weed-infused fine dining, incredible grow stores and even guided tours of cultivation facilities. Denver is truly on a mountain of its own when it comes to sensible cannabis policies, as the city and State are known for being positive about the entire cannabis experience as long as its citizens and visitors are upholding the fair-and-balanced rules. Denver is renowned for having some of the lowest crime rates in the country thanks to some savvy regulations, not to mention they’ve consistently lowered the number of cannabis-vehicle incidents since legalization in 2016. If you had to ask yours truly where he’d like to live if he could go anywhere in the world, it’s an easy choice: Denver is the home for all stoners.

Seattle, Washington

If you’ve ever searched for 4/20 friendly Airbnb’s or Googled “what State has the most stoners?” then we’ve got the answer for you: Seattle. Washington State was another pioneer in pot regulations, coming in just behind Colorado with legalized recreational/medical cannabis in the mid 2010’s. Seattle is world-renowned as the birthplace for Starbucks, but it’s their cannabis cafes that should be top of mind. Seattle has lots of pot shops and eclectic lounges to enjoy some weed with friends & family. Of course, the legal age is 21 like most States so you’ll need to be a bit longer in the tooth to get the full experience. Seattle is also well known as a hybridized natural-urban locale - lots of innovations you’d expect from a modern city with just as much hiking, biking, nature trails and outdoor activities within the city limits. The natural beauty of the city of Seattle definitely enhances the stoner vibes of its long-storied stoner culture.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Just a short drive or train ride across the border and into Canada will take you to one of the ‘meccas’ for marijuana in North America. BC - Bud Country - is world famous for its Provincial reputation as a provider of top quality cannabis. Pair the incredible diversity of growers, smokers and buds with a very strong and passionate cannabis culture and you’ve got the makings of a cannabis paradise. Vancouver is obviously the biggest city in British Columbia, so it’s only natural that a lot of the activists, advocates and the like flocked to this coastal city to share weed and grow the industry (literally!). There are a number of cannabis cafes, tons of dispensaries and an ever-evolving scene of cannabis innovations like weed cuisine to scratch your THC or CBD itch. You might not even need to shop at a store to get your hands on some of that legendary BC bud - a lot of Vancouverites are willing to share or trade their homegrown creations with fellow stoners. Check out one of the awesome 4/20 beach parties or events in downtown Vancouver to get the full Bud Country experience.

Toronto, Ontario

We could include Calgary, Montreal or a few other major Canadian cities on this list, but as is typical Toronto steals all the spotlight as a hub of cannabis activity. What makes Toronto special is the sheer number of cannabis offerings it has developed over the years. As Canada’s busiest city, there’s no shortage of dispensaries or grow stores to shop at. Toronto also has a lot of cutting-edge weed advocates who consistently push the boundaries of the Federal regulations, leading to some pretty novel products/services. Toronto has all the modern comforts of a big city but it’s host to a very diverse bunch of people that all add unique flavors and flares to the cannabis culture of the T.dot. Why not get ripped on some of Toronto’s famous edibles and then catch a Blue Jays game in their awesome stadium?

Kingston, Jamaica

Next up is Kingston - no, not Kingston Ontario, the Jamaican weed haven of course! The stomping grounds of a young Bob Marley needs very little introduction or context for why it’s always among the top weed destinations in the world. If Jamaica is one of the best weed friendly countries in the world then Kingston has to be one of the ultimate stoner cities. Smoking some of that famous Jamaican dro on the beaches of Kingston while some groovy music plays in the background of the sunny horizon is truly a spiritual experience. The birthplace of ganja culture absolutely has to be experienced by each and every stoner, no question. We’ll leave this description short, not because there isn’t an incredible amount to see/hear/taste/experience in Kingston but we want you to go there yourself and revel in the essence of Jamaica.

Montevideo, Uruguay

We couldn’t leave the first ever country to legalize marijuana off the list. Montevideo is a growing, modernizing city in Uruguay that has developed an incredible weed friendly environment over the past 9 years. Approaching a decade of legal cannabis, Montevideo sports many growers (you can cultivate 6 plants per household!), many smokers and a growing number of edibles & concentrates enthusiasts. The legal age of 18 makes this a hotbox bed for cannabis tourists seeking to experience some international dope a little earlier than most other places. Clubs and bars in Montevideo are popular spots to share some buds with some new friends or relax in the beautiful, warm outdoor settings that South America is famous for. Uruguay is one of the hidden gems on this list as one of the lesser known cannabis destinations, so make sure you visit soon (it’s top of our list for our next cannabis tour!).

Best Places For Stoners to Live in 2022

We’ve spanned multiple countries, across continents and connected the dots between some of the absolute best places for stoners to live in 2022. There are a ton more that are equally unique, fun, exciting, chill or fascinating cannabis destinations you should definitely visit. For now, start with this list of top 12 destinations for cannabis lovers and expand your horizons, open your mind and nourish your soul. The journey of life is full of surprises, both good and bad, but to experience them you need to get out there and seek adventure.

Go find the cannabis that helps you find your true purpose or unlocks some hidden facet of life that you’ve been missing. Cannabis isn’t the gateway, it’s a key that comes in myriad shapes & sizes that can open many doors. With good weed to smoke and friends/family to share it with, what else do you need? Happy travels fellow stoners, and may the weed bless you with high times & good tidings.


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