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What Is A Sploof & How Do You Make One?

Sploofs are the kind of smoking accessories that can help you blaze some buds or help you to smoke skunk without being detected. What is a sploof? How can you make your own? Let's DIY and learn all about weed sploofs.
January 13, 2023
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The powerful aromas of cannabis are one of its most admirable features. The pungent smells of skunk, fuel, fruits, herbs and spices can tantalize your olfactory senses from the moment you open the jar to your first inhale/exhale. Whether you’re a smoker, vaper, bonger or dabber you likely have a particular fondness for the smell of raw buds - but nothing hits quite like the aromas of smoke or vapor from your favorite, fragrant buds.

As much as we potheads drink in the aromas of various cannabis plants with pleasure, the majority of folks are an unenlightened bunch who don’t particularly care for the smell of weed. This means that inevitably when you go to enjoy a toke or two you’re going to to encounter people who ask you to abstain from enjoying your gods-given ganja. This will simply not to. It’s a free country, and with cannabis federally legalized it’s literally your right to enjoy weed when, where, how and why you see fit.

Even so, there are some secret ways to sneak in a puff without bothering anybody. It’s not your responsibility to adhere to the whims of others, but if you want to take the high road - pun intended! - and continue to enjoy smoking weed in public then you need to know about the ultimate, homemade smoke buddy: homemade sploofs.

What is a sploof? Is it difficult to learn how to make a sploof? What kinds of cannabis are ideal for sploof weed? Let’s explore some sploof DIY and easy, homemade sploof designs so you can keep toking, busy-bodies be damned.

What Is A Sploof?!

Despite its name sounding like something out of a Dr. Seuss novel, DIY sploofs have been a homemade smoke buddy staple for decades. Stealthy stoners have been smoking sploof weed since the 70’s and 80’s, during the thick of the dark days of ‘Reefer Madness’ when law enforcement was all abuzz over the perceived evils of marijuana.

Cannabis advocates have had to learn to be smart, sneaky, secretive and watchful to enjoy their dope because society has generally been out to get them. Stigma towards cannabis still exists today, despite the facts that cannabis has become entrenched in Canadian culture & society. Whether it’s politics, economics or religious beliefs, some people just can’t get over their negative feelings towards cannabis and those of us who rely on it.

Because of these kinds of negative perceptions in the public eye, potheads have always had to rely on their innovation and creativity to get by. Homemade smoke buddies like sploofs came about through some fast-thinking and practical application from stoners in the late 21st century. Thanks to their ingenuity, we can get our smoke on indoors at the drop of a hat with homemade sploofs or professionally made weed sploofs.

What is a sploof? A sploof is a filtering apparatus that typically consists of a cylinder, a filter and sometimes special ventilation ports. The aim of a sploof is to distribute your exhaled puffs of smoke or vapor through an additional layer of filters to further diminish cannabis odors or to prevent the release of cannabis particles into the air. The filter material is typically perforated and can be as simple as a dryer sheet or complex as a multi-layered, carbon filter.

Homemade sploofs are cheap and can be made out of many household items. Some involve scented sheets/filters, others focus on redistributing smoke or vapors. There’s a lot of creativity involved whenever you’re trying to puff-puff-pass your stealth check, so the more innovative you can be the better.

Thankfully, when it comes to their Mary J, stoners are amongst the most innovative, creative and hardworking souls on the planet. We’ve already got a bunch of homemade sploof designs for you to copycat. That being said, don’t sell your own creative ideas short - if you’ve got improvements or a new kind of homemade smoke buddy design then we’d love to hear about them. Let’s learn how to make a sploof, but hit us up on our social media channels if you’ve got some cannabis-inspired suggestions of your own.

Your Homemade Smoke Buddy: How to Make A Sploof

There are a lot of DIY sploof-tacular designs that can be put together with simple items from your bathroom, kitchen and garage. Even the least handy person can learn how to make a sploof with just a few steps - it’s truly sploof-proof.

Before we dive into the materials and process to make your own homemade sploof, we’d like to remind you that there are lots of options to purchase online. Some professionally made sploof like Smoke Buddies are a great product that offers stronger filtration and sealed distribution tubes that can more effectively capture smoke/vapor fumes. These devices range anywhere from $20 - 100, so there’s lots of sploofs to fit your budget.

If you’re the kind of stoner who likes to try and fix it, build it, modify it or rig it yourself first, then here are the steps to make a DIY sploof:

What You’ll Need:

Cardboard roll, plastic tube or non-flammable cylinder*
*be careful with metal or cloth, as they can heat up or catch fire if you’re not careful

Scissors and/or knife

Rubber bands, twist ties or easy-fastening wiring

Dryer sheets, activated charcoal filters or any kind of perforated filter sheet (cheesecloth, etc)

How to Make A Sploof:

1. Cut your tube/bottle/cylinder if needed (i.e. for bottles, cut the bottle in half and keep the end with the neck). How long or short your homemade sploof will be can help or hinder your device’s ability to filter smoke. Shorter is typically considered better because the smoke won’t coalesce or leak out the sides. Longer tubes can work if they include multiple filtration stages, but if you’re just using one filter on the end then it’s best to keep your sploof on the shorter-side.

2. Pack dryer sheets into the tube/bottle so that it is full but do not densely pack them in - some space is required for proper airflow. If you’re activated charcoal sheets then you need to do one additional step:

2.1 Rinse the activated charcoal sheets thoroughly until no more gray run-off (i.e. the charcoal dust/particles have been rinsed away, you don’t want to be inhaling this).

3. Once your bottle or cylinder has been sufficiently packed with sheets/filters, fasten one more over the end of your tube/bottle with a rubber band, twist ties or wiring. Be sure that this final sheet/filter is tightly sealed on the end and that no rips or tears appear on it while you’re fixing it to your sploof.

4. Some stoners prefer to fix the mouthpiece of their sploof. This is an optional step that is more work than is absolutely necessary, but it does make for a more efficient inhale/exhale. If you’re using a tube, taping around the end of the cardboard or plastic can make it so your saliva doesn’t start to break down the cylinder material. We recommend duct tape or electricians tape - any kind that is more water-resistant. If you’re using a bottle sploof, then the opening acts like a pretty good mouthpiece already. That being said, some savvy smokers have been known to affix mouthpieces from pipes or bongs to the bottle opening for an extra layer of comfort & functionality.

There you have it, your very own homemade sploof! With only 4-5 steps you can see why we said it’s very easy to learn how to make a sploof, right? Sploofs might not be the most necessary item in your smoking accessories arsenal, but it can get you out of a tight spot when space is limited or your access to smoke-friendly areas is restricted. Some stoners even employ the use of these kinds of DIY sploofs in their home to reduce the amount of smoke or odors.

Whatever your reasons for making your own sploof or purchasing one online, they are a convenient tool that can enhance your ability to enjoy cannabis - there’s nothing more important than that.

What Is Sploof Weed?

There isn’t any actual ‘sploof weed’ that you have to smoke with your DIY sploof, but there are certain strains that are positively more powerful in odor that you might want to avoid when you’re trying to be discreet. On the flip side, strong aromas and that powerful skunky smell are typically signs of potency - cannabinoids, terpenes and all the good stuff. We don’t want to advocate settling for lesser quality buds unless it’s a budgetary thing. So, instead of choosing strains based on their olfactory potencies, why not invest in a little device called a vaporizer?

Vaporizers can certainly incorporate sploofs into the process too, but the need for a sploof is undoubtedly diminished when you’re inhaling the clean, humid vapor particles from a deliciously flavored vape. Vaporizers are the stealthy way to meet your weed needs anywhere and everywhere - devices are discreet, mobile, easy to charge, quick to refill, and there are options to match almost any budget.

Whether you choose to stick to vaping indoors or try your hand at a homemade smoke buddy, there are many ways to sneak a smoke or two. Always respect the preferences of others when you’re sneaking around for a toke, but remember you’ve got rights too and it’s nobody’s right to tell you “there’s no cannabis allowed here”. Those days are over - this is the age of weed freedom!


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Sploofs are the kind of smoking accessories that can help you blaze some buds or help you to smoke skunk without being detected. What is a sploof? How can you make your own? Let's DIY and learn all about weed sploofs.
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