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Valentine’s Day 2023: Gift Ideas for Stoners

Valentine's Day is a special occasion to show the ones we love the most how special they are. What better way to do that than give the gift of ganja?!
February 3, 2023
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Love is in the air! Or maybe that’s just snow… It’s still winter time for most of us Canadians, but hearts are warming up as the most romantic of holidays is just around the corner.  If your loved ones are like most of us denizens of the Great White North, then nothing speaks truer to the heart then a thoughtful stoner gift.  Cannabis is the gift that keeps on giving - it helps us feel healthier, have more fun, feel more relaxed and even sleep better.

The usual Valentine’s gifts consist of chocolates, jewelry and flowers - with Valentine’s gifts for weed smokers you can still invest in chocolates and even flowers (not the kind you just look at, but the smokable ones too!).  This V Day why not give the gift of less stress, giggles, munchies and pure relaxation instead of another sappy card or overpriced bouquet of roses?

To inspire your most romantic gift for the most romantic time of the year, let’s review some of the top Valentine’s Day weed gift ideas for 2023. First we’ll discuss what makes a typical stoner Valentine’s Day is like for gift inspiration.  Next, we’ll go through some of the most popular Valentine’s Day weed gift ideas and where you can find all of the best cannabis Valentine’s gifts online in Canada in 2023.

What’s A Stoner Valentine’s Day Like?

Before we make a list of the best Valentine’s gifts for weed smokers we feel it’s pertinent to define what makes for the perfect stoner’s Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re dating, in a long-term relationship, married or in some kind of polyamorous situation, Valentine’s Day is an important spot on the calendar.  The social pressures on couples has risen to dizzying heights, especially when you consider that 2023 will be the first Valentine’s since COVID made going out impossible for almost two years.

Instead of buying into these kinds of hype, what makes cannabis Valentine’s Days so great is that the focus shifts from themes of perfect dates, unparalleled romance and expensive gifts to what really matters: feeling good, having fun and sharing the love.  Cannabis is one heck of an aphrodisiac, not to mention it can calm the most frantic of minds or help an achy body to feel at ease.  

Cannabis Valentine’s gifts are the ultimate expression of “I care about YOU” for your significant other(s).  Does your girlfriend work super hard and deserve a chance to unwind or destress? Some delectable weed chocolates will satisfy her cravings while calming her busy mind & tired body. Has your wife been struggling with some nagging back pain or bouts of insomnia? Give her some purple-orange-and-green flowers that will have her chilling out more than that bucket of champagne on ice.  Is your love life needing a bit of mix-up? What better way to spice up your Valentine’s nightly activities than with some soothing CBD or tantalizing THC?

The applications for cannabis on Valentine’s Day are nearly endless, and there’s guaranteed to be a unique weed product for every kind of person. Here are some of the most popular stoner Valentine’s day themes to inspire your afternoon/evening of dro-mance:


One of the best ways to enjoy V Day is to chill out with some good weed & good company.  Nothing relaxes your tired mind or eases those tense muscles quite like cannabis.  Whether you’re seeking the calm clarity of CBD, or you prefer the all-encompassing powers of THC to wipe your brain clean there are a ton of suitable cannabis Valentine’s Day gifts that can maximize your chill factor.


Some of us don’t care what the occasion is - a holiday is just another day off to launch into cerebral space and jettison ourselves from our Earthly bodies.  Why settle for an expensive bottle of wine for your Valentine’s date when you could buy two tickets to another galaxy instead? Spacing out is an awesome way to relax, unplug, reset or experience something truly unique with somebody you care about.  Not all high-flying cannabis trips are the same, so keep this in mind when you and your loved ones are getting high together.


Sometimes all you need to put the cherry on top of a beautiful Valentine’s Day is some perspective enhancing substances like THC.  A little weed oil, capsules, gummies, smoke or vape will sharpen your mind’s eye, dull those aches & pains and open your senses up to the universe around you.  Some strains are better at knocking you out, others are meant to enervate your mind & body, so choose wisely - Valentine’s is meant to be full of red & pink romance, not greening out into oblivion.


A box of chocolates and some flowers is all your date really wants for V Day, right? Well cannabis edibles combine the two into one fun-filled, sweet, savory and sensual experience.  Valentine’s Day has always been a festive occasion for indulging in life’s pleasures with those closest to you, so why not indulge in some cannabis enhanced chocolates, cookies, gummies, candies or tasty beverages?


When dessert has been served and dinner is a fading, full-stomached memory, the real ‘festivities’ of Valentine’s are on tap.  Expressing your love for your partner is something many people don’t appreciate enough, so the most romantic of holidays is the perfect time to rekindle that fire or take your sensual experiences to new levels.  Cannabis is just what Dr. Love ordered - it can soothe, relax, excite, stimulate, warm or cool all over your body while teasing your mind.  When it comes to enhancing aphrodisiacs, cannabis has got to be up there among the gods of love.

Valentine’s Day Weed Gift Ideas

No matter your budget, there are millions of exciting cannabis products online that can seem tailormade for your loved ones. Whether your partner is in to the neutral calming effects of CBD or a more adventurous Valentine’s night with THC, the world of weed has something for everyone.  The only questions you need to know the answers to before you buy a weed Valentine’s day gift are:

What is their tolerance level to certain cannabinoids?

You need to determine whether your loved one is a real power-doser or if they are quite new to cannabis in general.  Buying the right potency of product is essential to creating a memorable romantic day/evening instead of a blank slate in your memory banks.

Do they have any preferred terpenes, flavors or aromas of cannabis?

Citrus & tropical fruits are loved by most, but so are chocolate, nuts, vanilla and coffee flavors or aromas.  Try to pair the cannabis products you’re buying with your love one’s favorite guilty pleasures - there’s a strain, edible or vape of every color, texture, taste and smell.

Is this cannabis Valentine’s Day gift meant to be for the day/night of? Or to enjoy for days/weeks after?

Whether you buy a tin for one night of fun or in bulk to keep the feel-good vibes of Valentine’s going all week, it’s important to pick a cannabis product that suits your partner’s weed habits as much as it is a treat for the holiday.  Cannabis oils and other concentrates last a very long time, whereas edibles need to be consumed relatively quickly for the best experience.

Finding answers to these three questions can provide a ton of clarity for a smoother online shopping experience.  A sneaky way to sleuth your loved one’s cannabis preferences is to ask their usual dispensaries what they like to buy, or stealthily check their order history from online shops. You can always take a hail-mary and shoot for the stars with something unique, powerful or random, but be careful because everybody’s tolerances to cannabinoids can vary greatly.

To get you started in your hunt for the perfect stoner’s Valentine’s Day gift, here are some of the most highly reviewed products for these holidaze:


Share a wedge of 900 MG THC CHOCOLATE TOBLERONE!

Have a couples’ bath with a 200 MG THC BATH BOMB!

Massage each other’s feet while you drop 40 MG THC GUMMY BLUE FEET!

Taste each other’s cherry with THC DISPOSABLE VAPE PENS: CHERRY!

Soothe & satisfy with 500 MG CBD FULL-SPECTRUM TINCTURES!

Spice it up in a little threeway with LINDSAY OG SHATTER!

Open up to your wild side when you open PANDORA’S BOX FLOWER!

Be red hot with these 200 MG THC RED HARD CANDIES!

Give them what they really want for Valentine’s with PURPLE HAZE DIAMONDS!

Haute Health Has All Your Cannabis Valentine’s Gifts

It’s just under two weeks until the big day, so now that you’re an expert in all the latest & greatest weed Valentine’s gift ideas there’s only one thing left to do: pull your credit card out of your wallet and shop for some of the best cannabis Valentine’s gifts at Haute Health.  Hautehealth.su is loaded with sweet treats, potent extracts and all the top strains that your loved ones desire.

Haute Health has every kind of cannabis product imaginable, so they’re not boasting when they say they’ve got weed to suit every need.  Looking for a delicious weed chocolate bar to melt in your loved one’s mouth? How about some soothing THC or CBD topicals that can relax or excite? There’s even a wide range of cannabis extracts for the more experienced stoners on your Valentine’s Day list.

You love weed like you love your significant other, so let Haute Health show your wallet the same love with the best deals on cannabis online in Canada.  We hope you all have a fantastic day of romance, romping good times and some well-deserved R&R!


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