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What Are Cannabis Flavonoids & What Are Their Benefits?

Since the legalization of medical and recreational cannabis in Canada and even long before then scientists have been discovering and classifying the wide variety of bioactive compounds that can be found within the cannabis plant. With over 483 known compounds to keep track of including cannabis terpenes, cannabinoids and of course cannabis flavonoids. In recent […]
September 1, 2021
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Since the legalization of medical and recreational cannabis in Canada and even long before then scientists have been discovering and classifying the wide variety of bioactive compounds that can be found within the cannabis plant. With over 483 known compounds to keep track of including cannabis terpenes, cannabinoids and of course cannabis flavonoids. In recent years much focus has been put on the terpenes, and cannabinoids present in the legal cannabis being produced by craft growers and cannaflavins and flavonoids have taken a bit of a back seat when it comes to the attention of both producers and consumers.

What are Cannabis Flavonoids & what are their benefits?

But as more and more is being discovered about this wonderful plant and all of the benefits and pleasure it can provide for people, more attention is being paid to the effects and flavonoids benefits in the cannabis flower. The more science learns about the therapeutic and pain relieving effects provided by this essential element of the cannabis plant the more people are starting to wonder just what are cannabis flavonoids and what do they do anyhow?

What Are Flavonoids?

What are Flavonoids?

Just what is a flavonoid anyhow? Found in almost all fruits and vegetables flavonoids are the compound primarily responsible for providing the bright colours most of these garden grown treats are known for. Flavonoid benefits include but are not limited to helping flowers attract pollinators or protecting from UV rays or pests and diseases.

There are nearly six thousand known flavonoids science has so far discovered naturally occurring in many of the fruits, vegetables and plant life across the globe. But what are flavonoids? Many flavonoids are specific to the type of plant, fruit or vegetable that they are found in and cannabis flavonoids are no exception. The flavonoids that are found in cannabis flowers and nowhere else in nature are known as cannaflavins.

Much like the flavonoids found in fruits and vegetables these cannaflavins are primarily responsible for giving cannabis the bright and deep green tones it is well known for as well as other interesting colours like the purple, pink or orange colour variations that can be found across different strains of cannabis. A wide range of beneficial medical effects have been attributed to these cannaflavins including neuroprotective benefits as well as anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants and cancer fighting properties.

It’s About The Entourage

It’s about the Entourage

But before you run out and start searching for cannabis high in flavonoids or trying to find a flavonoid heavy extract consider that the latest research heavily suggests that a big part of the flavonoids benefits come from something called “the entourage effect”. Put simply the entourage effect is the concept of flavonoids, terpenes and cannabinoids working in concert together to enhance and improve the effectiveness of one another. Research strongly suggests that terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids lose a lot of the beneficial effects when they are not utilized together. This means that extractions heavy on one bioactive compound over all the others is likely to be less effective or potent than an extraction or bud which is full of all of these important bioactive compounds and puts them to work together in your system.

More research in this particular field is still necessary to fully understand all of the interactions and pathways utilized to make the entourage effect possible but since its discovery in the 1980s it has been understood that no single bioactive compound, flavonoids included, provides the full benefits possible without having the other compounds present and interacting with one another.

Cannabis Flavonoids Are the Future

Flavonoids are the Future

So much study and research has been carried out in the service of discovering all that can be gleaned from the cannabis plant and its many bioactive compounds but the focus up until recently has been primarily on cannabinoids and terpenes. Much of the positive effects and potency of these two attributes have been touted and celebrated by producers, craft growers and cannabis fanatics around the world but as more is understood about the entourage effect and the role flavonoids play in the delicate balance of cannabis potency their importance can no longer be denied and further study is being carried out on this topic in laboratory settings around the world.

The full range of flavonoid benefits are not yet fully understood but much work is being done to understand them and the important interactions between them and the other bioactive compounds present in cannabis. Historically flavonoids have been grossly understudied so a full list of cannabis flavonoids is currently not available to us but work is being done to develop a complete list of cannabis flavonoids and their interactions with other bioactive compounds present in cannabis. It won’t be long now before science has a complete understanding of just exactly what are cannabis flavonoids and what benefits they provide.

Cannabis flavonoids, terpenes and cannabinoids all work together as we have previously discussed to create the entourage effect increasing the potency and effectiveness of the medicinal and recreational qualities that users of cannabis culture around the world have come to enjoy and depend on. There is research which suggests cannaflavins found only in cannabis could provide an antioxidant benefit to users as similar flavonoids found in vegetables like your favourite green superfoods are well known to provide this health benefit.

There is also research to suggest that cannabis flavonoids can work as an anti-inflammatory. In fact some studies have shown that canaflavin A and canaflavin B compounds can be up to thirty times more effective than those provided by aspirin! The only downside to this research is the fact that most cannabis only contains very small or trace amounts of these canaflavins and therefore massive quantities would need to be consumed to see the benefits of their effects. However research is being done to isolate and enhance the medicinal qualities of these canaflavins and more!

Come to Flavonoid Country

Come to Flavonoid Country

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Are flavonoids found in Cannabis?


What are hemp flavonoids?

The flavonoids found naturally occuring in hemp.

What is flavonoids and terpenoids?

These are naturally occuring compounds found in cannabis which are responsible cheifly for attributes of like flavour.



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