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What to Do When You Are High at Home in Quarantine

This past year has been a wild and strange one for many of us with a lot of turmoil and uncertainty. Many folks have ended up spending more time at home and in solitude then they ever have had to before. Luckily for those of us living in Canada the legalization of recreational cannabis could […]
October 29, 2020
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This past year has been a wild and strange one for many of us with a lot of turmoil and uncertainty. Many folks have ended up spending more time at home and in solitude then they ever have had to before. Luckily for those of us living in Canada the legalization of recreational cannabis could not have arrived at more opportune time. Now that access to high quality cannabis products is an easy and straightforward process that anybody can take advantage of the world of smoking weed has been opened to a wide range of new individuals who might not ever have tried using it before.

But what should you do when you are stoned and bored at home? Are there any things to do while stoned that you might find a deeper meaning and enjoyment in with the addition of cannabis? Do you have any favourite hobbies or pastimes that might go well with a little bit of weed mixed in? Let’s take a look at some of the best things to do while high and stuck inside left to your own devices.

What to Do When You Are High at Home in Quarantine

Listen to Some Great Music

There is a good reason why music and cannabis have gone hand in hand for many decades in pop culture and possibly even for centuries beforehand. It is well known that cannabis can help unlock the empathy and creativity that are often hidden inside of our minds and souls and most people find that when they listen to music after smoking a little weed they are able to enjoy and experience the sensations it provides on a much deeper and more intimate, mind and soul expanding level.

If you have some spare time on your hands and some top quality craft Canadian cannabis available to you it can be hard to beat the experience of kicking back to enjoy some of your favourite albums. No matter what type of music you personally enjoy there is certain to be an enhanced experience waiting for you when you smoke weed and listen to music. Discover for yourself why stoners the world over have always sworn by the fact that listening to great tunes is one of the best things to do while high.

It might be an excellent time to invest in or expand your personal record collection. We all have music at our fingertips at all times now on our smartphones and smart speaker systems and in our vehicles but when was the last time you really sat still and truly listened to a great album? Sitting back and soaking in the vibes, the mood and the artistry of a great album has almost no parallel in human experience. No matter how familiar you are with a piece of music if you are stoned and bored you are certain to find new depths and meaning in whatever you choose to listen to.

When you are stoned you are also more open and receptive to new experiences and it can sometimes be easier to comprehend the artistic intention behind something that seemed messy, obscure or even meaningless before. Seize the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try to listen to and experience something totally new!

Here are a few recommendations from here at the Haute Health offices right from the playlists and record collections of our wonderful staff!

Tortoise - TNT 

No matter what kind of music you typically enjoy we are certain you will be moved, mystified and impressed by the dynamism and creativity on display on this classic experimental indie album. We’re willing to bet you won’t believe this album was released in the 1990’s! It’s influence over almost all the underground music that would follow it is absolutely undeniable. For fans of prog rock, indie rock, jazz and electronica.

Sleep - Dopesmoker

If you are seeking a masterpiece of an album that is truly an experience to behold from the first moment to the closing seconds you need to hear this crushing, sprawling and heavier than heavy album. The title track of the album is over one full hour long and will have you banging your head while you are loading up the bong. This is mandatory listening for any stoner who is a fan of hard rock and heavy music.

Autechre - Sign & Plus

These two brand new albums were just released by the virtuosic knob twiddling pad programming duo. This is big, spacious, mind expanding music that is completely unpredictable. Ideal for reading, studying, sleeping, meditating or just elevating your awareness of the digital fog we all exist in in this modern era. If you enjoy these tunes the massive back catalogue of releases these artists have on offering will keep you busy for months.

Listen to Some Great Music

Watch Something Cerebral

We all love good mindless entertainment now and then and there is no shame in getting ripped and settling in for another Lord of the Rings or Star Wars marathon but if you find yourself flipping through all of the possible options and wondering to yourself what to do when you’re high and bored perhaps it is time to challenge yourself with something more complex and exciting to the spirit and mind!

There’s no need to jump headfirst into the deep end and start watching exclusively subtitled foreign films or anything - although a willingness to do so opens your world to a huge range of new cinematic possibilities! There are plenty of amazing, fascinating and thought provoking films which perfectly compliment the state of mind of being extremely high and stuck indoors.

The Studio Ghibli collection has recently been added to Canadian Netflix and is a great option for stoners of all ages to enjoy. If you haven’t dived into the densely imaginative and beautiful world of Miyazaki’s movies yet you are definitely missing out! Don’t let the fact that these are animated features put you off of the possibility of enjoying them as an adult - these are rich and complex stories full of wonder and intrigue that anybody can enjoy. To start out we recommend diving into Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke or Howl’s Moving Castle. All of these movies are available with a stellar english voice cast so there is no need to read subtitles the whole way through either!

If animation just isn’t your cup of tea or maybe you are already very familiar with the films of Miyazaki at the other end of the spectrum (and also available on Canadian netflix) is the vast majority of the collection of Quentin Tarantino films from Reservoir Dogs all the way up to the Hateful Eight. We’re all still waiting for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood to make an appearance but hopefully it should be available soon! Any hardcore movie buff should love the films of Quentin Tarantino and once you have seen all his movies you can begin to explore the massive collection of films he has drawn inspiration from through the years as well from blaxploitation movies to western epic sagas.

If Tarantino is a little too obvious of a suggestion for you why not dive into something a little more highbrow? We highly recommend any documentary or feature films by Werner Herzog (Little Dieter Needs to Fly, Even Dwarves Started Small, My Best Fiend), the soviet cinema of Andrei Tarkovsky (Solaris, Stalker, Nostalgia), or the classic movies of Akira Kurosawa (Seven Samurai, Kagemusha, Ran). Any of these directors back catalogues could provide you with weeks of entertainment and wonder.

You could also dive into a great and thought provoking documentary series. If you are at a loss wondering what to do while high on weed sometimes there is nothing better than a great mind melting series about psychology or the social sciences. Here at Haute Health we highly recommend the works of BBC documentary filmmaker Adam Curtis who has a distinct and artistic style that lends his weighty documentaries a wholly unique artistic cinematic style and a sharp pop culture sensibility. Explore the reasons why our culture and our politics around the world are the surreal and strange sometime incomprehensible way that they are with incredible films and series like Hypernormalisation, All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace or The Century of the Self.

Watch Something Cerebral

Play A Surreal Video Game

Sure you could smoke a big bowl and settle into the couch for another session of Call of Duty or Fifa or whatever you typically spend your gaming time with but if you find yourself stoned and bored looking at your game collection in dissatisfaction it might be time to invest in something a little more experimental, bizarre or downright weird. 

There are no shortage of amazing games out there that make great options when you are searching for what to do when you’re high and bored. Trying to list every possible option would get us an article that was far too long for anyone to read so we will just recommend a few of our strange favourites among the staff here in our offices that hopefully you haven’t had the pleasure of playing before.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is a short but densely surreal mystery game in the much loathed and misunderstood game genre often referred to as “walking simulators”. Many gamers hate this variety of video game as they do not require you to kill enemies or in some cases even solve puzzles, merely offering a strange world for you to inhabit and experience. As the story unfolds and the mystery deepens this at times chilling murder mystery will be sure to draw you in just as often as it bends your mind and defies your expectations.

The Stanley Parable is another game people often consider a “walking simulator” but it must be experienced to be believed. The game begins with the main character Stanley working alone in his office cubicle. A narrator suggests things Stanley should do and remarks on the sometimes absurd and often surreal choices the player will often make in their attempts to thwart him. A brilliant experimental game focused on the nature of video games and linear storytelling turning every expectation on its ear and providing more than a few unexpected laughs and shocks along the way.

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is another surreal and beautiful world that you can explore that is free of enemies, weapons or violence. Ideal for anyone with an open heart and a curious mind the world and the mystery presented by this video game are likely to haunt you to the core if it manages to work its way under your skin. Fair warning this is an intense and potentially tear jerking rollercoaster that only requires you to approach it with an open mind and healthy curiosity.

No Man’s Sky is a great option if you need a little more action and inventory management in your exploration sessions. There might not be a more ideal video game for someone stoned and stuck inside for long periods of time. The game presents players with an endless procedurally generated universe full of diverse and strange planets, star systems and space stations to explore. There is starship combat, base building, resource collection, an economy to master and multiplayer options so you can connect with other space fairing explorers. Fair warning: you may not want to come back to planet earth once you become engrossed by this one.

And last but not least we recommend you unearth a long forgotten and nearly lost game you can only play using your PC and some emulation software: LSD Dream Emulator. If figuring out what any of that means doesn’t sound like an impossible challenge to you then you may just find yourself with hours of fun on your hands exploring this bizarre curiosity which was originally only available to gamers in Japan. Wander around a procedurally generated world that can only be described as a surreal acid trip and take in the sights. We are sure this absurd relic of the past can keep you entertained for hours.

Express Yourself Creatively

Express Yourself Creatively

Sometimes the root of the reason we might be feeling like we’re out of things to do while stoned is that we are tired of engaging in simply passive experiences. If you’re stoned and bored while stuck indoors and you don’t know what to do while high on weed sometimes being creative in any way is just the ticket! This can mean something as simple as allowing ourselves to sit and daydream or let our thoughts wander or sitting down with some art supplies and trying to create something!

Regardless of your particular level of prior experience if you have even the least bit of interest in taking up an artistic and expressive hobby like drawing, writing, composing music, dancing, photography or literally any other creative pursuit you can think of there is no better time than now to sink your teeth into it and really start learning how to express yourself using a creative method.

What better way could there be to spend your time! Rather than sitting around wondering what to do when you’re high why not decide to do something, literally anything at all instead! Just pick something that you have an interest in and throw yourself into it. If you want to learn to draw sit down, get rather ripped and have at it! There are few things more enjoyable in life than being creative when you are stoned.

Best of all there are no rules, no grades, no one is watching to make sure you do everything “right”. You are completely free to create, experience and grow in total safety and security without outside influence. Embrace it and learn something new about yourself! You may just discover that you have always had a hidden talent or secret skill!

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